Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Week 52- Avenue D

Hola familia!!!
So many awesome things and miracles took place this week! (including a heat wave... we hit thirty degrees.. woooo!)   Starting with Avenue D....
So Ave D.:  On Friday we wake up to a text from church headquarters... REFERRAL!!  Headquarter referrals are wonderful because it's somebody who went online to mormon.org and requested missionarys to come visit them.  Good start.  So its the 31st, and we havent finished our home/visitng teaching (yes we are home teachers even though we aren't men haha) so we have a lengthy list and not a ton of time... (oh ps, we had district mtg that day with a GENERAL AUTHORITY... no pressure.  We love giving trainings to President Francis and the general authority visiting our mission... haha joke. But it was really good, but still scary).  Anyways, of course we procrastinated and have a ton of ppl to home teach and we had to get it done that day cause it was the last day of the month... so we're out and we decide to break from the list to go visit the referral!  So we look at the address... "Ave D" sounds familiar, probably just cause we've passed it in our area before... SO we go, its dark and kinda late and we are starving cause we didnt eat lunch, but we decide to go anyways... we get there (its a bit sketchy, but we feel fine... but Dad and Mom and Sam and ppl who really love me can skip the rest of this paragraph...)  The HQ referral isn't there, but we decide to help people shovel their snow and talk to the people on the street... and we meet the nicest man who wants to learn with his family and it was just a HUGE miracle... he was leaving, and the timing of everything was perfect and just everything in general was perfect... even the scary ppl we talked to, we didn't feel scared!  So we leave, and we're super stoked.. just met the greatest family ever, and we're driving back home, and we realize, we weren't in our area... dang it.  They sent the refferal to the wrong missionaries, and this is the elder's area... aka they don't like sisters here cause it's not safe... So we call the elders sad/happy cause we are giving them the most awesome family ever to teach, and they ask where he lives... "Ave D"... silence... you were on Ave D?  Turns out it sounded familiar cause it's the most dangerous street in Rochester haha.... then Sturday morning we found out about two shootings and kidnappings that took place there like 20 mintues after we left.  Moral of the srtoy... I'm safe, (got my tazer, and pepper spray and karate moves) and God is always protecting us!  The elders know it's sketchy, so they wouldnt have gone around talking to the people there, and I know that all of this was no coincedence!   And Heavenly Father is always looking out for us... we didn't feel unsafe at all and the spirit was definitely guiding us! 
Another miracle... so Saturday morning we had a mission conference from Elder Perkins from the 70 (the GA at our district mtg the day before). It was such a good meeting, and the Spirit was so strong, and we talked all about having faith.  Sister Day and I get in the car afterwards, and start discussing and talking about our faith and decide to see a huge miracle in the next couple hours.  "Ask and ye shall receive", yes?  So we were going to lunch after the mtg and were driving to Palmyra, so we stop at this Thai place in Egypt and it didn't open until noon... and it's like 11:56.  (Sidenote... New York isnt very original at thinking of names for their cities... we have "egypt" "sweden," greece" "chili" (prounouced Cheye-leye  (like eyeballs.. make sense?))  "bath" "liverpool"  okay you get the point)   So we are in Egypt, about 45 minutes from Irondequoit, and we decide in these 4 mintues to go talk to the people in the tailor shop next to the restaurant.  We go in, and have no idea what to say... I could talk about "SEW FUN"... awful experiences in sewing class when I was 10... I'm a little nervous, but all was great!  We just started talking and it wasnt awkward at all, and they are interested in learning more (it's a dad and his son working there, but they want their whole family to learn!), but they get really upset because they actually dont live in Egypt... they live in.... IRONDEQUOIT!!!!!  whatttt?  I almost peed my pants, I was so excited.   Turns out they live about 3 minutes from the church and on the very border of our area (thank goodness.. we keep finding awesome people for the elders to teach). HUGE MIRACLE! We went by on Sunday to teach, and they are all stoked and it's this sweet little family from Turkey.  We are so excited for them, and I am just so grateful for all of the prepared people who want to grow closer to Christ!  When we have faith, we see so many miracles!
Other happenings... They are filming part of the new Spiderman movie in downtown Register (aka Rochester... but ppl pronounce it "register").  Its our goal to make the movie... spiderman saving two hermana missionaries? sounds good to me.   
We went to the temple on Saturday!  We got to go with the little branch from the Southern Teir that Sister Day just came from... 4 people went through for their first time and it was so special!  I love the temple! 
Scripture: Omni 1:26
Life is wonderful and we are happy and well!
Love you tons!!!!
Oh, ps mom, thanks so much for the Valentines decor.  We have the thing on our apt door and our neighbors love it and give us lots of compliments!  Lots of looooooveeee coming form Apt #1.
1.  temple!
2.  hair dryer... best invention ever. We sleep with them next to our beds and warm up our blankies and sheets every night.

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