Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 49 Just a Quickie....

So tomorrow is still my P-day, but it is transfer meeting... so once again no p-day... theme of my mission haha... So here's my quick rambles for the week...

First things first:  TRANSFERS!  I didn't even mention it because Hna Boseman and I had complete faith and confidence that we would stay together... jokes on us.  Last night we get a phone call at 10:41 pm (we're supposed to be in bed by 10:30) from President Francis... As soon as we saw his name, we both knew Hna B. was leaving... so my first thought--chuck the phone so it breaks and we therefore cannot receive the news... second thought.. pretend we are asleep and put it off till tomorrow (especially because at MLC-Missionary Leadership Council- we just got a lecture on being in bed/not using our phones past 10:30) next thought-be a mature missionary and answer the phone.  So I answer, do all the random small talk... 'hi president-how's it goin'?  "Oh, Hna Davis, I'm happy..." (he is always happy... even at 10:41 on transfer night when he is tearing me apart from my twin)  blah blah blah... more talk... "is your companion there?"  me: "Nope! She's asleep!  Can't talk!  Bye!!!!!" Then I realized maybe I should let them talk so I apologized for lying and handed her the phone.... and dun dun dun dunnnn:  She is the new site trainer and is headed for Palmyra! So happy for her cause she will be amazing... but we have been praying to stay together for over a month now (if it was the Lord's will... looks like it's not His will haha... dang it!)  But Sister Day is coming to Irondequoit with me and we'll be the sister trainers here!  I'm stoked, even if I'm losing my hermana.  

I don’t really have time for more... so next week I'll tell you about the wonderful things going on here!  But I love you all tons!  

 Hna Davis

 PS... if you could submit me cool magic tricks that would be really appreciated.... magic= best dinner thoughts everrrrrrr. 


Last site Meeting with the Searle's!!!  AHHHHH.  I am going to miss them so so much.  (they are the current site directors... mission president of the sites sorta thing.  The Stewart's will be here in a couple days to replace them!)  So I forgot to actually get a pics with the Searle's... but I will in the next few days... anyways... the STROUD'S came back for it.  The Stroud's were a senior couple who served here from North Carolina and I just adore them, and they left when I was in Buffalo and I never got to tell them goodbye... SO fun being with them for the farewell party!  (I'm awkwardly squatting because she was sad cause she is always the shortie...)

Final photo shoot with Hna B (yes we are matching in hideous shirts... when people give us ugly things, we just embrace it...  I'm planning on burning them tonight)


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