Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 50!!

Wonderful week!  Sister Day and I are lovng Irondequoit and each other and life is just lovely!  We gave our first training together this morning and now we're up and traveling all over the mission again for other ones!  Party.  Sister Day is just wonderful!  She is from AZ and has been on her mission about a year as well!  And she is so great becasue she is English speaking, but is just going to town with all of our Spanish stuff!  Her first day here was our first day of teaching our English class... we prayed A LOT.  But it went so well and our students are so cute and bring thier little notebooks and study guides and do their homework and I just love them so much!
Miracle:  So we started teaching this man Rafael... he is the father of some inactives in the ward... we felt really strongly one day that we needed to go visit their family, and we go and we meet Rafael, visiting from Puerto Rico!  We've been teaching him and he's come to church and he wants to get Baptized!  He wanted to here in NY with us, but it didn't work out with scheduling stuff, so he will when he gets back to P.R.... we're a little concerned about his address he gave us to send missionaries there... the entire thing is like "Barrida Calle... 5 houses down from the big yellow house, the apartment in the back."  they dont use numbers.  pray that the missionaries can find him there!
DICK AND IRMA HALSTEAD GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!   Oh my gosh.  Most wonderful day ever.  I love them so so much and it was just incredible.  Everything worked out perfectly and their family from Virginia got to come and his son was able to Baptize him, and they bore such strong testimonies and there wasn't a dry eye in the building (inlcuding myself... :) haha  )  so many people came to support them and they were just glowing and I couldn't be happier for them!  So wonderful!  
Yesterday Sister Day and I went on an adventure.... it's been on my bucket list to walk across a frozen lake... yesterday was the day.  I walked on the frozen Lake Ontario... who knew a lake that big can freeze over.  sketchyyyy.  But then it got real scary and so, so cold and we left... that was a pretty anitclimatic story.. nonetheless, I walked on my frozen lake. 

Nicole.. thanks for the notebook!  I love it!  about 5 seconds before I opened it, I was telling Sister day how I needed to buy a new little one like that b/c my other one was full... and then I opened yours!  Thanks!!!!!!   always reading my mind!
Sam... Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!   hope it was the most wonderful day ever!!!
Harrison... don't die in Acadeck... sounds like you're going to go crazy.  Good luck with everything!
everyone else... love you!  thaks for all the love and support!
All is well here!  We're going hard and loving life.  
Love, Hna Davis! 
1.  farewell dinner for elder Bringhurst... rochester is known for "garbage plates"... basically it's a bunch of crap all put together that is really good and fattening. 
2.  last walk along the Erie canal with Hna Boseman
3.  Dick and Irma's Baptism!
4.  Sister Day!! 
5.  our adventure on the frozen lake.  7 degrees... -30 with wind chill.  wooooohoooo

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