Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 77 Mi carta de despedida

My most wonderful family and friends and groupies,

This has been an awesome week!  I had my last time serving at all of the Historic Sites... well I guess not really, because I get to take you on tour next week, thank goodness!  I kinda feel numb... it's super sad leaving all these places and so many people who I love so much, but I am really excited to see all of you!    I think I'm just in denial of everything going on around me.  Nonetheless, this week has been so good.  And Waterloo is doing GREAT!  

We saw one of the happiest miracles of my mission this week!  So we have this investigator who I love SO much.  She has been through every possible challenge you can think of.  She is single mom, my age, and has 2 little kids.  When we first started teaching her, she wasn't even sure if there is a God, and it’s been like pulling teeth inviting her to pray.  BUT… she prayed this week with us!  It was the simplest, most humble prayer I have ever heard!  I thought I was going to fall out of my skin I was so excited.  and then her little 3 year old said the closing prayer and she helped him!  Sweetest thing ever.

I've born my testimony 18.4 billion times in the past few weeks... final site mtg., final zone mtg, final zone conference, fast & testimony mtg, etc.  Anyways, it has been really neat.  Site Mtg on Wednesday night was probably the best.  It was super neat.  There are 6 of us coming home this transfer and we all bore our testimonies and did a musical number.  One of the sisters here is a piano prodigy, and so she made us this little medley/mash-up thing of "the Song of Cumorah" and "The Spirit of God"  (song of cumorah is from hill cumorah pageant... super pretty and I love it so much).  You could have sliced the spirit in half, it was so strong. 

I just feel completely overwhelmed with gratitude.  I am so grateful for the past 18 months--for the opportunities I have had, people I have met, and the miracles I have seen.  
It's all true!!!!
Jesus Christ loves us so much and I have felt so honored to wear His name on my chest everyday.

I LOVE YOU!   Thanks for being the biggest support team in the world.  I have felt all the prayers and thoughts and I am so grateful for all of you!


Hermana Davis

1.  I took this sweet family on tour from Texas and they brought a 1st Edition copy of the Book of Mormon!  I got to check it out!
2.  Sister Hall made me this marker board of all my goals before I go home.  so far, so good!
3.  This morning we went out to our investigator's little lake house!  they converted this A-frame into this awesome little home!  So fun!  
4.  Sister Hall and I at the A-frame.
5.  we have a new love of selfies while driving. 


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Week 76 I've always been a fan of Jesus

--Wise words from my new friend, Mother Theresa… not the one you’re all thinking of, but this sweet lady from Detroit I met this week. So after Pageant we get lots of Referrals…. Its like manna from heaven! So we get this referral of this lady who went to Pageant and wants to learn more… so we go to her house to drop off Book of Mormon/Plan of Happiness DVD and meet her and nobody is answering, and finally we see some sketchy little eyes poking through the blinds, and out comes Theresa… who is not our referral, but the referrals friend!  She invites us in and is super funny and she came out from Detroit to visit her friend and they just hit up all the Mormon sites… and then pageant.. and church… and they are super cool. Okay, I actually haven’t met the referral yet- she is never home. But my girl Theresa is sweet. And a fan of Jesus! Haha

Once upon a time a few days ago this sweet, tender man offered to give us bikes. He joined the church last October and is seriously the cutest thing on the planet. He got the bikes for his grandkids when they visit, but they don’t want them/don’t visit or something, and so he wanted to give them to us missionaries! So kind! So on Tuesday night we taught our Scripture Study class, and we planned on biking home afterwards.  We get dropped off at his house from the other sisters and they leave, and we go to get the bikes… there is a sweet beach cruiser, and a bike for a midget. Nothing like a 7 mile ride on a bike that would be suitable for Payten.    It was so little, that my legs couldn't actually peddle because they didn't fit, so I awkwardly barely sat on the very back edge of the seat (okay, I wasn't really even sitting… it was more like doing a squat the entire time haha) and we make our journey through the farms and country. Oh and ps, I’m wearing a tight pencil skirt. We looked like such idiots… okay I’ll rephrase that.  I looked like an idiot. But it was all worth it. Nothing like two sisters biking in the middle of nowhere with bags flapping because we cant wear a backpack, 4 year old bike and me using it more as a scooter. It was real great.

So this has been a week of miracles. Seriously, I am just overwhelmed with gratitude and love for Heavenly father and for all the people out here… the crazy New Yorkers that are obsessed with cats, and all of the guests visiting the Historic Sites, the missionaries. There is just SO MANY wonderful things. I love New York. I love missions. I love life. Anyways…. We found this awesome family we are teaching!  They are super cool, the wife is German (I love all the Germans), they have cars, jobs, and wait for it… teeth!! This is very rare.  They are so open and exited to learn and have the best questions and so much real intent, and also the mom makes the most delicious zucchini bread. We’ve met with them a few times now and they are stoked for church and to keep learning!

And this less active we’ve been working with has just decided to quit smoking this week and is doing awesome. She was an intense chain smoker forever and one morning she woke up and decided to quit, and hasn’t had the desire to smoke since!

Also, tons of incredible people at the sites! I have met so many humble and sweet families from all over the world this week who are just so grateful to be here and have been saving up for this for years and years. My favorite was this little family who came from Liberia.

Scripture:  3 Nephi 9:15
I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Happy August!

Love, Hermana Davis

Here’s some pictures finally!
Pageant pictures… missionaries and the work crew! Me and my bestie from Pageant… her name is Mary. She made me boondoggles. And I just love her so much. She’s 9. Other pageant people…  I don’t remember the pictures I attached, actually haha.
Sister Hall and me on our bike ride. Oh, and I forgot to mention earlier… it was raining for part of it too haha