Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 70 WaterLoo

My dear favorite people-

I meant to tell you this weeks ago, but I kept forgetting... but in case if you are wondering, you pronounce Waterloo like "waterLOO" ... accenting the "loo."  I think its super weird; everybody says the name so funny... but maybe New York says their names in weird ways to differentiate themselves from all the European cities that they are trying to replace.  Anyways, fun fact for the week!

It has been such a good week!  We got to go to the temple on Wednesday with us 6 Cast Trainers for Pageant!  It was just what we needed for a busy, hectic, interesting week.  Especially because of  this new guy we were teaching.  Last Friday we went to some of our investigators house for a lesson and we get there and we meet this man who is super interested in learning more, so we set up a return appointment and he had read a bunch from the Book of Mormon and was super awesome... until he started acting really weird... and then we found out he's a criminal.  And ever since we've been having to deal with a bunch of drama.  But we are all safe and word on the street is he is getting sent back down to Texas.

Another funny moment... well its funny now... at the moment I wanted to sit in a corner and die.  We had possibly the worst lesson ever.  It involved the investigator and the member getting into a fight, the worlds fattest cat (really it is the biggest cat you have ever seen...
it looks like it has eaten 3 other cats... it can barely walk because its so big. anyways) giving the member an allergy attack and then her leaving... which meant we had to leave because it was a single man... and then he got offended and started pouting.  and then we're trying to bear testimony and share a scripture at the end before we leave and go cry, and then these random people come up and distract everyone... sheesh.  It was terrible.  And it was probably 100 times worse than I just made it sound.  BUT all is well.   We have hard times so we can
learn and grow and appreciate the good.  And now I can laugh at it, so that's improvement haha

We had Zone conference yesterday.  SO GOOD.  All of it.  We are "raising the spirituality of the mission" and one of the ways we are doing it is by reading the Book of Mormon all together by August 12.  So we started over today and will finish up right as I'm leaving.  Its about 10 pages a day.  Anybody who wants to join is welcome!   I just love the book of Mormon. Also at Zone conference, the departing missionaries share their testimony... didn’t realize it till he announced my name that this was my last conference and so I shared my testimony with everyone.  So weird.  But I was really grateful for the opportunity!

We are seeing lots of miracles and we just found an awesome new investigator yesterday... which finding an investigator is a huge miracle because New York is "all set" and doesn’t need religion... silly people!  But life is great and we're super happy and working our little tails off!

Love you all!!
Hermana Davis

And I love HARRISON!!!  Good luck you little El Salvadorian, you.
You're going to kill it!

Hna Hall and I :)

Sister Allred!  She is the secretary in the mission office and is truly one of my most favorite people in the world and she is heading home on Saturday. (and breaking my heart cause she is leaving...) Thank goodness she lives in Orem and I'll get to visit her all the time.

It rains here.  all the time.  and we get really wet.  all the time.

Pictures from the temple!  Pageant cast trainers 2014

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