Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 59: April Fools!

This week has been really really great! 

First off, Dorothea Costich got baptized!!  She is incredible.  So prepared, and already a solid member of the ward!  After a few crazy scheduling events, we got it all worked out, and Friday night she entered the font.  There was an amazing turnout from the ward, and everything went great!  She was so happy and just glowing throughout all of it.  I gave a talk on Baptism and talked about how we can become completely clean.  I gave the analogy of running in the Mudrun back home and how we get all dirty, but through Jesus Christ we get to become clean. I am so happy for her and feel so very blessed that I've got to spend the past few months with her as she has learned and grown! 
Speaking of Baptisms.... I'm so happy for Harrison's friend!!  Way to be a missionary!  And grandpa and grandma's baptism!  And Sam's WML talk on missionary work!  You all make me so happy!! I love missionary workkkkk. You're all the best.

Saturday was great as well!  We went to help with the Rochester Cub Scout pinewood derby finals.... The pack in our ward hosted it, so about 8000 little boys from all over Rochester were racing around the cultural hall, and we got to help out!  Met lots of neat people and made some cool contacts for the church!  I'm really becoming quite the derby master.  I even got a scouting patch to glue on my shirt for my derby merit badge. Girl scout 4 lyfe. 

We went to the Stake Center in Brighton to watch the General Women's Meeting with a returning less active and our investigator on Saturday night!  It was SO good.  Such a strong spirit, and the biggest turnout the stake has ever seen for this meeting!   It was just what we all needed to hear, and now I am even more excited for conference!  GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND.  wooohoooo.  Don't forget to watch it.  Hopefully Nicole can be famous again and make the ensign.

So we had a blizzard on Saturday and it just dumped all night long. So we get up for church on Sunday and nobody was prepared for it, so church started about 20 minutes late as people slowly straggled in.  Including us.... so our car does about as good as Little Baby Blue Yaris... In fact, the Yaris may actually be better than the car we have here.  They didn't plow the roads and as we were turning onto a street the car got stuck... so there is this huge backup behind us, and sister Day is out of the car trying to back me (yes, all missionaries have to "be backed"... aka your comp gets out of the car and has to guide you anytime you reverse.)/push it/you name it... and then cars drive by and splash us so we get covered in mushy, muddy snow.  It was a great picture. Wish somebody had a camera so you could all get a good laugh.  I guess I'm not as good at driving in snow as I thought I was haha

The sites are super busy and everyone is here for spring break!  I love it! All is well and the sun is shining today!  Happy April fools!

Love, Hermana Davis

-Dorothea's Baptism!
-Us and our sweet little investigator Sierra braving the outdoors to go to the Women' Conference!
-Sister Carlson and I found a really big skirt... we thought we could both fit in it, but it didn't really work... we're bigger than we thought 

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