Saturday, May 24, 2014

Week 66: Rabid raccoons, Memorial Day Palooza, my best friend Peter Whitmer

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED!  I don't even know where to start... stay tuned till the end though, cause this is definitely going to be a good one.

First off, transfers!  I left my ghetto, wonderful city of Irondequoit and am now in Waterloo. Population under 5,000, 2 stop lights, lots of cows, even more road kill than Irondequoit (didn’t know that was possible), Mennonites, and home of the Peter Whitmer Farm.  I literally live on the Peter Whitmer Farm.  No big deal. just kidding, HUGE DEAL.  This is just right where the church was organized, right where the three witnesses met Moroni and saw the gold plates, right where they finished translating the Book of Mormon.  So fun.  What took two hours to drive to when I was in Irondequoit is now my front yard.  sickkkkkk.  Waterloo is going to be just lovely!  This area has just recently opened up (it has been closed all winter), so we have a lot of work to do to get it going again!  and not a lot of time...we're starting up cast training stuff and the sites are getting crazybusy and life is just wonderful.   My new companion is sister Hall!
Another Arizonian, tuba player, accounting major, fellow cougar, stoked to do missionary work.

Okay huge miracle (back in Irondequoit last week) Sunday we walk into church and Bishop Boyer runs up to me and says I have to meet this girl, Nicole.  She rode the bus and just showed up to church and wants to learn more... 19 years old, spunky, hot pink hair, ultimate woman.
Every missionary's dream... So I go sit down with her and share some of our beliefs and whatnot and we're talking and just instantly click.  And church starts. She absolutely LOVES Sacrament Mtg. and asks if she can come back next week.  Why yes, most definitely!  So we met with her Sunday and had another lesson with her on Monday, and she is the most prepared, awesome girl in the world! She tells us that she has been reading the Book of Mormon on her iPhone for a while, and believes that's it's true and that Joseph Smith is a prophet.  She has so much faith and she's been trying to find direction in her life for a little while now, and everything just keeps pushing her back to the Mormons.  We invited her to get baptized, and before we can even finish the invitation, she has this huge smile and says YESSSS! She had been hoping we would ask her! June 14th is the special day! And we told her about the single adult branch and she actually got really excited (not the usual response haha), and she is just wonderful.
Another person I'm so sad to leave... But there will be miracles in Waterloo too!

GUESS WHAT?  Fun fact about Waterloo.... it is the birthplace of Memorial day.  and guess what is on Monday?  that's right.  Memorial day.  and guess who is obsessed with holidays and America?  me.  The town goes all out... this weekend is "Celebrate and Commemorate" and there's thousands of people and a  big celebration and fireworks and the whole small town partying extravaganza.  This is like Gilmore Girls. No joke.  So last night we are helping set up for it and are putting 8.7 thousand flags into the ground and there are two left over, and we're working with our friend, the mayor, and he says I get to choose where the last two go.   So I volunteer to just march around the park with the flags and sing Patriotic songs.  And that’s when his face lights up and he asks us to BE IN THE PARADE!!!  Yesssss.  So now we get to have all the missionaries in this area be in the parade tomorrow morning! cards and candy and America?  yes.

Okay, I've been in Waterloo a total of maybe 20 minutes when I get bitten by a raccoon.  Yes you just read correctly.  We go to visit this family and they have a pet raccoon (welcome to my area... where people have illegal pets).  His name is Hammy.  He was a stray they found--his poor mother was hit by a car, so they adopted him.  He eats dog food, pudding cups, and mandarin oranges.  He's also the fattest raccoon I have ever seen (to be honest, I really haven’t seen very many racoons in my life, but the dead ones on the side of the road always seem a lot smaller).  I digress.  So Hammy lives in the garage and that’s how we enter the house.  So we are leaving and yes I think this is the weirdest, and kind of scariest thing I've ever encountered, but I can't be a pansy or rude, so I just stand there while the dad is trying to get him to move.  And that is the moment he bolts for me and bites me in the leg.  We go clean it up and I find this all quite amusing.  And then we go home cause its already after 9 and I go to bed.  Yes it stings and hurts, but I figure that is normal.  Then we have a site mtg. the next morning in Palmyra (45ish minutes away) and everybody finds out about my leg and freaks out... aka I have rabies and am going to die.  So I call the mission nurse just to be safe and she says I need to get to urgent care ASAP.  So our shift ends and we use up a million miles on our car to get to the urgent care.  and then they tell us they don’t treat animal bites, and we have to go to the ER.  So we go to the ER.  And they don’t like sick people in the ER...
oh and I kinda got sick after the bite... cold and semi-flu.  so just to give you the full picture here, you can imagine us walking to the ER and them making me wear a surgical mask as I explain to 800 people that I've been bitten by a raccoon.  And all these moms keep running up to me who think they have medical degrees and are giving me advice.
 And then they make me remove the bandage to show them the bite, but they don’t have another one for me (and it was still bleeding quite a bit)... so what do they wrap around my leg?  another surgical mask. Freak of New York. right here.

So they tell us that they need to treat me ASAP. HOWEVER.  they have to quarantine Hammy and fine the family.  So terrible.  So basically we are in a tricky situation.  I die of rabies. OR this family hates Mormons and missionaries forever because their beloved pet raccoon is taken away and they get a fatty fine.

So I avoid the ER... their eternal salvation is at risk... way more important than my life... after all, if I die on a mission I’m bound to go to the celestial kingdom. right?  Then all the senior couples get in on it and President Francis, and long story, short:  the bishop is going to go talk to the family, and i need to go to the ER ASAP.  Now it’s late at night.  and site mtg is over and we got to the hospital.
Elder Stewart (site director) and Elder Bean (senior couple elder) give me a priesthood blessing. and then we stayed the night in the ER and then I lived.  the end.

Hammy is being quarantined and I am on a bunch of antibiotics.  I don’t have any infections and as long as Hammy comes back clean, I don’t have to get the rabies vaccines which are a million in your stomach and painful.  thank goodness.

Okay that's all!  There's more but my fingers are tired.  Welcome to Waterloo.  It’s been quite the eventful three days.

Love, Hna Davis

My hna Tulande Vasquez!  Poor thing has a lot of health stuff so she had to go home early.  I'll just have to visit her in Alicante Spain!!

 My wonderful friend/investigator, Ron, came to the sites from Buffalo!  Got to take him on tour for the day!

 Sister Hall and I at bomps

 La familia, Lajara de Dominican Republic-  some of the sweetest people ever. I'm going to miss them so much!

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