Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Week 45

Oh my goodness, such a wonderful week- but so dang busy!  We felt like a pair of chickens running around with our heads chopped off!  But everything was totally worth it, and as always we got extra blessings because of our hard work! 

We had super good MLC (missionary leadership conference) with President Hemmingway and Gonzales (Hemmingway used to be president of the NYRM)  and it was so so good. And now we have had specialized training this week on the material and lessons they taught us. So good! So Sister Boseman and I did training on working with the members. Really fun. We've been out in Batavia all day giving trainings, and we'll do more throughout the week in other zones.  pshh, who needs p-day's anyways? Hopefully we can get back to Rochester and at least buy milk before our appointments tonight!

Last Thursday we had "Feliz Navidad"!  Party with all of the Hispanics in the stake!  Lots of fun and we met this really neat family from Puerto Rico!  And ate really good Latin food.  (side note... NY doesn’t know what Mexican food is... I mean yeah, we aren’t very close to Mexico, but there is absolutely NO Mexican food here.  sad.) 

Then Friday night we had our ward Christmas party!  Lots of fun, and a HUGE miracle because our awesome investigators came!  They are this sweet old couple that up to this point, the missionaries here have mostly been doing service for and didn’t really know how bold they could be with them... but now they are prepared!  And we had an amazing restoration lesson with them and they feel like they finally received answers to the questions they’ve been asking in their Presbyterian church for the past 60 years!  They got a very warm welcome from the ward at the party and some awesome ward members became their friends and invited them to the "Rochester Mormon Tabernacle Choir" Christmas concert on Sunday night.  (side note... the choir calls themselves that... haha..  I think its funny...) So the members picked them up for the concert and they had a rockin time and now they're planning all these activities together and the investigator's are really progressing! And speaking of them... we helped them assemble/decorate their tree this week.  We are becoming profesh.  everyone wants our decorating skills haha.

Speaking of Christmas trees... another miracle.  feel free to laugh because our whole district did.  So we wanted a Christmas tree (a big enough one to put our presents under... I really do love the one you sent though mom... it sits all cute on our kitchen table!)  So as missionaries, what do we decide to do to get our tree?  PRAY of course!  Pray that we'd somehow get a tree.  So we pray and two days later, who knocks on our door?  Sweet Dorothea, our neighbor. We’ve become good friends with her and we do fun things for each other (we give her the random pies people give us, she gives us oranges, and we started teaching her!  Anyways, she knocks on the door and tells us she has a big tree that she doesn’t put up because its too heavy for her and asks if we want it.  Prayer answered!  We told our district and they all made fun of us "who prays for a Christmas tree?"  We do.  And guess who doesn’t have a Christmas tree. Them.  Yep.  Where’s their faith? haha just kidding.  But really.  We were super stoked for our tree!

Okay next miracle... Hna Boseman and I have wanted to study the enabling power of the Atonement more, but haven’t really known how to go about it... Well as I said, we reached a whole new level of busy these past couple weeks... between visiting lots of people in the hospital, and different trainings, and Christmas activities, and the historic sites, and service, and teaching our normal people we visit, and a lot of other random things, we just had no idea how we were going to fit everything in.  So we decided what better way to use the enabling power of the Atonement... Letting Christ help us with all of these things.  And of course, the Savior never fails us.  We've been able to go, go, go, and just keep going,.  Fitting everything in, and being able to make time and just everything has worked out.  I have such a strong testimony of the Atonement.

Last night was the Joseph Smith Farm FHE.... so fun.  We took tours and caroled to the homes and told Christmas stories inside and had 7000 cookies in the welcome center after and it was just so much fun!  Tons of members, investigators, less actives, and everyone came!  Everybody was freezing as we marched through a foot of snow in the 0 degree weather, but totally worth it!  So many fun Christmas activities!

Well I love you all so much!  I'll be talking to you next week!  Crazy!  I feel like mothers day was yesterday!  My p-day is Friday I think next week, so I’ll call you before Christmas to let you know the times and we can figure it out! 

Love you tons!
Hna D

Pics... good old fashioned pioneer games.  (at the FHE we played games in the barn...) Hna B and I taking on the stick game.  got pretty intense, and ended with us buried in the snow.
And our Christmas tree!  Its not fully decorated in the pic... but you get the idea.

more pics... thanks for the 12 days of Christmas!  Sis Bosemans family did it too, so we open our present’s everyday and have lots of fun.  And we LOVE this book..  We have story time and read one of the stories under the tree before we go to bed each night :)

Tours at the Joseph Smith farm! I love winter!!!!!!  Yes, we were in the process of making snow angels when a bunch of tours arrived.  oops.  Haha

And the other is me and Dorothea, our neighbor... she brought us these sweet little presents last night.  She’s so cute. 

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