Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week 65:

Life is so happy!  so much happened and I have about 20 seconds to tell you!

bill got baptized on Saturday!  It went great and there was an awesome turnout and Sister Day and I sang a lovely song and we watched the world's greatest movie while he was changing out of his wet clothes- "spiritual crocodiles"... I wouldn't recommend it for a baptism... but it worked for Bill, so its all good!  Then on Sunday he got confirmed and it went great and he is the happiest member of the church. ever.

Sunday I got to talk to you!!! woohooo!  Special shoutout for being the coolest people I know. but really.  I am kinda obsessed with all of you.  Thanks for a lovely skype date... Last mission skype for me. weird, After skyping we had our "cinco de Madre" party with our Bishop's family and another family in the ward. They didnt have time to have the annual cinco de mayo party like they normally have, so we celebrated mothers days mexican style with delicious food and party and a shrine for our mothers.  just kidding. No shrine.  But we all got to talk about how wonderful mommas are!

SOOOO the moment we have all been waiting for:  THE PETER WHITMER FARM
IS OPEN AGAIN!!!!  I actually dont remember if I ever told you it was closed (not all of it... the log home and chapel have been open for tours, but the visitor center has been closed since like October or something to re-do it).  It was supposed to re-open in January, but it never did.... and we've been waiting and waiting, and waiting, and FINALLY its back.  We have been in training from the missionary department from our Utah people for the past couple days, and now we are ready to liven up the PWF. Everything is much more up-to-date and modernized and it turned out really well... not gonna lie- I was worried.  I liked it how it was before they changed it.  But it all turned out really well and i'm really pleased with it all... perhaps I love it so much is because I feel like I have entered Hogwarts. Everything is cool talking pictures and touch screen everything and I just know that JK Rowling would just be so happy if she visited.  So its been fun getting to be trained there and play with all our new "toys".

ALSO a story about my skillz. So all the time, elders are always telling stories about how they were walking down the street and they start playing basketball with people and then start teaching them.  I have been forever jealous because that opportunity has never presented itself to me.  UNTIL MONDAY.  we were at the park for a lesson (I was on an exchange in Canandaigua) and the person we were meeting was a little bit late, and so we go around to talk to people and we meet these guys playing basketball. We go over and talk to them (and by the way, people dont really like playing basketball with girls wearing skirts. rude).  Long story short:  we're talking and they say they'll listen to our lesson if I make 2 3-pointers in a row. pressure. yikes.  We all know I'm no Kobe.  But I have been trying to improve. And by some divine intervention, I made them both.  Perfect swish. (swush?  swish?... clearly i dont know the lingo either).  so awesome. they were awesome and we got to teach them and i feel like a true missionary out finding investigators on the streets.

Okay love you all so much!  I'm glad you ahd a good mothers day, mommy! Just saw your snake pics... please dont get bitten and die.


Our hike to the waterfalls and in the city last week!

 Some of the area books.... We are officially PAPER FREE.  We had to input ALL that information online.  And we are finally done. Thank goodness.  We brought them all to Missionary Leadership council and I'm hoping the next time we'll have a bonfire to burn them all!
 Bill's baptism
One of my most favorite people ever, Aubrie!
 Learning the swing of things at the Peter Whitmer Farm with the new stuff

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