Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 62 Because of Him

Because of Him... I'm sure you've all been on board with it this week... the Easter campaign exploding all over the world. Sam, you showed me last week and within a couple hours all of a sudden I saw it everywhere.  I can't even begin to tell you how many miracles we witnessed from this powerful little video. So many hearts were softened and no exaggeration- lives were changed. By far my new favorite Mormon message.  I think sister Day and I have now showed it to all of Irondequoit. But really, I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ. And because of Him, everything is possible. He strengthens me every single day and I love Him so much.

So I feel like it's been forever since I last wrote you and a million things have happened since then... but naturally I am struggling to remember them all at the moment... Let's see...

EASTER! Easter was great! Sacrament Mtg. was really good and we sang "I Stand All Amazed" (one of my fav's) in the ward choir. It was a super pretty arrangement, but it was hard... and our choir definitely lacks (hence the reason that all the missionaries are in it). Not gonna lie- I was nervous to sing it for everyone because it did not sound good in any shape or form.  But this was one of those special experiences, where we all tried our best and so Heavenly Father blessed us and lots of angels joined in, because it sounded so good and beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Really special experience :)

After church we went to a sweet family's in the ward for some dinner! They were so cute and gave us each a little Easter basket! So much fun!  the little girl in the family really likes us, so for dinner she insisted on sitting in between sister Day and I... she's slightly crazy and decided to put her feet in my food.... uhhh.... yes, I still ate it. But that was really fun.  Then after the feet incidence she asked me to help her get all the dirt and lint out from between her toes. I assured her it was probably all better because all the dirt was probably in my mashed potatoes.

We went on a "Temple Tour" with Bob! He showed us all around the perimeter of the Joseph Smith Farm (The Palmyra temple sits on the Smith's farm) and he told us sorts of little treats and gold nuggets!  It was so neat and I have so much love and appreciation for not only Joseph, but his entire family. They sacrificed so much for the Restoration of the Gospel.  I know without a doubt he was/is the prophet of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon is true!

I took the coolest family on tour at the Hill Cumorah this week... they are from Paris and are getting ready to move to Toronto Canada, or... wait for it.... Perris California... what the? haha. So great.  I put a good cheer in for Perris so I can hang out with them in the future! We are meeting so many incredible people!

Oh also, at the sites we give "member invitations" to people so they can do missionary work... just followed up with some people last week... and I invited them to do an FHE with some friends of a different faith and they accepted the invite and the three friends just got baptized this week because of it! So fun!! they live down in Pennsylvania!!

okay I have 30 seconds till the comp logs me off... looks like that’s all for this week!

Hna Davis

1.  Temple Tour with Bob! 

 Just doing my thinking on Joseph's rock
our incredible investigator!!
 Easter dinner with the Foster family!

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