Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 51- Greatest Talk in the History of the World

That's right, I prepared possibly the greatest talk EVER.  Not to brag, but really it was great.  I've never been this excited to speak in church.  It was full of Star Wars references, and calling the ward to repentence, and even a little rap at the end if I had extra time (don't worry, I wasnt really going to do it... but the rap was good too....)  So I am all ready to give it, and then Sunday morning, the alarm goes off, andddddd.  by far the worst migraine I've ever had in my life.  oh boy.  bad news, bears.  everything was black (when my eyes were open) and I couldn't stand for more than a second, and lots of other unfortuante things... so Sister Day forced me back into bed and we didn't even get to go to church.  It was a sad day.  I'm hoping to give the talk next Sunday, but there are already other speakers planned... so maybe I'll just videotape it and send it to you all.  Just kidding. But really, I was sad.  But headache is mostly gone now and life is good!
So this week there was lots of funny things... A)  Family History Ward Party (kinda sounds like an oxymoron if you ask me...) Actually I take that back... when I get home I am totally going to do family history... it may be when I'm significantly older, but it really does sound fun.  Anyways, there was this activity, and none of this is going to make sense or be funny to you, but oh my--it was possibly the funniest night of our life.  We were cracking up the entire time.  It was complete with ostriches, hummus, this older sister in the ward that I sat by who is the funniest/strangest person I've ever met, and looots of knowledge.  I feel so prepared to take on my family tree.  This probably made no sense and sounded really stupid... moral of the story, is we had a lot of fun and missions are the best.
B)  Eastman School of Music Concert.... so they've been anouncing it at church for over a month now and it sounds like it's going to be this awesome event... so of course we invite all of the investigators to it... one came... our little (actually he's huge) friend from the hood.  I don't remember if I've told you about him.... mini story-ignore this if I've already said this: So Hna Boseman and I pop our tire a few weeks ago.. oops... while getting it fixed we meet about 10 guys from PepBoys and we're having awesome Restoration lessons in the car garage in a blizzard.  Good times.  Well, this one man (late 20's maybe?) seems particulary interested, so we get really excited to share more with him/find out his phone number and stuff so we can meet again... but then he leaves on this emergency errand and we didn't get to see him again... so we go in Pepboys like three more times that week trying to find him, but he's never there, and it was getting kinda creepy, so we decided to take a break for a little bit... and then I kinda forgot about him... fast forward a week or so--Sister Day and I are at Rite Aid buying Birthday cake mix for our neighbor and who is there?  our Pepboys friend!!!!  (we literally ran into eachother... I was on a mission to find candles.. he was on a mission to find beer haha)   anyways, huge miracle and we started teaching him and yeah... SOOO  we invite him to this awesome concert, and he agrees (kinda shocking, but cool) and we meet him there, and the member bailed so it's just us three.. we walk in, and there isn't a single person in the room under the age of 70.  no joke.  (okay, actually there were other missionareis there... but they brought their "elderly friends"  Sister Day and I apparently missed the 65+ memo).  He asks where 50 cent is... uh-oh... concert starts... they are really good... but even I (who has secret dreams of playing the cello in an orchestra) am pretty bored... we look over at Pepboy bud... oh man, i've never felt so bad for anybody in my life... I legitimately thought he was going to cut off his ears.  Sister Day asks him how he's doing, and I don't remember his response... but it gave us a good laugh... she told him he could go if he wanted (oh ps, this is an hour into it... it was the longest concert of my life).  Within seconds he flew off the pew and sprinted out the door saying "God bless" to the whole chapel... oh man, so funny.  poor guy.  We learned a valuable lesson... find out where we are inviting these people to before hand.  Really funny night. And he still wants to learn, even after that!  woohoo!
So Site Mtg this week was just incredible... well, it always is, but this week was the best.  So one of the sisters here, Sister Szuch, her mom passed away on Tuesday.  She is incredible, and such a wonderful friend and missionary, and my heart just broke for her and her family.  Please keep them in your prayers!  So we had a really special site meeting on Wednesday night and the spirit was so strong, and we were all so overwhelmed with gratitude for the gospel and the plan of slavation.  I played a special musical number "Because I Have been given much" on the piano and the whole evening was just really special.  I am so grateful for such a wonderful family and that we can be together forever. 
Also at Site Meeting, we all met the Stewart's!  They are the new site directors... and guess what?  He was Mission President in the Vancouver Canada mission... I couldn't remember when G&G served there, but we were talking after, and he goes... "Bob and Donna Davis!  We served with them... Bob was the aviator who loved ice cream and his wife"  haha sounds about right!  airplanes, ice cream, and grandpa's strong love!  The Stewart's are really sweet, and it will be fun getting to know them better!
I love you all!  Have a wonderful week! 
Scrip: Moses 1 (the whole ch is so good)
Hna Addi
pic:  exchanges with my favorite Guatemalan/person, Hna. Astorga :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 50!!

Wonderful week!  Sister Day and I are lovng Irondequoit and each other and life is just lovely!  We gave our first training together this morning and now we're up and traveling all over the mission again for other ones!  Party.  Sister Day is just wonderful!  She is from AZ and has been on her mission about a year as well!  And she is so great becasue she is English speaking, but is just going to town with all of our Spanish stuff!  Her first day here was our first day of teaching our English class... we prayed A LOT.  But it went so well and our students are so cute and bring thier little notebooks and study guides and do their homework and I just love them so much!
Miracle:  So we started teaching this man Rafael... he is the father of some inactives in the ward... we felt really strongly one day that we needed to go visit their family, and we go and we meet Rafael, visiting from Puerto Rico!  We've been teaching him and he's come to church and he wants to get Baptized!  He wanted to here in NY with us, but it didn't work out with scheduling stuff, so he will when he gets back to P.R.... we're a little concerned about his address he gave us to send missionaries there... the entire thing is like "Barrida Calle... 5 houses down from the big yellow house, the apartment in the back."  they dont use numbers.  pray that the missionaries can find him there!
DICK AND IRMA HALSTEAD GOT BAPTIZED ON SATURDAY!!!!!   Oh my gosh.  Most wonderful day ever.  I love them so so much and it was just incredible.  Everything worked out perfectly and their family from Virginia got to come and his son was able to Baptize him, and they bore such strong testimonies and there wasn't a dry eye in the building (inlcuding myself... :) haha  )  so many people came to support them and they were just glowing and I couldn't be happier for them!  So wonderful!  
Yesterday Sister Day and I went on an adventure.... it's been on my bucket list to walk across a frozen lake... yesterday was the day.  I walked on the frozen Lake Ontario... who knew a lake that big can freeze over.  sketchyyyy.  But then it got real scary and so, so cold and we left... that was a pretty anitclimatic story.. nonetheless, I walked on my frozen lake. 

Nicole.. thanks for the notebook!  I love it!  about 5 seconds before I opened it, I was telling Sister day how I needed to buy a new little one like that b/c my other one was full... and then I opened yours!  Thanks!!!!!!   always reading my mind!
Sam... Happy BIRTHDAY!!!!   hope it was the most wonderful day ever!!!
Harrison... don't die in Acadeck... sounds like you're going to go crazy.  Good luck with everything!
everyone else... love you!  thaks for all the love and support!
All is well here!  We're going hard and loving life.  
Love, Hna Davis! 
1.  farewell dinner for elder Bringhurst... rochester is known for "garbage plates"... basically it's a bunch of crap all put together that is really good and fattening. 
2.  last walk along the Erie canal with Hna Boseman
3.  Dick and Irma's Baptism!
4.  Sister Day!! 
5.  our adventure on the frozen lake.  7 degrees... -30 with wind chill.  wooooohoooo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 49 Just a Quickie....

So tomorrow is still my P-day, but it is transfer meeting... so once again no p-day... theme of my mission haha... So here's my quick rambles for the week...

First things first:  TRANSFERS!  I didn't even mention it because Hna Boseman and I had complete faith and confidence that we would stay together... jokes on us.  Last night we get a phone call at 10:41 pm (we're supposed to be in bed by 10:30) from President Francis... As soon as we saw his name, we both knew Hna B. was leaving... so my first thought--chuck the phone so it breaks and we therefore cannot receive the news... second thought.. pretend we are asleep and put it off till tomorrow (especially because at MLC-Missionary Leadership Council- we just got a lecture on being in bed/not using our phones past 10:30) next thought-be a mature missionary and answer the phone.  So I answer, do all the random small talk... 'hi president-how's it goin'?  "Oh, Hna Davis, I'm happy..." (he is always happy... even at 10:41 on transfer night when he is tearing me apart from my twin)  blah blah blah... more talk... "is your companion there?"  me: "Nope! She's asleep!  Can't talk!  Bye!!!!!" Then I realized maybe I should let them talk so I apologized for lying and handed her the phone.... and dun dun dun dunnnn:  She is the new site trainer and is headed for Palmyra! So happy for her cause she will be amazing... but we have been praying to stay together for over a month now (if it was the Lord's will... looks like it's not His will haha... dang it!)  But Sister Day is coming to Irondequoit with me and we'll be the sister trainers here!  I'm stoked, even if I'm losing my hermana.  

I don’t really have time for more... so next week I'll tell you about the wonderful things going on here!  But I love you all tons!  

 Hna Davis

 PS... if you could submit me cool magic tricks that would be really appreciated.... magic= best dinner thoughts everrrrrrr. 


Last site Meeting with the Searle's!!!  AHHHHH.  I am going to miss them so so much.  (they are the current site directors... mission president of the sites sorta thing.  The Stewart's will be here in a couple days to replace them!)  So I forgot to actually get a pics with the Searle's... but I will in the next few days... anyways... the STROUD'S came back for it.  The Stroud's were a senior couple who served here from North Carolina and I just adore them, and they left when I was in Buffalo and I never got to tell them goodbye... SO fun being with them for the farewell party!  (I'm awkwardly squatting because she was sad cause she is always the shortie...)

Final photo shoot with Hna B (yes we are matching in hideous shirts... when people give us ugly things, we just embrace it...  I'm planning on burning them tonight)


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 48 State-Wide Emergency

No worries; I am alive.  But just barely.  New York is so so so so cold.  Yesterday was a "State-Wide Emergency" because of the cold... all the schools are closed, airports, etc.  We still don't have the absolute coldest temp, but at one point we heard -23 plus the wind chill...  As our apartment maintence man said, "This is the coldest winter I've seen in 58 years of living here in Rochester."  (and about 30 other people backed him up in that statement).  President Francis "commanded" us to stay inside our apartments all day so all of the missionaries were on house arrest; Monday night we went and did our "emergency shopping" and filled up with gas and everything, and then yesterday we stayed inside all day!  Which was a burning temperature of 42 degrees!  Yep, the thermostat broke and couldn't handle the wind.  And we are the end apartment, and so there is a hole/fan in the wall over our stove where air comes in all the time.  We got real crafty and covered it in Aluminum Foil and tape, so the wind couldn't enter the house, but didn;t help with the cold--there is a reason we don't insulate our houses with tin foil.  So it made for quite the adventure!  Last night we pushed our beds together and slept under an electric blanket that our neighbor Dorothea gave us and I slept in 3 pairs of sweats and two long sleeve shirts and a sweatshirt and I have no idea how many blankets.  We were so claustrophobic that we couldnt sleep... midnight cereal snack?  oh yes.   I would live in New York for the coldest winter in 60+ years. 


But despite my disagreements with cold weather/snow, HEAVENLY FATHER WORKS MIRACLES IN FREEZING TEMPERATURES!!!!!!!  Oh my gosh, so many wonderful things happening this week; I don't even know where to begin...  On Thursday we had an area day (so we stay in Irondequoit all day and don't serve at the sites in Palmyra... we have a couple a week) and the miracles just soaked in.  When it rains, it pours... or in our case, when it snows, there is a blizzard.  Blizzard of miracles.  It was freezing that day, of course, and it had been snowing non-stop for over 48 hours... So we got our shovels and went out to find new investigators/ offer service by shoveling driveways.   Most people thought we were crazy and told us to get out of the cold (or they felt guilty so they'd invite us inside) but we found 6 new SOLID investigators.  2 of them speak Spanish!!!!   And the other ones are cute little families who are so prepared and just thirsting for the true Gospel. 

One family was a referral from a member of the ward... it was kinda sketchy and didn't seem very promising, but of course we went to try.   We had been talking  to the ward member, telling him how we are praying for a Spanish family  to teach, and he tells us that his neighbors speak Spanish and that we should go meet them!  Huge answer to our prayers!  We show up in the pitch dark (cause yes, it is black outside by like 4:00) and its snowing super hard and the dad is so confused as to why we would be out in this.  We are all excited to talk in Spanish, and he opens his mouth-- perfect English.  Turns out he doesn't even speak Spanish a little.  He is Puerto Rican and the mom is Mexican, but both speak English (we learned the importance of SPECIFIC prayers... we were praying for a "spanish family"... not a "Spanish-speaking family".  oops.  our bad.)  Despite the language confusion, they were so excited we were there!  They have been wanting to find a church and they were talking right as we knocked about their New Year Goal to read from the Bible every night as a family at 7:00 and they are just so ready to hear some truth!  We have had a few lessons with them since, and they are so incredible!  It's a huge miracle-- Heavenly Father knows I am a huge pansy and hate going out in the cold, and so He is blessing us so much for our efforts and diligence! Maybe I'll learn to like the snow!  Probs not.  But I am becoming a good blizzard driver! 

Love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week and enjoy that CA sunshine! 
Love, Hna Davis

Lets remember them like the Nephites did so that we can prosper:)
Alma 62: 50-51
"Yea, they did remember how great things the Lord had done for them, that he had delivered them from death, and from bonds, and from prisons, and from all manner of afflictions, and he had delivered them out of the hands of their enemies.
And they did pray unto the Lord their God continually, insomuch that the Lord did bless them, according to his word, so that they did wax strong and prosper in the land."

miracle day of shoveling!!!
 We had a little snow day with Sister Poulsen at the Hill Cumorah. So much fun. 
Today is so warm that all the snow is melting!  We had to celebrate by jogging around the parking lot and taking a picture!!! (We are serving at the Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette, NY today)
 We got to go to the Temple this week!!!