Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 69: Buenos dias!

Dearest familia,

Awesome week!  So much going on and excitement and good things happening!  I feel like we kinda live at the Historic sites lately and it's really hard to find time in our proselyting area, but I absolutely love the sites... so really it’s a win, win!  I get to be in my area... that I love, and the sites, that I love.. and to study... which I love.  And then pass out every night on my pillow. Also a love.

I have had quite a few very powerful moments at the Historic sites this week. Just making me so so grateful to be serving here in such a sacred area.  The spirit keeps slapping me in the face, just giving me more and more powerful witnesses of Jesus Christ as my Savior, the Restoration of His Gospel, and Heavenly Father's love for each one of us.  I met so many great people this week...kinda sad because I never see them again, but it's really fun for the hour we're together:) Including some awesome families from Panama and Venezuela... they were like the Hispanic version of the Davis/Jones.  We had way too much fun together- which is a definite plus because half the time I wondered if they could even understand my broken Spanish.  Thank goodness the spirit is the one teaching, and not me.  Next time we go to Panama I have a place for us to stay!

We had a nice turf war this morning.  Something I am infamous for here as a missionary is showing up to an appointment when the Jehovah Witness Missionaries are out tracting the street.  But seriously...happens at least once a transfer.  A few times they have invited themselves into our lessons... or occasionally a hot bible bash-which I try to avoid at all costs because I don't really know the bible all that well, and it's not like it solves anything, anyways.  Anyways, this morning we have an appointment with 2 of our awesome investigators, and they happen to be terrified of JW's... and unfortunately they knocked on their door right as we were pulling up... so then when we knock on the door shortly after they wouldn't answer because they thought we were them. Really it was a lose lose.  Nobody got to teach and when I said hi to the other missionaries and they wouldn’t respond.  Sheesh.  So many people hating on us today!

Oh I may be famous!!  So remember last week when I spoke in Stake conference.  Well I made this promise to myself that I would always look presentable because you never know when you're going to go speak in front of a thousand or so people... So I did pretty good the past few days, until yesterday... when it was what I call "comfy day!" (which is hard to do when you have to wear a dress 24/7 as a missionary... but basically I'm over skirts and such... well I've been over skirts since I left the womb... but moving past that.. comfy day = hair in a bun and no makeup and the comfiest dress you can find).  Anyways, it was a comfy day, and naturally it was the day that the missionary department comes from Slat Lake to photograph and film the new Peter Whitmer Farm Visitors Center and took 8 billion pictures of us giving tours and teaching.  And then they filmed us a bunch for interviews and different things for some new public affair video thing coming out.   He said he's sending all this footage to the 1st
presidency today.  Oh goodness. I should really learn my lesson by now at looking more like a dignified sister missionary.  Someday.

Other news.  Actually I cant think of anything.  But life is great and happy and a good thing I love being wet because it keeps randomly pouring and I just walk around like a wet dog!


Hermana Davis

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Tuesday is the next event!

 Comfy day!!  and one of my new favorite families...

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