Friday, May 2, 2014

Week 63: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Unfortunately, I lost some this week... So many awkward Addison moments arose... including me eating it in dog crap this morning when we were playing three flags up...  we go running every morning and this morning we all decided to play some sports for a while (as much as you can play sports with 4 people haha) and THE SNOW IS GONE... which means... rain.  always raining.  so we were both going for the ball and I slipped in the mud and landed in a big pile of doggie droppings.  mmm.   That was fun.  Good thing it was raining and kinda cleaned me up?  

Also Okay so our ward doesn't like picking favorites when it comes to choosing hymns to sing in Sacrament Mtg.  Every week we wait in anticipation for the unveiling of the song (okay, huge lie... Nobody really cares beforehand... Actually I'm always surprised, week after week, that songs like these even exist in the hymn book, and that our chorister can even find them-major props to her).  But this week, surpasses all other terrible songs.  And let me preface this by stating that our ward is not very musically blessed (hence why the ward choir is us missionaries assigned to participate).  So we sing this song, and unfortunately I don't remember what it was called, but I assure you that none of you have ever heard of it anyways, and NOBODY is singing.  It's so bad.  And the poor organist had no idea what she was doing either.  So nobody knows what to do or who to follow and it's one hot mess. Some people are humming their own tunes, most ppl are trying not to laugh, and everyone else is just staring around trying to figure out what the heck is going on.  So as a missionary I feel the need to handle the situation... So I nudge Sister Day and ask her to sing really loud with me so we can get everybody on track... We can read music, right?!  No.  Not at all.  The song has no rhyme or rhythm, and I looked away from the music at one point to watch everyone's reactions cause they are so dang funny, and in a normal song the notes would have gone up... But in this one they went down; and I mentioned we're singing loud... So I belt out this awkward high note completely off-key while everyone else is attempting the song at the proper low notes, and all of a sudden the entire ward starts laughing hysterically cause I just butchered it so bad.  Oh man, we were dying.  Like I really can't describe to you how loud and awful it sounded.    Everyone's crying because we can't stop laughing... The poor chorister can't even wave around her arm. We just had to quit the song, it was so pathetic.  Then the person saying the opening prayer had to just stand at the pulpit for what seemed hours to try to compose himself so he could stop laughing and pray. Lesson learned: don't attempt singing loudly for others to follow when you have no clue what you're doing.  And I hope the ward learned a valuable lesson as well-there is a reason we don't sing some of these songs.  Afterwards they came up and asked me to speak in Sacrament Mtg on Mothers Day so I could try to redeem myself/punishment for my awful singing.  It's me and a youth speaker... Aka I have like 45+ minutes to speak.  Good thing I have 8 trillion stories on how awesome my momma is :) but if any of you have any awesome ideas , I'd love to hear them!  ...we're also singing that day, and doing a special program for all the girls/ladies 3rd hour... Nothing like a Hna. Davis show.  Poor people.

Enough of me telling you pointless stories... so this week was great!  I had a lot of really cool experiences at the book of Mormon Publication site giving tours.  Just sweet little tender mercies... I took quite a few people on tours that aren't members of our church and the spirit was so strong and they all agreed to learning more and were excited to get a book of Mormon and they were just really really cool.  Being a missionary is the greatest.  and I love how we can all use our own personalities and strengths to share this with others.  

We had a specialized training at the Peter Whitmer Farm this week.  So. Much. Fun.  Spent the day down there with a few other zones, got spiritually re-energized, worked on my 3-pointer, learned how to make yummy chicken, how to shine my shoes, and had fun playing in the rain.  

We are teaching some incredible, incredible people right now, and they are all so solid and want to join the church, but can't for one reason or another... parents won't let them (they aren't 18 year old yet), or weird health stuff.. you name it.  But they are all so close and have such strong testimonies, so we are praying super hard that it will work out for them!

Scripture of the week:  Alma 5:12-13
Hna Davis

OH PS.  I got a special shoutout from Elder Bednar... whattt??  We taught this man in Buffalo... he is so great.  He was about to get baptized and then all of a sudden tells us he is joining the Russian Orthdaox church... what?  so sad.  well he took a break for a while in meeting with missionaries, but now he has realized that the LDS church is actually  the true one, so he wants to learn again... but he wanted elder bednar's thoughts on this, so naturally he wrote him a letter, and Elder Bednar responded and part of that letter was to tell me hi!  sweet.  
okay thats all.  love you, byeeee

1.  Our sweet investigator Bill gave us "bunnies in a chocolate canoe".. sweetest thing ever.  Bill is the most tender, sweet man in the planet.  He calls us to check in all the time (makes daily contact with the people we teach SO easy haha), and it is such a privilege being his friend.  He's getting Baptized next week!!!  woohoo!
 2.  Peter Whitmer Farm specialized training... my district and another one.

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