Tuesday, March 4, 2014

week 55

Such a good week! To be honest, I'm really struggling to remember what happened... but at least I think it was good?
Ummm, let's see. Lots of people we are working with are progressing and doing really well! We set a couple Baptism dates and lots of people are coming to church-either for the first time, or they're coming back and haven’t been in years!  Huge miracles! And I'm going to credit all of this to the snow! I'm sure I've said it before, but we get extra blessings going out in the snow. A lot of times going out in a blizzard to try and contact people feels like the worst thing on earth... I'm freezing in our apartment, so the thought of going outside makes me want to gouge out my eyes. But not going out isn't an option, so we go, and we make it fun, and God pours out miracles!!!  And a lot of times people feel bad for us, and so they are willing to let us in and listen! But really- I'm learning this lesson more and more everyday: as we are willing to do our part, God blesses and helps us so much.  He is always looking out for us, and as we make an effort to do what is right.  He blesses us in more ways that we can even notice.

More visitors are starting to come to the sites!! And this week is time change, which = more sunshine! and I just got the recipe to the best, most healthy cookies in the world. And for one of the first times ever, I don't really know what to write....
But life is great and I am happy and the work is going wonderfully!

CONGRATS to my little Harry getting accepted into BYU :)

Love you all!

Hna Davis

Us and the Howell's... we love the Howell's...  and all of the Senior couples.  We have so many sets of Grandparents out here that are always taking care of us! But they're all going home and it's making us so sad!!

The hideous dog I talked about last week

 Photoshoot with Elder and Sister Yearsly... they went home this week :(

We're taking the Book of Mormon Publication Site tours really serious... 
can't share a tour without my awesome 1830's apron

At the Book of Mormon Publication site

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