Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 44: First week in the Hood!

Super fun week; can't believe it flew by so fast.  Leaving Buffalo was hard last week... we came up with all sorts of schemes to sneak off to Canada, or hide at Niagara, or whatever... and we had the MOST INCREDIBLE lesson with some of our investigaotrs the night before I left... I even got teary eyed when I thought about leaving them (for me that = huge). But hopefully I can go back for their baptism in a few weeks!  BUTTT, I love Irondequoit! Heavenly Father knows me so well (way better than I know myself). Since I had to leave Buffalo, Iropndequoit is exactly where I want to be! Everyone jokes this ward is the Celestial Kingdom... everybody is so great and I already feel so loved and welcomed! Irondequoit is a bit more sketchy than some of the other areas, but thats good because SPANISH! In my email today, Pres told me that there are 27000 Puerto ricans here that only speak spanish! Bring it onnnnn. Last week I told you we teach sundayschool in spanish-false alarm... we just attend the spanish class. HOWEVER, we are teaching a family who only speaks Spanish, and we are starting to teach English classes here! Next week is our first one! Wish us luck! So we still serve at the sites from out here... so we just drive in an hour to get to them... kinda hard taking two extra hours from the day to drive, but the Lord blesses us so much. We always over schedule ourselves, and the timing of everything is literally impossible, but yet it still works out without fail every time, as long as we are obedient and working our hardest. We look back and try to figure out how in the world we were able to do the stuff, and it makes no logical sense.  But it works. So many miralces. And I LOVE Sis Boseman. We came out together and we are on the same page for so many things... where we're at in our missions, goals, exercise buddies, etc We are going to have such a good time together!  She is from Kaysville UT, Davis Dart, Lake Powell lover, really good exercise partner, awesome missionary, makes me dinner... I feel like I'm posting info for a dating site or something right now... whatever. She's awesome. We are going to do work. 
But I am so excited to be back at the sites! It is quite a bit slower than it was in the summer... but we still get at least one tour a day and we get to spend more time doing chat when we are waiting. Chat is the mormon.org chat... Visitor Center sisters get to chat with people who go online and teach from there!  It's incredible! We didnt really have any time in the summer because there were so many visitors, but we've gotten to pick it back up again and we are now teaching 3 people online! And one is from Dominican Republic! Hopefully he can understand us... its one thing trying to teach in spanish when we are sitting in front of them becasue we can try to understand each other, but over the phone its a bit more tricky... so wish us luck!
Christmas! I was really worried about leaving right before Christmas, but this is going to be so much fun having the Holidays here! This week we have "Feliz Navidad"-the Christmas party for all of the spanish speakers in the stake, then Friday our ward party, and next Monday "Family Night at the Joseph Smith Farm" and a lot of other Christmas parties that I can't think of at the moment. We have awesome Christmas plans with our investigators/members of the ward, and it feels like I'm at home and with family! I love this season so much! 
Funny moments this week... I got punched in the face... little demon child at a dinner appointent is giving me high fives and then he does the whole "too high, too slow... blah blah blah thing... and then it turns into "IN your face!!!"  and he gave a big slap/punch thing pushing up my nose...  that definitely brought out the tears.  Also, we go running! woohoo. I've missed it!  (and we're starting out a gym!... so much for everybody gaining weight over the holidays.. we're going hardcore fitness.)  anywyas, I figured I was graceful enough to run in the snow.  haha jokes on me. I slipped and ate it and it was really funny. I get more and more clumsy by the day. 
Well all is well!  I love it here and I am really really happy! 
Sounds like you all had a good week!  Surprise trip to utah and all!  And momma, I'm so glad you're feeling better! Anything I can do?  Good luck getting everything ready in the next couple weeks!  Just got your pictures and the ornament! thanks!  And also, thanks for the christmas tree; I dont know if I ever thanked you before!  Love it!  You're the best!
Love, Hna Davis

462 Ridge Rd.  Apt 1
Rochester, NY 14621
1.  our cute investigator Barbara.  She has a bad back so we decoreated the tree for her! 
2.  HCVC Christmas time!!!
3.  we found footy PJs in our apt.  score.  Merry Christmas!

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