Friday, June 27, 2014

Week 71 Fireflies

Firefly season is officially here.  One of my favorite east coast past-times.

I had the neatest experience EVER on Wednesday.  So we are serving at the Joseph Smith Farm and this couple comes in from Florida who aren't members of the church.  So  I get ready to take them on tour and we just click instantly and they are super cool and the sweetest people ever. They are doing the "Oregon Trail" in a month (okay I don’t really know how one does that... they bought 4 wheelers and a trailer and they are just following it I guess?  anyways)  Along with the Oregon Trail they are going to do the LDS church history.  They are starting in Independence Missouri and are hitting up a bunch of church sites on their way.  (they just really love history). SO:  because they are going to be doing all this Mormon history, they want to be prepared... They bought a Book of Mormon and decided to take a spontaneous trip up here to New York so they could see how all the Mormon stuff really began... (and random side-note, now they are going to Sharon Vermont because they want to see where Joseph Smith was born... SWEET). So I'm taking them on tour and it is so powerful and spiritual and fun and everything good.  They see my missionary tag and asked when I served my mission... then I explain that I'm on my mission and they go on to tell me that they used to work doing government stuff in DC and they met TONS of Mormons there... and Mormon Returned missionaries are SUCH an asset to the USA because we bring back all these crazy cool foreign languages and help with America Defense.  Anyways... back to the miracle.  So I'm sharing the Restoration lesson with them and we're discussing the Book of Mormon and they randomly ask if I am going to be in Utah in the beginning of September... as a matter of fact I am. (which btw is like the first time ever that this is an exciting thing... usually all the guests bring it up and they like to tell me how its all coming to an end and "don't get trunky" and all this stuff and joke with me that I'm pretty much dead. (rude.)  But this time it was exciting because they asked if we can meet in Utah!  They want me to show them around Salt Lake City and meet up.  They'll tell me all about their trip and how reading the Book of Mormon went!  Seriously they are the coolest people ever.   They are ending their trip in Utah and so we will meet up and go to the great salt lake for a baptism :)  Hopefully they are okay with that ending :)

ALSO.  Sister Hall is the best companion.  Because she went biking with me!  (cause its definitely not her favorite) For the past 17 months I have wanted to bike... all true missionaries ride bikes, right?  So the anticipated day finally came... plus we are super low on miles again as June is approaching its end.  It was absolutely beautiful and sunny and we just got to bike through the country side and it was so so happy.  And biking in missionary attire is super awkward but its okay because I felt like I was in a postcard.  and then sister hall's bike chain broke.  and we are in the middle of nowhere.  but us little bicycle zoobies were able to fix it! And we were completely black.  I tried to convince the people we were meeting that it was war paint.  didn’t work.  but it was so glorious and biking is the best.  Hopefully we can go again.

Crazy week, but it is all GREAT!!!  The Pageant Cast gets here next week.... WHATT?  I feel like pageant last year was yesterday.  So basically that also means that I don't have any more P-days until end of July.  It was nice knowing you.  But July is always the best month of the year.... my favorite holiday- 4th of July... and my birthday... and pageant.  If only it could be July all the time... never ending summer.  Maybe I'll get to email home next Saturday.

Happy Friday!

AND... HARRISON- scratch that... ELDER DAVIS.  How's Guatemala?  Love having two missionaries out in the fam bam.  Buenas suerte!!

love hermana davis

ps. Trivia for the day!  Today is the 170th anniversary of the prophet Joseph Smith dying.  I love him so much & know with everything in me that he is a true prophet of God.  and getting to live in his home-ground has completely changed my life.

okay bye!!

pics:  these three lovely sisters are going home... super weird because I came out same time as all of them.  But they're some of my most favorite people in the entire world and I'm so sad they're taking off....  Sister Day, Sister Astorga, and Hermana Boseman....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Week 70 WaterLoo

My dear favorite people-

I meant to tell you this weeks ago, but I kept forgetting... but in case if you are wondering, you pronounce Waterloo like "waterLOO" ... accenting the "loo."  I think its super weird; everybody says the name so funny... but maybe New York says their names in weird ways to differentiate themselves from all the European cities that they are trying to replace.  Anyways, fun fact for the week!

It has been such a good week!  We got to go to the temple on Wednesday with us 6 Cast Trainers for Pageant!  It was just what we needed for a busy, hectic, interesting week.  Especially because of  this new guy we were teaching.  Last Friday we went to some of our investigators house for a lesson and we get there and we meet this man who is super interested in learning more, so we set up a return appointment and he had read a bunch from the Book of Mormon and was super awesome... until he started acting really weird... and then we found out he's a criminal.  And ever since we've been having to deal with a bunch of drama.  But we are all safe and word on the street is he is getting sent back down to Texas.

Another funny moment... well its funny now... at the moment I wanted to sit in a corner and die.  We had possibly the worst lesson ever.  It involved the investigator and the member getting into a fight, the worlds fattest cat (really it is the biggest cat you have ever seen...
it looks like it has eaten 3 other cats... it can barely walk because its so big. anyways) giving the member an allergy attack and then her leaving... which meant we had to leave because it was a single man... and then he got offended and started pouting.  and then we're trying to bear testimony and share a scripture at the end before we leave and go cry, and then these random people come up and distract everyone... sheesh.  It was terrible.  And it was probably 100 times worse than I just made it sound.  BUT all is well.   We have hard times so we can
learn and grow and appreciate the good.  And now I can laugh at it, so that's improvement haha

We had Zone conference yesterday.  SO GOOD.  All of it.  We are "raising the spirituality of the mission" and one of the ways we are doing it is by reading the Book of Mormon all together by August 12.  So we started over today and will finish up right as I'm leaving.  Its about 10 pages a day.  Anybody who wants to join is welcome!   I just love the book of Mormon. Also at Zone conference, the departing missionaries share their testimony... didn’t realize it till he announced my name that this was my last conference and so I shared my testimony with everyone.  So weird.  But I was really grateful for the opportunity!

We are seeing lots of miracles and we just found an awesome new investigator yesterday... which finding an investigator is a huge miracle because New York is "all set" and doesn’t need religion... silly people!  But life is great and we're super happy and working our little tails off!

Love you all!!
Hermana Davis

And I love HARRISON!!!  Good luck you little El Salvadorian, you.
You're going to kill it!

Hna Hall and I :)

Sister Allred!  She is the secretary in the mission office and is truly one of my most favorite people in the world and she is heading home on Saturday. (and breaking my heart cause she is leaving...) Thank goodness she lives in Orem and I'll get to visit her all the time.

It rains here.  all the time.  and we get really wet.  all the time.

Pictures from the temple!  Pageant cast trainers 2014

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Week 69: Buenos dias!

Dearest familia,

Awesome week!  So much going on and excitement and good things happening!  I feel like we kinda live at the Historic sites lately and it's really hard to find time in our proselyting area, but I absolutely love the sites... so really it’s a win, win!  I get to be in my area... that I love, and the sites, that I love.. and to study... which I love.  And then pass out every night on my pillow. Also a love.

I have had quite a few very powerful moments at the Historic sites this week. Just making me so so grateful to be serving here in such a sacred area.  The spirit keeps slapping me in the face, just giving me more and more powerful witnesses of Jesus Christ as my Savior, the Restoration of His Gospel, and Heavenly Father's love for each one of us.  I met so many great people this week...kinda sad because I never see them again, but it's really fun for the hour we're together:) Including some awesome families from Panama and Venezuela... they were like the Hispanic version of the Davis/Jones.  We had way too much fun together- which is a definite plus because half the time I wondered if they could even understand my broken Spanish.  Thank goodness the spirit is the one teaching, and not me.  Next time we go to Panama I have a place for us to stay!

We had a nice turf war this morning.  Something I am infamous for here as a missionary is showing up to an appointment when the Jehovah Witness Missionaries are out tracting the street.  But seriously...happens at least once a transfer.  A few times they have invited themselves into our lessons... or occasionally a hot bible bash-which I try to avoid at all costs because I don't really know the bible all that well, and it's not like it solves anything, anyways.  Anyways, this morning we have an appointment with 2 of our awesome investigators, and they happen to be terrified of JW's... and unfortunately they knocked on their door right as we were pulling up... so then when we knock on the door shortly after they wouldn't answer because they thought we were them. Really it was a lose lose.  Nobody got to teach and when I said hi to the other missionaries and they wouldn’t respond.  Sheesh.  So many people hating on us today!

Oh I may be famous!!  So remember last week when I spoke in Stake conference.  Well I made this promise to myself that I would always look presentable because you never know when you're going to go speak in front of a thousand or so people... So I did pretty good the past few days, until yesterday... when it was what I call "comfy day!" (which is hard to do when you have to wear a dress 24/7 as a missionary... but basically I'm over skirts and such... well I've been over skirts since I left the womb... but moving past that.. comfy day = hair in a bun and no makeup and the comfiest dress you can find).  Anyways, it was a comfy day, and naturally it was the day that the missionary department comes from Slat Lake to photograph and film the new Peter Whitmer Farm Visitors Center and took 8 billion pictures of us giving tours and teaching.  And then they filmed us a bunch for interviews and different things for some new public affair video thing coming out.   He said he's sending all this footage to the 1st
presidency today.  Oh goodness. I should really learn my lesson by now at looking more like a dignified sister missionary.  Someday.

Other news.  Actually I cant think of anything.  But life is great and happy and a good thing I love being wet because it keeps randomly pouring and I just walk around like a wet dog!


Hermana Davis

#discoverthebook everyone needs to join  "Called to share"..
We're flooding the world with the Book of Mormon!

Tuesday is the next event!

 Comfy day!!  and one of my new favorite families...

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 68 I'm not creative enough for cool subject lines...

Crazy week, but super good.  We've officially hit the time of year where we don't see our area very much because the sites are so crazy and we're getting ready for Pageant!  The cast will be here in less than a month!  We're getting the workshops all ready to teach them about missionary work and it's all going really well!  But Heavenly Father blesses us SO much in the little time that we do get to spend in Waterloo.  People are beginning to progress and we're seeing great things!

Last Saturday was so great.  We served at the Joseph Smith Farm and I was able to see some of my most favorite people!  The Buffalo youth came for a Super Saturday activity.  I got to take a big chunk of them on tour, and one of the groups who "just happened" to be in my group (but seriously no coincidence... One of those tender mercies from Heavenly Father) was one of the girls that Sister Tulande Vasquez and I taught in Tonawanda!  She is completely active now and is doing wonderful and it was such a treat getting to see her and be with her for her first time coming to Palmyra!

I got to see lots of my favorite Buffalo people and had a really powerful experience sharing testimonies in Joseph Smith's log home with a group of the youth.
Also, Dorothea, recent convert from Irondequoit, came to the farm for her first time, so I got to take her on tour as well!  She is doing remarkably well and I'm so happy for her!  Our shift ends at 7, so we hurry and close/get all our stuff and then book it to the stake center because we have the Palmyra stake conference. We get there about 20ish minutes late, so we are in the very last row with ppl in it in the gym and just slightly disheveled from walking to the  church/crazy day/everything just hitting all at once as we're trying to go inside.
And just so you can get a good laugh, I'll share that my hair had been in a bun all day, but it gave me a bad headache because it was on top of my head, so I figure.. Hey we're in the very back row and nobody can see us, I'll take out the bun and give my head a break (which means releasing the humid hair, frizzy lion's mane).  Elder Homer (Area 70) is addressing us, and shortly after taking out my hair he asks all of the full time missionaries to stand up.  I look slightly atrocious, but that's fine, I'm in the back... Nobody can see me.  So I thought. He slowly has some of the missionaries sit down-if you've been out for three months, 6 months, a year, 15 months.... Well great.
Now me and a few elders are the only ones left standing.  So he invites me and the elder about to go home to come up and speak to everyone. Nothing like impromptu talk at stake conference.  So I make the excruciating long walk up to the stand, while trying to tame my Afro into a more dignified ponytail.  Then he had the elder speak for 5 minutes and then me speak for 5 minutes... He wanted "the stake's most experienced missionaries" to speak to everyone.  (How the heck am I the most experienced?  That's a scary thought haha).  So I'm planning on talking about the Book of Mormon.  But nope, that's what the elder speaks on.  Great, now I have nothing... So I stand up- literally have no idea what I'm going to say, but the words kind of just started pouring out of my mouth and I talked about the Atonement.
 It was a really neat experience, and despite the fact that my hair looked like a crazy horse's mane (and they were broadcasting this all over the Southern Tier because the stake center is too far away for most of the Stake to drive there... So now I've made tv haha).  It was really powerful and I was grateful for the opportunity to share my testimony with everyone.  I love these people so much and it's going to be so hard to ever say goodbye.

And miracle- the story of my wonderful friend, Mark!  So Sister Day and I started teaching this less-active lady named Rita in my last area!  She started coming back to church and we saw so many miracles with her!  After a while her sons started listening in, and one of her sons, Mark, really started to progress!  He is 100% active now and hasn't missed church in over 3 months.  he's so solid.   We invited him to start going to the singles branch a couple months ago, and so he started meeting with the elders in that branch... well they went to go change his records into that ward and they found out he's not actually a member.  He had just figured that he had forgotten about his baptism... We go to check with his mom, and nope!  Never got baptized. So... Mark got baptized on Saturday!!!!  wooohooo!!  I'm so happy for him!  And now he's talking about serving a mission!  I couldn't go, cause it was up in Rochester, but I'm so excited!  He has changed his life 150% and has taught me so much!

Life is happy and good!
Love you all! Have fun in Utah!!  Don't die on your long-boards!

Les quiero muchisimo!
Hermana Davis

-our happy family/district doing service at the lake this morning!

-Sister Hall and I at Seneca Lake

Week 67 May 30, 2014

Awesome, crazy week... not quite as thrilling as raccoon bites (although I had another encounter with one at the Joseph Smith farm a couple days ago... I've never been around them in my life, and now they're all just swarming for me), but still a good one!

Last week we were in the parade and it was a lot of fun.. We gave out over 500 cards and talked to a million people and it was a really successful day! (We did glue candy to the cards, but nonetheless, they were still accepted haha... and we had our phone number on all of them, and people have been calling us!)

Also, had the ward memorial day picnic at Seneca Lake.  We walked 800 miles to get there because:  a) we are too cheap to pay for parking and
b) we ran out of miles on our car for the month, because we have a very small, finite number of miles we can drive each month.... Nothing like walking down the road with a bowl bigger than I am and the wind blowing and stepping over road kill in the middle of nowhere!

We have found some really cool investigators here!  Which is such a miracle because we were only in our area for about 2 hours all week...
Waterloo is going to come alive!

We've started diving into Pageant Cast Training.  SO MUCH FUN.  We're so excited; it's going to be here in a flash!

Raccoon bite is healing well...  no rabies for me!  Just some sick battle scars.

Love you all, sorry not much time this week... one of the perks to Waterloo... we live right by outlet mall.  And they are having a Memorial day sale that's just calling our names.  Can I fit an ounce more into my suitcase when I go home?  No way.  But we'll make it work.


Scripture of the week:  Matt 10:16

Hna Davis

SPECAIL SHOUTOUT to MY Harrison!!!   all graduated and adultish now.
I'm so proud of my little guy.

AND.. to DADDY!!!  Happy Birthday on Sunday!!!   Love you so much!
Have a wonderful day!  (and of course your card is late... cause I can never get anything on time... BUT, it's coming. and I love you so much.)

 Our cute little investigator, Anna, and us at the Memorial Day festivities.