Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 43 I am a changed woman!

I walked outside this morning and said, "wow its really warm today."  It was 20 degrees.  I am truly becoming a Buffalonian.  And about time I made it... because.... TRANSFERS.  gahh.  I hate transfers.  Hate is a strong word.  They are great?  They actually really are... its just SO HARD leaving.  Breaks my heart every time.  And right before Christmas!!  What is this nonsense?!  But I am going to Irondequoit!  (If anything, I will be really familiar with Indian tribes by the time my mission is over.... I'm leaving Tonawanda/Cheektowaga and heading off to Irondequoit... good luck pronouncing all of those)  Anyways, I'll be serving with Sister Boseman as a Sister Trainer... Sister Trainer= basically a zone leader for chicks.  That will be fun!  I get to go on exchanges with all the sisters each week and party!!!  haha jk. Missionaries don’t party.  Yes they do.  Anyways.  Also I'll be teaching the Spanish Sunday School class.... Feel free to start laughing really hard right now.  Yes.  I, Addison am teaching the Spanish class.  haha  Thank goodness Hna TV is a wonderful teacher.... and I am a wonderful pupil?  hmm.  This will be interesting.  But an AMAZING opportunity, so that's good!  I will miss Buffalo and Tonawanda more than I can possibly begin to describe, but this will be good too... and I get to serve at the sites again!  I've really missed them!

So this week... hmmm. so many wonderful things-I don’t even know where to start.  Thanksgiving was really good.  To say we ate a lot of food would be a serious understatement.  But when people go out of their way to make it for you, you have to eat it.  And then Friday we went over to somebody's home for "leftovers."  It gets quotes because she made a legit Thanksgiving meal again... whole new turkey, pies, stuffing... the whole enchilada (bad word choice, because there weren't enchiladas...)  regardless... a whole other meal.  oh boy.  I think I'll be fasting for the next three weeks.

Also, we had a BLACKOUT!  So we get home one night and the apartment hall is pitch black... this was really frustrating because we tripped down the stairs and the phone was buried in a pocket or purse or something and we couldn't find the keys... and then we found the keys and then dropped them and they got lost and meanwhile we're just crawling on the floor with 7000 things in our arms searching for keys in the dark.. it was actually pretty funny.  Picture Velma looking for her glasses... yes from Scooby-Do... yes I just used a Scooby-Do analogy.  Anyways, crawling around in 800 layers isn't the easiest task.  Finally we find them and finally get into the house and we realize that it wasn’t just the apt. hall light out... it's everywhere.  And guess what saved us? yep-Dad's headlight.  (after I found it buried in a drawer, that is).  Wow, that thing has come in handy so many times with no power.  Thanks Dad!  But no power was fun... we didn’t have it for a long time... and no heat either.  which = a 15 second shower in the cold and sleeping with every pair of pajamas and warming up our hands on the stove.  I love winter.  Oh speaking of no power... so this meant that the next day we couldn't really get ready very easily.. no light, no washing our hair, you get the point... normally it wouldn't really matter... but of course (of all days) we were getting filmed the next morning for "The Work of Salvation!"  I'm going to be famous!  My greasy pony-tail and all!  They videoed us for a special Christmas "Work of Salvation" segment that will be coming out soon!  I'm actually praying mine doesn’t make the cut though... I was trying really hard not to be awkward with the camera, but of course I failed... we only got one chance and then I started laughing and then I tried to cover it up and then go into "I know the Savior redeemed for our...... sins??"  And it was just down hill from there.  They said they can edit out the bad parts.. but still.  I don't know that they can fix all that.  Nicole can just stay the famous one in the family, representing us in the Ensign... which by the way, I was thinking about... the prophet reads it... so he's totally going to be examining your picture.  You're so cool. haha

Anyways.  Lots of snow.  Lots of no power.  But its starting to melt and the power is back, and life is good.  Well, I thought it was a lot.  People take so much pleasure in scaring the girl from the coast of Spain and the girl from CA that "this is nothing!"  Since when is 10 inches in one night nothing????  goodness.

SO MANY MIRACLES this week!  Church yesterday- so many investigators came and that was so great, (especially cause that is our biggest struggle so far away from the church.... the buses literally don’t run all the way up here on Sundays, and the people don’t have cars, and the ppl who do have cars don’t want to spend money on gas, and members don’t live up there so its hard for them to pick them up.... but miracles happen and they made it yesterday!)  but the best of all is Marilyn!  Marilyn Winarske is the sweetest lady ever. (Yes I say that about everyone.  oh well)  She is an inactive member of the church who hasn’t been in years.  Well she went to Pageant this summer because her Jewish friend wanted to see it, and it sparked back her interest and desire to come to Christ!  We've been meeting with her ever since we got to T-town and trying to help her get back!  And she is!! She's getting her Patriarchal Blessing soon and getting back to the temple!  She is so wonderful and I am so grateful that I got to spend so much time with her!  I can't wait to go to the temple with her next month!  She just loved church and everything went PERFECT!  I guess if I have to leave, that was a really good way to end.  Even though I refuse to start packing.  I literally just stared at my suitcase for half hour this morning.  It's also embarrassing... I have so much stuff... We read in the white handbook this morning that I should have two suitcases... oops.  But hey.. when one coat alone takes up your entire suitcase, you're bound to have a lot.. right?  oh well.

Well, I'm out of time.  But I love you all so much!  Glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Scripture: Moses 6:33 "Choose ye this day, to serve the Lord God who made you."  so simple, yet we can often make it out to be much more difficult than it is.  when we know who we are, and who we are serving, everything else falls into place.  We just have to do it!


 Us and our tree!  And our intense winter gear.  I feel like the abominable snowman walking around.  I'm one huge marshmallow.  Whatever.  I actually stay warm when everything is covered.

OUR CAR. aka my baby.  oh man, I'm going to miss it!  It was without question the best car in the mission.  I guess it's preparing me to come back to Baby Blue.. aka yaris haha

Asian Party!  

 My headlight.  I just had to take a picture.  headlight= best friend.

It's kinda blurry, but I had to send it... We live by a forest; its real cute and we have a little family of deer (deers?  what's the plural of deer?)   that live outside our window.  This one is my favorite because he's really funny and he acts like a dog... He lifts up his leg to pee and he pees on his favorite tree all the time... like a dog and a fire hydrant sort of thing.  I didn't even know deers did that!  They are funny little guys... and lets us get really close and play with them (despite the fact that I paralyzed their brother!)

Thanksgiving #1 with Anne Gret

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