Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week 74 & 75 - I think my life is normal again???

My dearest favorite people,

HEYYY!!!   I feel like its been forever since I've written home... sorry about that. But I'm alive and kickin and life is starting to get normal again... Well, as normal as it can be in this mission. haha.

We moved back to our area in Waterloo and we've been meeting with all our people again and I'm finally sleeping on a bed again.... it was a long 3 weeks of deflated air mattress/cot/floor/couch haha. It's still crowded and crazy everywhere, but all is well!

And despite the fact that a trillion things have happened in the last couple weeks, I really have no idea what to write.. sorry this is a lame email.  I'll just bore you with the past two days... long story short, but we get this creepy bag of food left on our doorstep every Wednesday night, and usually Elder Crandall (our house dad... lives on the other side of our house.. senior couple here) disposes of it for us because we feel guilty.  Well a couple nights ago when it was there waiting for us, there was a skunk guarding it.  It raises it's back, getting ready for the spray, and poor Elder Crandall's body was trying to move so quickly and he ate it.  But the spray missed him!  But the little critter smashed watermelon all over our stuff and now there is a lovely skunk aroma.  I'm so over all of these little creatures attacking with bites/smells.

 We're doing lots of referral calling from pageant... so many people came and want to learn more, or referred there friends to the missionaries!!  So now we call ppl for days.

I got to hang out with Elder Aidukaitis from the 70 at Pageant!  That was SO neat. (he's the one who spoke at gen conference about roaming through garbage.... with the sweet accent...).

Since I cant think of anyone else, I'll just tell you all the cool things I've learned this week... We finally get to do studies again!!  There isn't time for any studying during the pageant weeks, so it has felt SO nice to get some studies in!  I have just a couple more weeks to become a fluent, native Spanish speaker... haha  But Elder Searle (our past site director) sent this quote in an email this week and I really liked it- went perfect with this week's theme:
 “… All men and women … need repentance. … They are in spiritual death. How are they going to get back? By being buried in the water. They are dead, and are buried in the water and come forth in the resurrection of the spirit back into spiritual life. That is what baptism is.”
 --Pres. Smith (lesson from the teachings of President Joseph Fielding Smith Chapter 13: Baptism.)
We all need the Gospel and need to constantly strive to change and be better.  We can't get comfy or complacent.  Always moving forward... even if we are falling forward, we're still going in the right direction :) haha

I love you all so much!  Have a great week!
Love, Hna Davis

and HAPPY 50th ANNIVERSARY, Grandpa and Grandma!!  love you!

pics... I forgot my camera today.. oops, but these ones were emailed to me from Sister Jones from pageant...

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 73 The Pageant

So I only have a second to email you, but I thought I should let you know that I am alive haha. We are all eating, breathing and inhaling pageant.  And seriously everything is going so well with it!

We have been living in Palmyra for the past week and a half and we presented our missionary workshops to the cast Monday-Wednesday last week.  The workshops went really really well! So much positive feedback, and the Pageant cast this year is absolutely phenomenal!  They go out around 7 pm each night of the show and share scriptures and testimonies to the audience members before the play starts each night for a couple hours.  The full-time missionaries in our mission are not allowed to proselyte.. the cast members do it all!  President Francis gets direction from the 1st presidency to set all of the cast members apart as full time missionaries while they are here for Pageant!  It is so neat!  So the NYRM has about 1000 missionaries in it right now :)   and we have all seen incredible miracles. From tornadoes/terrible weather all over western new York but just skipping over the Hill Cumorah, to helping people learn more about the Savior, to miraculous Priesthood blessings healing people.  Everything is wonderful and I feel like I'm on cloud 9.  and New York seriously has the prettiest clouds ever.  I am obsessed with the sky.

It has been hard being away from our proselyting area for so long, but Heavenly Father really is making up for it and our investigators and people we are working with have been able to find rides to Palmyra for the pageant and are reading the Book of Mormon and are doing really well, too!

And I got to see Grandpa and Grandma, and the Halls!  President let me sit with them at Pageant because it will be so long before I get to see them again since they are on their mission, so it was lots of fun to get to watch the show with them!  And I got to see them the next day for a second at the Joseph Smith farm on my birthday which was the best present ever!

Birthday went great!  Everyone made it so special and we celebrated all day!  One of the Cast teams of Pageant and the other sister missionaries threw me a little surprise birthday and lots of people sang all day in front of thousands of people trying to embarrass me and the best part was that one of my investigators came out from Buffalo to watch Pageant, so I got to see him!  He brought out a little birthday gift and it was a huge treat to catch up!
Thanks you so much for all of your emails and love :)

Ummm... I don’t know what else... its all kind of a blur.  and there are just 5000 things I want to tell you but we have to get back to the hill and I don’t really know how to convey all of it in a little email....  we go to bed around midnight when we're lucky and get up at 5:45 so we can get to our shifts at the historic sites in the morning... then we serve until 2 or 3.  then we go back to the Hill and practice with the cast/ give firesides/ whatever they want us to do haha.  then we eat dinner with the cast, have a devotional, and then go out into the audience on splits with the cast members and share the gospel with all of the guests!   Then we watch pageant, and then we repeat!  go team!

I love you all so much!  Thanks for all of the prayers and support!  
Scripture of the week... all of Alma 26.  I just love the whole thing and its always a good one!

Tonight we get to go to the Cast Talent show!  we tried to be a part of it, but it's not the best way to represent dignified missionaries from our mission.  We'll just cheer everyone on!  I feel like a pageant groupie.  I may seriously be the biggest fan haha.  oh well, it’s the best!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!  
Hna Davis

Eating dinner with Grandma Armstrong!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Week 72- Happy July

The chaos has officially began!!  The Pageant Cast is here and we are moving to Palmyra in a couple hours and Western New York is swarmed with visitors!
We have been in Palmyra everyday this week preparing our missionary workshops for the cast members, and last night they all arrived and got casted into their roles.  It is quite the incredible experience... they cast 750 cast members in less than 2.5 hours.  We are starting to meet a lot of them and it is so much fun!  And there are a lot of people who came who were here last year that we get to see and be with!   BOOK OF MORMON DISNEYLAND HAS BEGUN!!!!!!!!!   I am so stoked. Our workshops go Monday-Wednesday. All day and we are teaching them all how to open their mouths and talk to people, testify, share scriptures from the Book of Mormon, and inviting the guests to act!  They will be lots of fun; we've improved them and updated them from the past and it should be really good!

After they all got casted, we booked it back to our area for 4th of July fireworks!  We watched them at Vancleef Lake... pretty fireworks over the lake next to an old castle.  I love New York.  Lots of fun!

This morning we had district meeting and my district threw me a surprise birthday party since we'll be gone next week for my actual birthday!  So sweet of them!  The Taylor's (senior couple in our district whom we love so much) brought an ice cream cake and we had a mini fiesta!

So we have been in our proselyting area about one hour this entire week and gotten in about 4 hours of study max because we have been up in Palmyra.  But we have seen such great miracles with our investigators!!!  They are progressing really well and are coming to Pageant and the Lord really is consecrating our area since we aren't in it to help it out.

Okay I feel like 8023957 things happened this week, but the days of no sleep have begun and I'm struggling to remember stuff.

But I love you all!!!  Glad you had fun 4th of July and that you're doing well!  I am just so grateful for the countless blessings we all have.  We are super blessed and fortunate.

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Davis

pic: Us 6 cast trainers in our Independence day, patriotic gear watching the cast members get put into their roles!

and Waterloo is just so darn pretty.  I 'm going to have 2383987 pictures of farms after my mission cause its just surreal.