Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 36- SNOW!!

There was snow this week. Enough said.

Umm, honestly, I really can't remember what happened this week. Big blur. The Santiago family got baptized! It was the most incredible baptism I have ever been to! I am so happy for them! The ward was all there and so supportive and Angel and Amy were just glowing and everything was perfect!

I spoke a lot this week... HARRISON! I spoke about patience too at church! I also spoke at a Zone conference about being Happy and Positive all the time and how it affects the work! And I gave a training on the area book (kinda boring) and another talk on General Conference and receiving personal revelation! Pretty sure everybody is really sick of my voice now...But I learned a lot and it was really good!

Lots of little miracles this week! So incredible watching the Lord guide us in ways that we aren't expecting! One of those is through a referral named Miya. The Buff Spanish elders met her in Downtown about a month ago... we've been trying to meet her FOREVER, and haven't had much luck. (as in any luck). We met her mom once and tried to see if she was interested, but she wasn't really.... Well, last night we go back and.... Miya is incarcerated... dang it.  HOWEVER.  Now her mom is super interested and we've started teaching her and she is so excited about everything!  Also... we have another guy we started teaching who looks like the Dr. in Grey's anatomy.... Jackson Avery?  I forget his name. Anyways.. that's cool. haha  moving on.  

We went to Palmyra yesterday with a recent convert to the temple for the first time!  So fun going back and getting to experience that with her!  

I don't have much time today, but I love you all!  Sounds like everybody had fun in California!  I'll be there for Oak Glen picnic next fall! haha  And MACKENZIE is married!  I definitely wore your wedding colors on Friday as absentee bridesmaid!  You look so beautiful!!

Hermana Davis

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