Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 64: This is dedicated to my Harry-Pookie

OH MY GOSH.  Freaking out.  My little Harrison got his mission call!!
I am soooo excited for you!  You are going to be the greatest little El Salvadrorian ever.  Slightly devastated that we overlap, (and by slightly, it would be better to say extremely) but Heavenly Father knows a bit more than I do, so I'll just have to get over it.
Seriously, so happy for you Harrison!

I feel like I just talked to you... ummm what's new?

On Friday/Saturday we did an exchange with the Fairport sisters and they live in this little house right in between a Methodist church and a Presbyterian church.  So we're getting ready in the morning, and we look out the window (trying to figure out if it was warm enough to go without tights... It wasn't...) and we see all these people doing yard work at the Methodist church!  So we go out and offer to help and it was such a fun little service opportunity!  I learned the art of cutting bushes and we became awesome friends with this sweet little couple!  Then we went to the Grandin bldg (the Book of Mormon Publication Site) to serve and I had the neatest experience!  This family comes in from Connecticut... They were here because their daughter/sister had just got married in the Palmyra temple, and they came to the BOMPS before the reception began.  Anddddddd.... They're originally from Peru!  And they brought their grandpa who only spoke Spanish who isn't a member of the church!  So I got to take them through and it was incredible because I get kinda scared to do Spanish tours at the BoM Pub site... I think the print shop words are really weird in English, Spanish is a whole different story.. So I just said a quick little prayer in my heart before we started and I was speaking like a straight-up Mexican.  My Spanish has NEVER been that good before and I was saying things that I didn't know I knew how to say, and understood everything they were saying.  We stop at a painting of Jesus Christ coming to the Americas, and I bore my testimony to them and asked what his thoughts were on all this... and then he ends up bearing his testimony to all of us how he felt the Spirit so strongly and believed everything I said was true.  He agreed to meeting the missionaries back in Peru when he gets home next week!
 It was so much fun and a very memorable moment!   Maybe I'll kinda be
able to communicate with Harrison now when he gets back?  haha.

Oh, other answer to prayers... that has nothing to do with anything spiritual... so yesterday we were walking through the Sacred Grove, and I just wanted to go hiking so bad.  Like I really miss going on hikes and being outside... so this morning we are out running, and we go a different direction than normal, and all of a sudden we are in this awesome forest and we come across this huge, beautiful bridge going over a river and there are all these cool hiking trails and things to do!  It's like a mile from our house and we didn’t even know!
So now we're going hiking today!!  Ask and ye shall receive....

Life is just wonderful!  I GET TO TALK TO YOU AND SEE YOUR HOT FACES ON SUNDAY!!!!!  so excited!  I love you all! Keep being so wonderful!
Happy Birthday to my Brando... dog pound :) And Happy Mothers DAY week!!!!
Scripture: Alma 8:15

Les quiero,
Hermana Davis

Sacred Grove and Joseph Smith Farm.... the trees finally got some little buds this week... the earth will soon be green again!!!!

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