Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 58: I Love the Book of Mormon Publication Sight!

So many miracles/fun things happened there this week.
#1.... So this sweet family comes in and Sister Day and I go to give them a tour, and they ask the usual questions, like where are we from.. and I reply Hemet, CA (I have this new thing of saying it like everybody should just know what that is, and like its a really cool place)... well this family DID know what a Hemet is... they get excited and ask if I know a Bob Davis... Oh, do I know Bob...  :)  I tell them that he is my grandpa, and the sweet old man walks up to me and gives me this huge, warm embrace.  Turns out I just met Doug Baker... Grandpa's buddy before he moved to Hemet, and according to Bro. Baker, one of the first people who introduced Grandpa to the church.  He has wanted to get in contact with Grandpa and Grandma for years, but didn't know how to ever reach them.  They were such a special group and it was so much fun getting to know them, and hearing their testimonies.  I thanked them, because I owe me being on a mission to him and the other awesome member missionaries who introduced all of dad's family to the church.  He told me lots of fun stories about how Grandpa was really good at tackling him in football and about camping trips the families would go on, and all sorts of fun little treasures.  It was so great being with them! 

#2.... Last night was the Grandin Open House at the Book of Mormon Publication site... we had this big celebration for the 184th anniversary of the BoM going on sale!  Really fun event, with an awesome turnout, senior couples dressed up ion period clothes and acting like Joseph Smith/E.B. Grandin/the whole crew, and 49857 cookies.  Some members of our ward and investigators made the trek out here to Palmyra and it was so much fun being with them!  Also, it was a fun little flashback to last year... aka my first day in New York.  I'd been here like 4 hours, and sister Jones and I went to go give tours at the open house activity (for th3 183rd anniversary of the Book of Mormon on sale).  I thought I was going to pee my pants cause I had absolutely no idea what was going on... thank goodness Jonesy saved my butt and was a real good teacher :)  I've officially lived in New York for a year!  I think I'm mastering the east coast ways... talking really fast and a lot, eating garbage plates (okay, I’ve only ever had one... but still), learning how to drive like a New Yorker (basically they just do what they want and don’t have to follow common laws of driving/defense), the accent, I know the best pizza, and I'm familiar with all the freeways (even though they don’t call them freeways... throughways... not important though)
It's been an insane, but wonderful week!  Lots of exchanges, and scheduling mixups (not on our side, I may add haha), and visitors at the sites, and trainings, and meetings and lessons, and people coming to church, and good stuff!  Super great Word of Wisdom lesson this week... we finish the lesson, and the person stands up, goes to the sink, and pours out all the alcohol in the house down the drain.  That one was fun!! 

Thanks for everything and all the support and love!  I'm so grateful for such an incredible family/friends who takes care of me and loves me and talks to me!  I feel more and more blessed and humbled every day.

Scripture: Jacob 5:71-73

Your most favorite missionary ever

Pics are from the Grandin open house...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Luck of the Irish- Week 57

Some would say luck of the Irish... others may go with divine intervention... you can pick.  But St. Patrick's Day was a day of MIRACLES!

I was on exchanges with a sister in the heart of the ghetto of Rochester and we had such a little party.  Including being chased down by Mark... this Christian we met who swore we were going to hell and he legitimately chased us down the street... at first I thought it was just funny/weird... then I realized we should probably run.  He was harmless, but still a good chase always gets your heart beating!  that was cool.

And the greatest miracle..... SO we get back to our apartment like 8:45 lst night after we exchange back, and Sister Day tells me that our neighbor/investigator Dorothea got a haircut and wants to show it to me.  Sure, why not?  (they had a lesson with her earlier in the day).  so we go in and they are both acting really sneaky... I congratulate her in her hair (totally felt like Dad... aka I didnt notice any difference in her hair, but where you just have to compliment to be nice... thanks for always saying you like our hair, dad) anywyas... they are being weird, and I just can't quite wrap my tongue around it.  And I'm giving Dorothea a hug (she's hug queen- nobody leaves the apartment without a hug first) and then she stands on her tip toes so that she can whisper in my ear... "I'm getting Baptized!!!  In two weeks!!"  AHHHHH.   We all freaked out.  Such a miracle.  She said she has known for a few days now, but she didn't tell us yet because she just had to make sure it was really right and what God wanted her to do!  She was just glowing and so giddy and happy and we all had a little dance party and I'm SO happy for her!  She is so prepared and since we started teaching her a few months ago, she has just found so much more purpose and happiness in life and is so so solid!  We're so excited!

For the past week we have been giving trainings at zone conferences around the mission!  They've been a lot of fun and it's always neat to see all the missionares who are far away and we never get to see!  We trained on asking direct questions when we extend invitations.  We figured if we are training everybody on this, we better become masters ourselves. So we've been trying especially hard to apply this to everyone (in lessons, at the sites, with members, etc) and we have seen so many incredible miracles correlated to it!  People are doing so well!

The sites are starting to get busy again!  Everybody is coming for Spring Break... nothing like a blizzard for your vacation!  Last week we had the worst blizzard of the year.  We were serving down at the Peter whitmer Farm... which is usually 2 hours away.  We get there, and the snow is getting worse and worse and there is a scary flurry of wintery hell dancing around out the window... we are there for about an hour, and then we get a call that all the sites are closing right then because of the storm and that we are to get home ASAP.  So we being the trek home... the normal two hour drive turned into over three, and we drove really slowly all the way back to Rochester.  Good news is that I am now professional at driving in extreme weather conditions.  Then we had lockdown for another two days.  party. 

Scripture of the week:  2 Nephi 4... yes, the whole chapter.

Love you all!!!
Hna Davis

1.  The Hendry's came to the sites!  They are one of my most favorite families from Buffalo!  We pulled up to the Jospeh Smith Farm a few days ago, and they pulled up at the same time, and so we got to take them on tour!  I love them so much and was so excited to see them!
2.  exchanges with Sister Anderson this week!

PS... MOM, thanks so much for your St. Patricks day package!!!!  I am not exxagerating when I say that you're the coolest/most loving mom in the world.  You're creativity skills are coveted.

Also!  Can all of you send me your favorite scripture in the Book of Mormon?  I have new projects I am  working on and need your favorite scrips!  Thanks!

Love me

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

week 56 Sunshine!

Today has been the greatest day in probably 4 months. It's been a striking 40 degrees and the sun has been shining!  We have zone conference on Thursday... aka we have to have a beautiful sparkling car, so we were outside cleaning/waxing it without coats on for a couple hours. I think I forgot how wonderful the sun feels. I'm in heaven. Really. Of course there is a huge storm coming tonight and we should be getting another foot of snow (so our car will look terrible again... sheesh, I hate salt), but that's okay! The few hours today outside made it all worth it!

This weekend was the best. Starting with Friday. We had MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) and Sister Day and I had a combined interview with President first.... btw, I love interviews. I think they're so great.  Anyways, as always, President Francis told us exactly what we needed to hear and talking with him was a huge tender mercy. He is so inspired and the most loving person I know. I'm so grateful to be surrounded by such amazing people.
Friday night we made the most beautiful CTR cake with some inactive members for the cake auction/spaghetti dinner with our ward... People paid big bucks for that beauty. (probably not because it was the best culinary design, but they just felt bad because the missionaries made it... but hey! whatever works!) But it was so great because some of our investigators went and it was a hit!  They were getting really into the bidding and made really good friends, and it was just a huge success.... sometimes at church or activities, or wherever we are, its kinda like we're babysitting... a teensy stressful occasionally... making sure they are happy, and making friends, and people are saying hi to them, and all that jazz. but this one was great! They didn’t even sit with us cause they were off with their new friends!  Just how it should be!

Then Saturday we went to the temple with our district! And the temple is always great. When we were at the temple we met this laurel class from Hurricane, UT.  They were all so sweet, and they raised all the money to come on this church history trip for their spring break.  We had fun talking to them outside the temple for a bit, and then after the temple we served at the Joseph Smith Farm.. and they all came for a tour! We had the most powerful, spiritual, and fun tour. Oh my gosh. The whole time I was thinking back to the day of my A.P. laurel class, and all of the great memories there... it really shaped me into who I am, and I probably owe coming on a mission to our laurel class... the girls and wonderful leaders.... and the best family ever... and friends... okay, I owe it to a lot of stuff. Moving on.  But I felt really inspired to give them all some time to share experiences and testify and they were all crying (I love getting ppl to cry.. maybe it has to do with the fact that I can’t cry. Whatever haha)  and overall, it was just an incredible experience. After the leader came up to us, just so grateful for everything we did. She said everything we did/said was spot on with what they needed to hear and this was definitely the highlight of their trip. So glad I got to share that with them!

 We had Stake Conference this weekend! Always good! There was a combined missionary/youth choir, and we all sang "We'll Bring the World His truth".  That was fun. Other than the fact that I swear I am the only person in all of Rochester who didn’t know the words to all three verses... we weren’t allowed to use music/words and I guess I didn’t practice as well as I should have.. aka didn’t practice at all... so I just kinda lipped the last two verses.  Hopefully nobody noticed! haha But it was great and the people we brought really enjoyed it!

Lots of miracles this week concerning prayer! When we ask in faith, with real intent, Heavenly Father answer us. Every time. Without fail. I almost feel like it's too easy.

Life is great! Love you all.  Thanks for being so wonderful and supportive!
Scrip: Joshua 24:15

Les quiero,
Hna Davis

Creepy siamese cats... my head is kinda of blocking them, but they just sit there so evil on the bed and I find it disgusting and hilarious all in one.  
 Ward Party with Dorothea and Sis. Sykes.  They're best friends now and I find it absolutely adorable.
Palmyra Temple with Sister Day!
Last photo opp with the Howell's
Exchanges with my favorite Asian... Sister Su.  Straight from Taiwan and the cutest person I've ever met. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

week 55

Such a good week! To be honest, I'm really struggling to remember what happened... but at least I think it was good?
Ummm, let's see. Lots of people we are working with are progressing and doing really well! We set a couple Baptism dates and lots of people are coming to church-either for the first time, or they're coming back and haven’t been in years!  Huge miracles! And I'm going to credit all of this to the snow! I'm sure I've said it before, but we get extra blessings going out in the snow. A lot of times going out in a blizzard to try and contact people feels like the worst thing on earth... I'm freezing in our apartment, so the thought of going outside makes me want to gouge out my eyes. But not going out isn't an option, so we go, and we make it fun, and God pours out miracles!!!  And a lot of times people feel bad for us, and so they are willing to let us in and listen! But really- I'm learning this lesson more and more everyday: as we are willing to do our part, God blesses and helps us so much.  He is always looking out for us, and as we make an effort to do what is right.  He blesses us in more ways that we can even notice.

More visitors are starting to come to the sites!! And this week is time change, which = more sunshine! and I just got the recipe to the best, most healthy cookies in the world. And for one of the first times ever, I don't really know what to write....
But life is great and I am happy and the work is going wonderfully!

CONGRATS to my little Harry getting accepted into BYU :)

Love you all!

Hna Davis

Us and the Howell's... we love the Howell's...  and all of the Senior couples.  We have so many sets of Grandparents out here that are always taking care of us! But they're all going home and it's making us so sad!!

The hideous dog I talked about last week

 Photoshoot with Elder and Sister Yearsly... they went home this week :(

We're taking the Book of Mormon Publication Site tours really serious... 
can't share a tour without my awesome 1830's apron

At the Book of Mormon Publication site