Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 40- Half way done!

Happy Hump day to me (aka I'm half way done... CRAZY!)  Okay remember last week when I told you this was going to be the BEST week ever!  well it was.  Not only because we received the Golden Plates at zone conference (again), not only cause I got the best cookies ever from Sherri, not only because I ate seafood lasagna that wasnt fully cooked and didn't die (ps, that was straight up the worst thing I've ever eaten... chunks of crab and shrimp and who knows what else... eww. I felt like I had little shrimpies swimming inside of me for a few days)  Not only, cause I memorized my B flat scale on the flute (oh ps, I want to learn how to play the flute... we used to practice on Hna Norr's, but she took it with her when she went to Argentina.  rude.  jk.  but somebody brought a flute to zone conference and I got to see if I remembered my scale... I did!!!!), not only because we got a year supply of Bugels (the weird chips that Grandma Armstrong loves) because there was a truck that tipped over (no worries, nobody is hurt) and so our investigator gave us trilliions of Bugels...   It was a good week

and SO MANY MIRACLES!!!!!!!  Number one... "Afro-Joe"  our legit new investigator... ridiculously long story, but we had the strongest feelings like we needed to go to this random part of our area... our appointment had bailed, but we still wanted to go... which was completely illogical because it's a lot of miles, and as always, miles are quite the hot commodity.  But we went regardless and went to this evil womans house but then she said "try my neighbor" in the most mocking tone I've ever hear... well we decided that was a good referal.. so we tried her neighbor's... which was completely dark and sketchy looking (so we totally wouldn't have tried it if she hadn't said anything)  but then we met Joe who is so excited to learn more!  His grandma was taking the lessons a couple years ago but then she died and he lost contact with the missionaries... and then we knocked on his door and it was an answer to his prayers!  He is so awesome!  We've been working so hard to be following the spirit rather than just knock on every persons door... and its working!!!   Holy ghost = the best third companion ever!  say hello to the dynamic duo- except there are three of us, so I take it back... we're like the avengers/three musketeers/harry hermione and ron.. best team ever. 

Another miracle... this awesome lady I met at the doctors office... she's from Panama City and speaks Spanish!!!!!!!!!   aahhhh.   well the creepy part is that I was really bad and when she was turned around coughing, I read all of her medical papers so I could get her information. Maybe I shouldnt be sharing my illegal activities with you all... but anyways, it turns out that she is the wife of this inactive man that we've been trying to find/meet since we got to Tonawanda!!! So we went to their house... yes kinda stalkerish because she didn't give me the address... we just showed up... but she didn't ask how we found it. Thank goodness... and now we're going back to teach more!  woohoo!!

Exciting story for the week... Hna Carrero.. always a good story after leaving her house. This one is the best.  I told you she has birds, yes (the old Puerto rican lady that we help who is scary, but an angel).  Well the bird escaped when we were cleaning the cages... She was in the bathroom when he got loose, so we frantically were running ALL over the house searching for the stupid bird (gosh, I really hate birds).  throwing coats and getting nets and everything you can imagine.  Pretty funny picture I just gave you.  Well Hna C finishes us and we still haven't found the little rascal, so I start trying to distract her while Hna TV is in the other room trying to catch it still...  well no luck, we couldn't find it... about an hour goes by and all of a sudden hna C yells "A BIRD JUST HIT ME IN THE HEAD!!!!!"  oh crap... she frantically starts to panick cause she just loves her birds... this isnt very funny probably, but I swear it was the funniest thing ever. Okay I'm done cause it didn't sound very cool.  

Okay love you all!  You are the best!!! 

 Hna Davis

Scripture: John 14:18  “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.”
I love the Savior so much; He will not leave us alone, He will never forsake us. The only times we feel alone are the times that we forsake him. Remember Him and He will be there... ALWAYS. Walk with him and he will guide us, Love Him and we'll receive love in return. Jesus Christ is on of my best friends; I know that no matter what, I can always count on Him. He lives. He loves, and He gives all that He has freely. 

Cause all sister missionaries have to take this picture... happy hump day!

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