Friday, June 27, 2014

Week 71 Fireflies

Firefly season is officially here.  One of my favorite east coast past-times.

I had the neatest experience EVER on Wednesday.  So we are serving at the Joseph Smith Farm and this couple comes in from Florida who aren't members of the church.  So  I get ready to take them on tour and we just click instantly and they are super cool and the sweetest people ever. They are doing the "Oregon Trail" in a month (okay I don’t really know how one does that... they bought 4 wheelers and a trailer and they are just following it I guess?  anyways)  Along with the Oregon Trail they are going to do the LDS church history.  They are starting in Independence Missouri and are hitting up a bunch of church sites on their way.  (they just really love history). SO:  because they are going to be doing all this Mormon history, they want to be prepared... They bought a Book of Mormon and decided to take a spontaneous trip up here to New York so they could see how all the Mormon stuff really began... (and random side-note, now they are going to Sharon Vermont because they want to see where Joseph Smith was born... SWEET). So I'm taking them on tour and it is so powerful and spiritual and fun and everything good.  They see my missionary tag and asked when I served my mission... then I explain that I'm on my mission and they go on to tell me that they used to work doing government stuff in DC and they met TONS of Mormons there... and Mormon Returned missionaries are SUCH an asset to the USA because we bring back all these crazy cool foreign languages and help with America Defense.  Anyways... back to the miracle.  So I'm sharing the Restoration lesson with them and we're discussing the Book of Mormon and they randomly ask if I am going to be in Utah in the beginning of September... as a matter of fact I am. (which btw is like the first time ever that this is an exciting thing... usually all the guests bring it up and they like to tell me how its all coming to an end and "don't get trunky" and all this stuff and joke with me that I'm pretty much dead. (rude.)  But this time it was exciting because they asked if we can meet in Utah!  They want me to show them around Salt Lake City and meet up.  They'll tell me all about their trip and how reading the Book of Mormon went!  Seriously they are the coolest people ever.   They are ending their trip in Utah and so we will meet up and go to the great salt lake for a baptism :)  Hopefully they are okay with that ending :)

ALSO.  Sister Hall is the best companion.  Because she went biking with me!  (cause its definitely not her favorite) For the past 17 months I have wanted to bike... all true missionaries ride bikes, right?  So the anticipated day finally came... plus we are super low on miles again as June is approaching its end.  It was absolutely beautiful and sunny and we just got to bike through the country side and it was so so happy.  And biking in missionary attire is super awkward but its okay because I felt like I was in a postcard.  and then sister hall's bike chain broke.  and we are in the middle of nowhere.  but us little bicycle zoobies were able to fix it! And we were completely black.  I tried to convince the people we were meeting that it was war paint.  didn’t work.  but it was so glorious and biking is the best.  Hopefully we can go again.

Crazy week, but it is all GREAT!!!  The Pageant Cast gets here next week.... WHATT?  I feel like pageant last year was yesterday.  So basically that also means that I don't have any more P-days until end of July.  It was nice knowing you.  But July is always the best month of the year.... my favorite holiday- 4th of July... and my birthday... and pageant.  If only it could be July all the time... never ending summer.  Maybe I'll get to email home next Saturday.

Happy Friday!

AND... HARRISON- scratch that... ELDER DAVIS.  How's Guatemala?  Love having two missionaries out in the fam bam.  Buenas suerte!!

love hermana davis

ps. Trivia for the day!  Today is the 170th anniversary of the prophet Joseph Smith dying.  I love him so much & know with everything in me that he is a true prophet of God.  and getting to live in his home-ground has completely changed my life.

okay bye!!

pics:  these three lovely sisters are going home... super weird because I came out same time as all of them.  But they're some of my most favorite people in the entire world and I'm so sad they're taking off....  Sister Day, Sister Astorga, and Hermana Boseman....

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