Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 37: A door literally got slammed in my face...

Okay, so we are tracting, yes, and this sweet lady (so I thought) invites us in. Cool. Well I was in front and I get about 1/4 a step through the door when suddenly she yells, "WAIT! I don’t want more Jehovah Witnesses in my house!!!" And before I have the chance to even open my mouth (let alone tell her that we aren’t Jehovah Witness), she slams the door shut. Well lucky me was still part way in the door... and it hit my head and I got an intense goose egg. After about 8 seconds of standing there in shock, we laughed really really hard.... Somebody just shut a door on my face. Literally. sheesh.  So then we keep walking, and about an hour later (once the lump on my head has grown to it's greatest capacity), a little boy passes us, and tells me "you have the biggest zit I have ever seen in my life on your forehead!" Excuse me little boy, it is not a zit. Anyways. That was a fun day! Also, I wore out a pair of shoes! They've actually had little holes for a while, but you couldn’t see them and they are my favorite pair... so I kept wearing them... but now that there is rain again everyday, I had to toss them because they were getting my feet super wet. Bummer. But I feel like such a missionary!!! Doors slamming in my face and my shoes giving up on me! Woohoo!

Other news! I got GLASSES!!!!! So my little Wal Mart reading glasses purchase just wasn’t doing anything. Shocker. So one night I had a headache and reading just kills my head, and Hna TV tells me that it's time. The eye doctor is calling. But I didn’t want to go to the eye doctor and pay for an appointment.... but she was threatening me in Spanish (and that gets scary cause I don’t always know what she is saying) BUT MIRACLE!!!! Literally 3 seconds later, the phone rings and it's Michael (our amazing investigator). He is an optometrist and he asked if any of us want a free eye exam!  Umm yes. So I had an eye exam a couple weeks ago and my glasses are here! I forgot to take a picture in them, but I will.... looks like my days of blindness have returned. (Actually I only wear them to read with bad lighting or when I'm tired... so I’m not completely blind... but nonetheless, glasses have returned!)  

Also... kinda sad, but kinda exciting.... I hit a deer. Poor little Bambi was just crossing the road and I may have hit him. (As in I did...oops) It was raining really hard and he just ran out and all I could hear/think about is one of road trips to Colorado when we were visiting Jordan's dad and our instruction was to "HIT THE DEER." So I had about .8 seconds to decide... swerve, or slaughter poor Bambi. Well, I hit him. I felt really bad. But luckily there was a police officer close by and he helped us, and I wasn’t going fast cause of the rain, so Bambi lives! (well I think he's still alive... the policeman said he thinks he'll be fine) But it was sad cause he was just laying there helpless on the ground. Poor guy!! But the officer took him to the animal hospital down the street and we're hoping he is having a speedy recovery. And the officer commended me on my decision to not swerve... so I don’t feel quite as bad... kinda? anyways... moving on to happier things...

SO MANY MIRACLES this week!! Oh my goodness. The Lord is so cool. He is just always looking out for us and I am so grateful! Theme of the week (for some reason... not really sure, but it seems to have come up like a million times): the famous liner from the BoM... "Keep the commandments, and you shall prosper." SO SIMPLE!  its like 2+2=4. CTR and we are blessed. Sounds like a good choice to me! And it’s so amazing how this works for EVERYONE! Here we are promising it to the people we are working with, but then it happens to us too! Heavenly Father is just SO aware of all of us, and He is doing everything He can to help us out. We had so many experiences this week where everything was just so perfectly timed and the Lord's hand was in all of it! Lots of cool new investigators, less actives coming back to church, and people finally being happy! So great!

TRANSFERS!! Last night was the awful evening of anticipation waiting for transfer calls.... Sundays get really intense every 6 weeks. But we found out by 10 pm! New record! (we never find out that early) Anyways, I'm staying! So happy, cause I am definitely not ready to leave Buffalo yet... I have a lot of work to do here still! And I'm staying with Sister TV! Party! So excited!  Hna Norr is off to Argentina on Thursday, so we will take her to the airport and then be empty nesters. Our little baby is all grown up and heading down south. We're going to miss her! But I'm so glad we had those two transfers together! And now another one with Hna Tulande!  

Have a wonderful week!  Love you all!!  

Les quiero,

Hermana Davis


1. People give us weird gifts.... this week: pieces of fabric so we could look like Nephite warriors... okay cool.
2. Thanks for the package Nicole!!! Love you!!!! And I have proudly displayed my hand spiders around our apartment! (actually all of Payten's and Livi's art is all over the apt. haha)

3.  Our Asian friends!!! Saying goodbye to them at church (well Hna Norr was saying bye anyways).  The best recent convert/investigators ever. (okay, I say that about all of them... but they are all great).

Also, I don’t know if you can tell... but we love our church bldg.... it used to be a bank and the church bought it, and now it’s a church! Its pink. And doesn’t really look like a church! It's so great. 

 4.  Sister Wills. The sweetest lady in the world.  

      5. Us and our investigator Michael Hallmark! at Wegmans! AKA the greatest grocery store in the world. Oh my goodness. I will be so sad to go back to the West Coast and not have Wegmans.  

and Halloween pics

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