Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 38- Sometimes I really want to kick Satan where it hurts

Okay, I can't actually kick him because he doesn’t have a body... sucks for him!!  But he really just knows how to irritate me sometimes and I just want to give him a nice kick.  It's one thing when he tries to do his crap on me... but it reaches a whole new level when he starts messing with our investigators and less actives.  He got a few of them this week (hopefully it’s just a temporary thing).  We got dumped by a bunch of people this week.  I've probably mentioned it before, but missionary work is totally a dating game.... we have our potentials, our relationships that progress, sometimes we have to drop them ("we still want to be friends... but we're not moving forward so we can't see you anymore"), we are that annoying girlfriend who wont take a hint... we'll call and text and stop by over and over again until they flat out tell us they aren't interested.... and this week we got dumped.  Sad.  NO FUN!!!  But hey, the people have made lots of progress and they'll be ready someday!  And for the most part we are still in good standing... it was pretty funny though when Tina (one of the less-actives we've been working with) dropped us.  She gives us this speech on how she is too busy right now, and we ask if we can at least come by one more time so Sister Norr could say goodbye before she left for Argentina... Tina is silent for a second and then simply states "aww, its fine... just have her send me a postcard."  Thanks Tina.  Love you, too. haha 

So now is our quest for finding lots of new investigators this week!  It's pretty funny because Hna TV and I are the biggest pansies in the state of NY when it comes to the cold.  And for some reason, we used our miles really quickly this month (we are only allowed to drive a certain amount of miles each month as part of mission rules and things).  So for the past week we have had to be very cautious in using them... aka we have been walking.  Everywhere.  And the thing about the weather here, is that degrees wise, its not actually that cold... like high 30's... the problem is the 55 mph wind we've been having that comes from the lakes... where the coldness seriously just penetrates straight to our bones.  We laugh really hard at ourselves because we probably look really funny.  But its all good!

Hna. Norr is down south!  Dropped her off at the airport on Thursday and then booked it to Amherst for a mini zone conference with Elder Porter of the 70.  Super fun meeting him and hearing from him!   Airport was interesting... it felt really weird being at an airport... not really sure why.  But we sent off our little girl and walked her through security as far as possible until security had something to say about it and told us we needed to back off.  So then we did an awkward wave and off she went!  Hasta Luego Hermana!

So we got sick again this week.  Thursday actually... you're probably thinking right now "I feel like Addi gets sick a lot." That’s a fair thing to say.  Third time since I’ve been in Buffalo.  And we have finally found the root of the problem... Everytime we've gotten sick, its been after a certain person has fed us dinner the night before.  She is just so sweet for feeding us, but her house isn’t the cleanest... I mean, you look at it, and it looks orderly and nice, but her idea of sanitizing is running a dry paper towel across the table.  Long story, short:  us eating there probably violates 5000 health codes and we some how need to figure out how to stop... but it’s a very touchy subject cause she gets offended real easy.  Maybe the answer is say extra prayers over the food?  That's my best idea right now haha.  

But so we are so so sick and just laying helplessly in bed and there were SO many little miracles!  So we wanted 3 things.  That was all.  Hershey's nugget chocolate things, homemade jam, and pumpkin bread.  Well my most wonderful mothers are always listening to the Spirit and right then the door knocked... seriously maybe 5 minutes after our discussion, the mailman was delivering 2 packages from my two mommas (mom and Julie).  Complete with chocolate and homemade jam.  We got really excited--obviously. Then about two hours later, our door knocks again... (this is weird... nobody knows where we live, so we don’t ever have guests).  It's our dear neighbor Rose!  She is such a sweetie... this 95 year old lady who has a piano that plays itself and is really loud and she likes to pop it out at 11 at night.  SO funny. She was one of the first people we met when we moved in and we taught her a couple times, but she wasn’t interested.... we hadn’t seen her in months. She was making loaves of pumpkin bread and counted wrong and accidentally made an extra, and she felt like she should bring it to us!  So many little miracles always happening!  Thanks for following the spirit and giving us comfort food!  

Oh and our sweet elders in our district are just the greatest... so we missed district mtg cause we were so sick, and they asked if there was anything they could do for us-- of course we say no... we are strong, ultimate women who don’t need help!  Well that night, another knock on our door.... so many visitors!  Its our zone leaders here to give us a blessing... they kindly reminded us that it is God helping us, and not them.  Way to humble us, elders!  But they biked up 10 miles from their apartment in a hailstorm in 50 mph to help us!  They are the best!  So sweet!

We're feeling better now, but looking forward to sleeping all day today! haha

Last story cause I'm out of time... so we were at this lady's house who we are SUPER close with... kinda home away from home out here... but she has a ton of cats.  We hate cats.  Well I was around the corner and sister TV walks in with her beret with the most evil little smirk I've ever seen (she can pull off beret's and look real cute cause she's a classy European) and says, "patee el gato."  (aka "I kicked the cat")  oh man we laughed for a solid thirty minutes.  She was so proud of herself and it was so funny.  Its become a little game now to try to kick the cats.  evil?  oh well.. they are cats.  

Okay love you tons!!!  Have the best week ever!

Love, Hermana Davis

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