Saturday, April 26, 2014

Week 62 Because of Him

Because of Him... I'm sure you've all been on board with it this week... the Easter campaign exploding all over the world. Sam, you showed me last week and within a couple hours all of a sudden I saw it everywhere.  I can't even begin to tell you how many miracles we witnessed from this powerful little video. So many hearts were softened and no exaggeration- lives were changed. By far my new favorite Mormon message.  I think sister Day and I have now showed it to all of Irondequoit. But really, I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ. And because of Him, everything is possible. He strengthens me every single day and I love Him so much.

So I feel like it's been forever since I last wrote you and a million things have happened since then... but naturally I am struggling to remember them all at the moment... Let's see...

EASTER! Easter was great! Sacrament Mtg. was really good and we sang "I Stand All Amazed" (one of my fav's) in the ward choir. It was a super pretty arrangement, but it was hard... and our choir definitely lacks (hence the reason that all the missionaries are in it). Not gonna lie- I was nervous to sing it for everyone because it did not sound good in any shape or form.  But this was one of those special experiences, where we all tried our best and so Heavenly Father blessed us and lots of angels joined in, because it sounded so good and beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Really special experience :)

After church we went to a sweet family's in the ward for some dinner! They were so cute and gave us each a little Easter basket! So much fun!  the little girl in the family really likes us, so for dinner she insisted on sitting in between sister Day and I... she's slightly crazy and decided to put her feet in my food.... uhhh.... yes, I still ate it. But that was really fun.  Then after the feet incidence she asked me to help her get all the dirt and lint out from between her toes. I assured her it was probably all better because all the dirt was probably in my mashed potatoes.

We went on a "Temple Tour" with Bob! He showed us all around the perimeter of the Joseph Smith Farm (The Palmyra temple sits on the Smith's farm) and he told us sorts of little treats and gold nuggets!  It was so neat and I have so much love and appreciation for not only Joseph, but his entire family. They sacrificed so much for the Restoration of the Gospel.  I know without a doubt he was/is the prophet of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon is true!

I took the coolest family on tour at the Hill Cumorah this week... they are from Paris and are getting ready to move to Toronto Canada, or... wait for it.... Perris California... what the? haha. So great.  I put a good cheer in for Perris so I can hang out with them in the future! We are meeting so many incredible people!

Oh also, at the sites we give "member invitations" to people so they can do missionary work... just followed up with some people last week... and I invited them to do an FHE with some friends of a different faith and they accepted the invite and the three friends just got baptized this week because of it! So fun!! they live down in Pennsylvania!!

okay I have 30 seconds till the comp logs me off... looks like that’s all for this week!

Hna Davis

1.  Temple Tour with Bob! 

 Just doing my thinking on Joseph's rock
our incredible investigator!!
 Easter dinner with the Foster family!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week 61 Sunshine!!!!

Guess what? We had 4 consecutive days of sunshine this week! It broke 50 degrees, and words cannot describe how much I love the sun. It has been so great!  No worries, it's snowing again today and 30 degrees, but it was a nice little preview of what is to come! Sister Day and I bought a football, so we throw it back and forth when we get a chance and we've also been hackeysacking!!! (thanks momma :) ) its been real great.

Sunday night we had the Rochester Mormon choir Easter Program. It was this nice spiritual fireside type thing that we went to with our investigator, Bill (he's getting baptized in a couple weeks!!! woohoo! go Bill!)  So it's all quiet and peaceful in the meeting, they are playing little clips about the Savior and the Atonement, and pretty singing and instrumental music and the whole 9 yards... and then all of a sudden the men in the choir come forward and start this weird barbershop quartet/Black Gospel Choir/banjo boogie. It was by far one of the funniest things I've ever seen in my life.  I felt like they should be in the critter area by Splash Mountain at Disneyland. We still aren't sure if that was a serious performance, or comic relief in the middle of the long program. It took everything in us not to laugh... we failed.  There are these three men playing the guitar, bass, and banjo and weird "ooo-ing" and there is just no way that I can ever adequately explain to anybody what it was like.. especially through an email.  But it was definitely a high-lite of my life as far as funny moments go.

All is well in web-de-quoit... I re-named our area because now we cover Irondequoit and Webster. Webster is a city in our ward (there used to be missionaries in Webster, but they were taken out this transfer).  So now we get to cross the little channel and go to Webster too! There's not a ton of work going on there, but THIS WILL CHANGE!!

EASTER this weekend! (and a special shout out to momma who is going to rock her talk on Sunday). Obviously I'm stoked... I just love holidays. And its been so great getting to talk a lot about Easter with so many people for the past few days as we prepare!  I've been studying the Atonement a lot, and the life of our Savior, and I love this Mormon message... It reminds me of why we really celebrate. One of the great consolations of this Easter season is that because
Jesus walked such a long, lonely path utterly alone, we do not have to
do so.

But thank you so much Mommy and Nicole for your sweet little packages!  I love it all! And Nicole; I know you so so well. Before I opened it, I told sister Day exactly what was going to be inside... and then we opened it and laughed really hard because I called it... and then I told her exactly what your card was going to say before I opened that- opened it, and again... hit the nail right on the head haha. love you, buttfect!!

Scripture of the week: Alma 26:22

Love you all!!! Have a great week!
Love, your most favorite missionary in the whole world :)

and P.S.  Harry looked so cute at prom!

picture: just building some shingles in Hyram Smith's Copper shop on my shnizzle-bonger/pony.  (that really is what its called... or something to that effect that sounds cool and German)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Week 60!: Head of the Table

Great news:I survived another transfer!!!! And so did Sister Day! So this will be our third together, and my 4th transfer in Irondequoit.. Aka the Celestial Kingdom... Aka the ghetto (kinda an oxymoron there). This is the longest I've been in an area now, and I'm so so so happy to be staying!! I've successfully made my way to the head of our Bishops dining room table-missionary who has been in the area the longest gets to sit at the head.  After months of working my way up and fighting people off, I've made it haha. Their family feeds all 800 of us missionaries in the ward pretty often and I absolutely love their family and now I get to sit at the table like I'm an official part of the family and I own the place.  Score.  Haha
We went over to their house for general conference on Sunday morning and got a yummy brunch and all of their little girls played with my hair and gave me back massages.  Happy conference to me!! 
But real talk, General conference was so good.  Quite a few things stood out to me, but overall I got that we all need to just show a little more love and set our priorities straight.  The priorities thing really got me thinking...  It is so easy to get too busy to do all the little stuff, like reading our scriptures and saying our personal prayers.  But there's a reason that prayer, church, and scripture study are always the right answer , no matter what the question is. If we aren't doing these three simple things, our priorities are not straight.  Bold? Yes. But if we're too busy/tired to read a verse from the scriptures everyday, then I think we need to switch out some of our activities. Found this Mormon message in my studies today and thought it applied nicely:
 President Henry B. Eyring, a disciple of Jesus Christ, urges us to seek God's help to overcome complacency and discouragement and find joy in serving Him today.
Okay, I'll get off my missionary soapbox now, but seriously.  I think we can all step up our game, definitely myself included.
So this week has been super crazy with lots of business type stuff... lots of meetings, and driving, and and more meetings, and appointments, and who knows what else, nevertheless, it was great! I took the funniest family on tour at the bomps yesterday. I've never met people who looked so bored in my entire life. Sheesh. Tough crowd.  They were from Lehi, Utah.. Naturally I tell them my sister lives there.... They all just stared at me. Didn't even get a response haha. Thank goodness the rest of the tours have been awesome. And thank goodness I'm with Sister Day again for another 6 weeks... She laughs at my jokes and witty statements and helps me feel like I'm funny.
I was on exchanges this week with one of my new favorite Mexicans, Sister Flores... She grew up in Texas, but I still call her foreign.  She's fresh out of the mtc, and we were having lots of fun, but just everything was going wrong.  All our appt's fell through, our backup plans fell through, all the potential people we wanted to see weren't home, it's pouring rain, and everything we tried just got shut down.  So we run into Starbucks to get some wifi so we can pull up the map on our iPads, and cause I really needed to use the restroom... I have the bladder of a 9 month pregnant woman... and we meet the sweetest ladies in all of Irondequoit.  They offered to buy us some coffee (got a fun little word of wisdom lesson in there), and then they asked if we could teach them right them and there! So we sat down with them for a while and taught them the restoration lesson, and they absolutely loved it!  They said they normally hate discussing religion, but we looked so happy that they were intrigued and wanted to find out about our message!  They were stoked when we gave them their own book of Mormons, and said everything we talked about made them feel so good, and sounded so familiar, like they were right at home with it all. They have teeth and cars and jobs and are just fabulous, and didn't judge us for looking like wet dogs after we got caught walking in the rain! It was a fun, little miracle, and Heavenly Father always puts us exactly where He needs us. 

Love you!!  Happy Spring!
Love, Hna. Davis

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Week 59: April Fools!

This week has been really really great! 

First off, Dorothea Costich got baptized!!  She is incredible.  So prepared, and already a solid member of the ward!  After a few crazy scheduling events, we got it all worked out, and Friday night she entered the font.  There was an amazing turnout from the ward, and everything went great!  She was so happy and just glowing throughout all of it.  I gave a talk on Baptism and talked about how we can become completely clean.  I gave the analogy of running in the Mudrun back home and how we get all dirty, but through Jesus Christ we get to become clean. I am so happy for her and feel so very blessed that I've got to spend the past few months with her as she has learned and grown! 
Speaking of Baptisms.... I'm so happy for Harrison's friend!!  Way to be a missionary!  And grandpa and grandma's baptism!  And Sam's WML talk on missionary work!  You all make me so happy!! I love missionary workkkkk. You're all the best.

Saturday was great as well!  We went to help with the Rochester Cub Scout pinewood derby finals.... The pack in our ward hosted it, so about 8000 little boys from all over Rochester were racing around the cultural hall, and we got to help out!  Met lots of neat people and made some cool contacts for the church!  I'm really becoming quite the derby master.  I even got a scouting patch to glue on my shirt for my derby merit badge. Girl scout 4 lyfe. 

We went to the Stake Center in Brighton to watch the General Women's Meeting with a returning less active and our investigator on Saturday night!  It was SO good.  Such a strong spirit, and the biggest turnout the stake has ever seen for this meeting!   It was just what we all needed to hear, and now I am even more excited for conference!  GENERAL CONFERENCE THIS WEEKEND.  wooohoooo.  Don't forget to watch it.  Hopefully Nicole can be famous again and make the ensign.

So we had a blizzard on Saturday and it just dumped all night long. So we get up for church on Sunday and nobody was prepared for it, so church started about 20 minutes late as people slowly straggled in.  Including us.... so our car does about as good as Little Baby Blue Yaris... In fact, the Yaris may actually be better than the car we have here.  They didn't plow the roads and as we were turning onto a street the car got stuck... so there is this huge backup behind us, and sister Day is out of the car trying to back me (yes, all missionaries have to "be backed"... aka your comp gets out of the car and has to guide you anytime you reverse.)/push it/you name it... and then cars drive by and splash us so we get covered in mushy, muddy snow.  It was a great picture. Wish somebody had a camera so you could all get a good laugh.  I guess I'm not as good at driving in snow as I thought I was haha

The sites are super busy and everyone is here for spring break!  I love it! All is well and the sun is shining today!  Happy April fools!

Love, Hermana Davis

-Dorothea's Baptism!
-Us and our sweet little investigator Sierra braving the outdoors to go to the Women' Conference!
-Sister Carlson and I found a really big skirt... we thought we could both fit in it, but it didn't really work... we're bigger than we thought