Monday, November 25, 2013

Week 42- Ask God Not Google


So this has been the theme for the past few weeks.... why can people spend 5 hours a day searching Mormon "info" on the internet, but say they have no time to read the Book of  Mormon.... I feel like a broken robot...."ask the real source, don’t just google it."  over and over again.  We hadn’t heard from one of our pretty solid investigators in about two weeks... he wouldn’t return any of our calls and was never home when we stopped by.  Finally he called us last night... "So I've been thinking... I don’t really want to grow horns when I get baptized...."  umm.  Cool.  Me neither.  But apparently Google explained to him that Mormons have horns, and he doesn’t like that idea.  I kid you not, he was dead serious.  How embarrassing for me- apparently I need to do a better job at hiding my horns... people are starting to notice them!  Maybe I should buy a better Bump-it or start wearing more hats. haha   But he explained it so well to us... the reason so many girls from Utah have teased hair, is so they can hide the little horns on their heads.  Thanks google.  Anywayssss.  People just need to ask God.  So simple.  

So we made the greatest friend this week.  Her name is Anne and she reminds me of Mrs. Doubtfire.... not in a weird, I'm a man dressed up as a woman sort of way, but in a "I sit in a chair and talk to people and make them really happy" sort of way.  She is so great.  She is an inactive member of the church and Brother Repka called her last week.  (SIDENOTE:  I just love Brother Repka.  He is the sweetest gentleman in the ward.  He called us on Friday asking us if we'd be home that afternoon... and we love him so of course we made sure we'd be home, and guess what?  He brought us a 7 foot, lit-up Christmas tree!!!!  He was so worried we wouldn't have a tree for the holidays, so he went out and got all the missionaries in our ward Christmas trees!  He is so so sweet.  I'm just overwhelmed by people's love and kindness to us.  And yes, we put it up that night... we just had to because this is the last week of the transfer and we are both scared that one of us is leaving... and neither of us want to-especially with Christmas coming!  President can't take us away from our Buffalo family right during the holidays!  But Hna TV and I have been together for three transfers now, and the likelihood of us being together again is extremely slim... so on that note, send mail to the mission office this week (Kreag Rd, and not Raintree)  Anyways, we just had to put up the tree in case if one of us leaves.  And now I’m even more obsessed with our tiny apartment.  I love Christmas.  

Anyways, back to Anne/Mrs. Doubtfire.  She is so classy and dignified and I am inspired to be the kind of lady who scrubs the toilets wearing pearls when I'm with her.  (not really sure why-she hates pearls... who hates pearls?  anyways.)  She is also slightly intimidating though... I feel the need to use really big words around her and raise my pinky when I take a drink.  But I still love her.  She has 8000 PhD's and Masters and she quadruple majored.... is that even possible?  Apparently.  Oh, and she’s German.  What’s not to love?  Anyways, Bro Repka called her and she has just been waiting for somebody from the church to call her for two years! Thank goodness Bro R is following the spirit and gave her a ring!  We need to rescue our bros and sisters!!!!!

So Thanksgiving is this week--obviously we all have a million things to be grateful for!  I told you we had four diners to attend, yes?  Well we had everything perfectly timed and lined up.... we were extremely proud of our scheduling skills.  (especially cause all the people we are spending the day with get offended really easily... so none of them can find out that we are seeing others). HOWEVER, yesterday one of them moved up the time of their dinner by two hours.  Threw a huge curve-ball at us.  So now we're trying to fix it all again. Oh man, the stresses of missionary work haha...No wonder elders come home with receding hairlines.  .. trying to figure out times to eat... such a tough life haha 

But really, I am just so overwhelmed with love and gratitude this season.  I remember last Thanksgiving thinking about where in the world I would be spending my day this year.  And now New York has such a special place in my heart.  I couldn't be full of more gratitude.  Well, I probs could... but I feel pretty full at the moment. haha

We're teaching these AMAZING sisters right now from Ecuador!  They moved to the city (NYC) when they were young though, so they don’t like to speak Spanish... however... their dog only speaks Spanish (not like he barks with a Spanish accent... he only understands Spanish commands) so we can talk to the dog and then transition into talking to them in Spanish... weird?  yes.  and am I making sense talking in Spanish?  probably not.  But I gotta learn some how, yes?  But they are so great.  I love them so much.  They are students at UB and are SO excited to keep learning!  They're Baptism is set for end of December!  

Have a WONDERFUL week!  Happy Thanksgiving!  I love you all so much!  Good luck Daddy with all of your crazy trials!  ANDDDDDDD...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BUTTFECT!!!!!!!!!!!  oh P.S., at church yesterday I was writing in my planner, and our awesome Asian friends/investigators saw and she was really confused "cumpleanos de Buttfect??"  so I explained and she got SO excited that we have nicknames, that she wants to celebrate your birthday!  So we're going over for lunch on Wednesday for an authentic Chinese birthday meal!  But she's not sure if we should have cake, or soggy rice for dessert... cause naturally her favorite Birthday treat is soggy rice. We gave her cake for her birthday for the first time a couple months ago and she wasn’t the biggest fan... so I’ll be celebrating your birthday with soggy rice!!  Yummmm!  oh and thanks for the CD!  Love it!!

okay bye!!!!!!

Scripture: Moroni 10: 32  "Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness...". He is the way, the truth and the light! I am so thankful for the perfect example that Christ has set before us.

pics:  Thanks for the warms socks, Sam!  

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