Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Week 47 Happy New Years!!

Happy New Years! I bet our plans beat all of yours tonight! We will be celebrating with our 80 year old investigators!   Nothing says New Years Eve from your 21 year old daughter more than a lesson on the temple, an invitation to church, Scrabble, crackers and cheese, home at 9 pm, and asleep by 10:30! PARTY!!! If we're feeling too crazy we may set our alarms for 11:59 and bang a pot or pan, but sleep trumps must things, so that's pretty iffy! haha.


Good week! Everything is kind of getting back into the swing of things after Christmas (well... we are trying to get into the swing of things... the rest of the world is still partying, and for some silly reason people don’t want to meet with missionaries on their vacation. Their loss. ) But everything is good and we've had so many miracles! So we have this awesome girl we are teaching right now!  Sister Boseman and her last comp ran in the Thanksgiving turkey trot race right before transfers and met her! She starts talking to them and says "hey my best friend is Mormon!" Turns out she's besties with our bishop's daughter (who is at BYU).  So the daughter came home for Christmas and we are just best friends with Bishop Boyer and his family and we had the best lesson ever with the friend and them in their home! So so good.  They have been preparing her for years... she's come to all the historic sites, and pageant, and girls camp, and church, and la la la... and now she is ready to learn with the missionaries!!! woohoo!  It was so great and I'm excited to see her progress more!!


So the sites have been really busy because a lot of people were home for the Holidays or just visiting, or whatever the case. It was so much fun giving them all tours and having lessons with the people who come to the sites!  And amongst all the visitors I got to take my two favorite groups! (yes, I categorize the people who come in.. --e.g. "Recent converts super stoked to be there", "investigators", "members who have wanted to see these sacred places their whole lives and are really excited", "members who think they know everything and don't want to talk to us" "honey-mooners", and  "awkward dates" to name a few....)  Well I got both an award date and a honeymooner a couple days ago at Hill Cumorah!  Awkward dates are always good... now they don’t tell you they are on a date, but its pretty obvious.. and I am pretty good at telling what date it is--I think this couple was on their second. They sit about a foot apart from each other and they kinda awkwardly flirt and I just find it the funniest thing in the world. It takes a lot for me not to laugh.  (I really shouldn’t cause I'll probably be an awkward RM when I get home, but whatever.. people can laugh at me). And honeymooners are always great as well...  Cause who doesn’t want to spend their romantic get-away with missionaries swarming them and little kids everywhere? oh man, its too good... and I'll stop right here because I am working on the Christ-like attribute of charity this month... and I don’t really remember why I'm telling you all this anyways haha


Sunday School/Gospel Principles class was pretty funny on Sunday... so I told you we go to the Spanish one, yes?  Well there are only a few of us in there... 2 members and Hna Boseman and I... well a less active came this Sunday and right now since the year is almost over we are at the end of the book... aka when it talks about all the deep stuff that just confuses the visitors and cause fights among the members... well it goes up 5 notches when it's in Spanish.  Usually we follow along and can contribute and it all works out... but this week we were discussing the book of Revelations.. and I don’t even understand it in English.  So the visitor starts going off sharing completely false doctrine and the poop members are so confused, and poor Sister Boseman and I are so confused because I swear they aren’t even speaking in Spanish at this point, and finally I just decide to bear my testimony and ask what we can do to prepare to go to the temple... everyone just stares at me like "what the heck?" but they answered and we got semi-back onto track and it worked out.  But it was really, really funny and I am so excited for a new year to be starting the book over again... back to topics like faith. and topics that I have in my baby vocabulary haha


Love you all! Good luck Grandpa and Grandma in the MTC!!! You'll be the most wonderful missionaries ever! And Have fun at Breennies wedding!!!!!  Love


Hna Davis

Scripture of the week: Helaman 12:1.. rang true in so many ways this week

Picture... yes, that is my Sunday meal... eating really healthy now that the holidays are over with my sodium filled sopa! and nothing is more classy than ramen from a tupperware container.. sometimes bowls just don’t cut it.  And then the hot soup burnt through the plastic and leaked all over me. yum. 


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