Saturday, December 28, 2013

Week 46: Merry Christmas!

Christmas was THE BEST!  oh my goodness; everyone made us feel so loved and welcome here and my mission Christmas could nt have been better!  And talking to you was a huge highlite!  Love you all so much!  And even though "'m not homesick" I still miss you haha... I don't know how I scored with the best family/friends in the entire world.  So thank you, EVERYONE! 
There have been a million thigns that have happened, but a picture's worth a thousand words, yes?  and there are just so many pictures, so that is pretty much my email this week!
Highlites from the past couple weeks:
-Last night we got a flat tire.. that was fun.. pitch black outside and 4 sister missionaries trying to put on the spare in the freezing snow.  That's a funny picture for you all!  Luckily we met this nice man who helped us... all of us thought we knew how, but we weren't smart enough.  Dang it.  HOWEVER; guess what saved the day?  My tazer with the flashlite attached.  score.
-Had an amazing Spanish tour at the Joseph SMtih Farm!  A non-member family came from chile and it was SO good!  They want to have missionaries come visit them in Santiago!  so so good.
-Christmas!  So Christmas Eve the entire mission got together and had a huge party--complete with talent show, white elephant gift exchange, yummy dinner, lots of games, and just seeing all the missionaries!  So much fun!  Then that night we went to our Bishop's house for sushi and ugly sweater festivities.  So much fun with all of them as well!  Christmas day we got up at 5:25 am to drive to Webster for Christmas morning with the Finn's and the elders in the ward!  They have 5 boys under the age of 6! There's a crazy morning for us, but it was so much fun being with there family and playing with all of their new toys!  We had a big breafast, and played a bunch of games and then we had permission to watch a Disney movie... Monsters University.  oh yes.  then we came home, opened our presents, got ready and went to lunch at the anderson's and then skyped!  Obviously that was great!  Then Christmas dinner at the Heutmaker's and lots more games and gingerbread houses and Mexican Fiesta and one very tight skirt.  oh boy-everyone feeds us so much and we thought we were going to explode.  yikes.  but it was such a wonderful day and all of our investigators and ward members made us feel so loved!  We got so many thoughtful gifts and cards from them, and also from all of you at home.  Thanks so much!  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of you!
-Hna Boseman's Birthday!  also Jopesh Smith's b-day and PRes. Francis... = huge celebration!  we got to serve at the Joseph SMith Farm on Jo's birthday and walk in thegrove and have a birthday party that night and it was just the best!
Life is jsut wonderful and I am so happy!  Here are 7,000 pictures! 
Hermana Davis
1.  Celebrating after our training finished last week!  1st time Hna Boseman and I gave it together!
2.  Christmas eve Party with Sister Jeanfreau! 
3.  Sister Roberts and I

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