Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Week 53- You're looking at Rochester's Newest Pinewood Derby Champion!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right. This week was Pinewood Derby. And since my ward is the greatest in the world, they have it as a competion for everybody, not just the scouts.  So of course all the missionaries in the ward had to participate and it was the most intense competition.  Luckily for us, Sister Day's dad has a very intense passion for the derby... aka, he spent 10 hours fixing up his best cars and sent them to us to race.  The elders have been worried for a solid two weeks about us winning (they don't want to get owned by some girls who have never done one before).  But the rest of the ward was excited about the fact that we won EVERY SINGLE one of our races and we had an aweomse cheer team of nursery kids, and now we'll be getting frozen yogurt from our sore loser district.  i love derby.  (maybe just cause we took home the gold, whatever.)
Also, the bigest happening of the week is....... iPADS!!!!!!!!! They finally came. There has been talk of this and when we would get them since August or so, but they are here.  And if we treat them nice, we get to take them home with us after our mission! (well, we'll have to pay a small fee.. but definitely discounted). So it's all fun, and exciting, but not gonna lie... it stresses me out. We need wifi for most stuff and I love my paper and pencil, and we aren't allowed to use paper planners any more. What?? They told us we can burn them (sidenote... one of the perks to being sister trainer... I get to BURN THE AREA BOOKS. Real talk. We're going to have a bonfire.)  We're supposed to have ALL the material from our area books into the online cloud area book within a month... dude, these area books are fat. So all of the inputting, kinda tedious and frustrating... but this bonfire will be legit. But yeah, its all good, and even just within the week of using it so far, I'm getting a lot more used to it.  There are 30 of us missions piloting the ipads (theres 405 total missions, I believe).  It's just really neat to see how the Lord is hastening His work... And technology and social media is one of the ways He is doing it!  He has a lot of trust in His missionaries.
Okay, Saturday, Sister Day and I were serving at the Hill Cumorah, and we had the MOST AMAZING TOUR EVER.  I'm not exaggerating. It was so good. This minivan of young adults came from Queens University (its in Canada) for the day to go to the temple and see the sites.  They came in and I don't even know why it was so good- it just was. Everyone was bearing their testimonies right and left, and spirit was so strong. They were all crying, and we laughed a lot, and three of them just joined the church, and it was all really good. We felt inspired to give each of thema Book of Mormon to give out, and one of the messaged us on sunday saying that she already gave hers! They went out to dinner on their way back to Canada that night, and the girl felt really inspired to give her copy to a guy she met at the restaurant. We felt like proud soccer moms. I love serving at the sites and getting to meet such wonderful people!  The spirit is so strong in these sacred places.  And what I've really learned, is the experience people get from them, is what they put into it. The ones who just care about the history, or how fast they can get through it so they can go eat lunch, don't have nearly as good of an experience.  same goes with everything in life.
Happy Valentines to all of you wonderful people I love!! Have a wonderful week!!
Love Hermana Davis
1 & 2.  another blizzard.  we were on lockdown again.  But we decided to play for a second
3.  Sister Day and I celebrating our year mark
4. ??
5. We went to a science museum today...they had a special math exhibit right now. Obviously I was stoked.
6. Derby. Us and Caroline...possibly the cutest girl I have met in my entire life. (Except for Payten and Livi of course).

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