Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 72- Happy July

The chaos has officially began!!  The Pageant Cast is here and we are moving to Palmyra in a couple hours and Western New York is swarmed with visitors!
We have been in Palmyra everyday this week preparing our missionary workshops for the cast members, and last night they all arrived and got casted into their roles.  It is quite the incredible experience... they cast 750 cast members in less than 2.5 hours.  We are starting to meet a lot of them and it is so much fun!  And there are a lot of people who came who were here last year that we get to see and be with!   BOOK OF MORMON DISNEYLAND HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!   I am so stoked. Our workshops go Monday-Wednesday. All day and we are teaching them all how to open their mouths and talk to people, testify, share scriptures from the Book of Mormon, and inviting the guests to act!  They will be lots of fun; we've improved them and updated them from the past and it should be really good!

After they all got casted, we booked it back to our area for 4th of July fireworks!  We watched them at Vancleef Lake... pretty fireworks over the lake next to an old castle.  I love New York.  Lots of fun!

This morning we had district meeting and my district threw me a surprise birthday party since we'll be gone next week for my actual birthday!  So sweet of them!  The Taylor's (senior couple in our district whom we love so much) brought an ice cream cake and we had a mini fiesta!

So we have been in our proselyting area about one hour this entire week and gotten in about 4 hours of study max because we have been up in Palmyra.  But we have seen such great miracles with our investigators!!!  They are progressing really well and are coming to Pageant and the Lord really is consecrating our area since we aren't in it to help it out.

Okay I feel like 8023957 things happened this week, but the days of no sleep have begun and I'm struggling to remember stuff.

But I love you all!!!  Glad you had fun 4th of July and that you're doing well!  I am just so grateful for the countless blessings we all have.  We are super blessed and fortunate.

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Davis

pic: Us 6 cast trainers in our Independence day, patriotic gear watching the cast members get put into their roles!

and Waterloo is just so darn pretty.  I 'm going to have 2383987 pictures of farms after my mission cause its just surreal.  

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