Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 38- Sometimes I really want to kick Satan where it hurts

Okay, I can't actually kick him because he doesn’t have a body... sucks for him!!  But he really just knows how to irritate me sometimes and I just want to give him a nice kick.  It's one thing when he tries to do his crap on me... but it reaches a whole new level when he starts messing with our investigators and less actives.  He got a few of them this week (hopefully it’s just a temporary thing).  We got dumped by a bunch of people this week.  I've probably mentioned it before, but missionary work is totally a dating game.... we have our potentials, our relationships that progress, sometimes we have to drop them ("we still want to be friends... but we're not moving forward so we can't see you anymore"), we are that annoying girlfriend who wont take a hint... we'll call and text and stop by over and over again until they flat out tell us they aren't interested.... and this week we got dumped.  Sad.  NO FUN!!!  But hey, the people have made lots of progress and they'll be ready someday!  And for the most part we are still in good standing... it was pretty funny though when Tina (one of the less-actives we've been working with) dropped us.  She gives us this speech on how she is too busy right now, and we ask if we can at least come by one more time so Sister Norr could say goodbye before she left for Argentina... Tina is silent for a second and then simply states "aww, its fine... just have her send me a postcard."  Thanks Tina.  Love you, too. haha 

So now is our quest for finding lots of new investigators this week!  It's pretty funny because Hna TV and I are the biggest pansies in the state of NY when it comes to the cold.  And for some reason, we used our miles really quickly this month (we are only allowed to drive a certain amount of miles each month as part of mission rules and things).  So for the past week we have had to be very cautious in using them... aka we have been walking.  Everywhere.  And the thing about the weather here, is that degrees wise, its not actually that cold... like high 30's... the problem is the 55 mph wind we've been having that comes from the lakes... where the coldness seriously just penetrates straight to our bones.  We laugh really hard at ourselves because we probably look really funny.  But its all good!

Hna. Norr is down south!  Dropped her off at the airport on Thursday and then booked it to Amherst for a mini zone conference with Elder Porter of the 70.  Super fun meeting him and hearing from him!   Airport was interesting... it felt really weird being at an airport... not really sure why.  But we sent off our little girl and walked her through security as far as possible until security had something to say about it and told us we needed to back off.  So then we did an awkward wave and off she went!  Hasta Luego Hermana!

So we got sick again this week.  Thursday actually... you're probably thinking right now "I feel like Addi gets sick a lot." That’s a fair thing to say.  Third time since I’ve been in Buffalo.  And we have finally found the root of the problem... Everytime we've gotten sick, its been after a certain person has fed us dinner the night before.  She is just so sweet for feeding us, but her house isn’t the cleanest... I mean, you look at it, and it looks orderly and nice, but her idea of sanitizing is running a dry paper towel across the table.  Long story, short:  us eating there probably violates 5000 health codes and we some how need to figure out how to stop... but it’s a very touchy subject cause she gets offended real easy.  Maybe the answer is say extra prayers over the food?  That's my best idea right now haha.  

But so we are so so sick and just laying helplessly in bed and there were SO many little miracles!  So we wanted 3 things.  That was all.  Hershey's nugget chocolate things, homemade jam, and pumpkin bread.  Well my most wonderful mothers are always listening to the Spirit and right then the door knocked... seriously maybe 5 minutes after our discussion, the mailman was delivering 2 packages from my two mommas (mom and Julie).  Complete with chocolate and homemade jam.  We got really excited--obviously. Then about two hours later, our door knocks again... (this is weird... nobody knows where we live, so we don’t ever have guests).  It's our dear neighbor Rose!  She is such a sweetie... this 95 year old lady who has a piano that plays itself and is really loud and she likes to pop it out at 11 at night.  SO funny. She was one of the first people we met when we moved in and we taught her a couple times, but she wasn’t interested.... we hadn’t seen her in months. She was making loaves of pumpkin bread and counted wrong and accidentally made an extra, and she felt like she should bring it to us!  So many little miracles always happening!  Thanks for following the spirit and giving us comfort food!  

Oh and our sweet elders in our district are just the greatest... so we missed district mtg cause we were so sick, and they asked if there was anything they could do for us-- of course we say no... we are strong, ultimate women who don’t need help!  Well that night, another knock on our door.... so many visitors!  Its our zone leaders here to give us a blessing... they kindly reminded us that it is God helping us, and not them.  Way to humble us, elders!  But they biked up 10 miles from their apartment in a hailstorm in 50 mph to help us!  They are the best!  So sweet!

We're feeling better now, but looking forward to sleeping all day today! haha

Last story cause I'm out of time... so we were at this lady's house who we are SUPER close with... kinda home away from home out here... but she has a ton of cats.  We hate cats.  Well I was around the corner and sister TV walks in with her beret with the most evil little smirk I've ever seen (she can pull off beret's and look real cute cause she's a classy European) and says, "patee el gato."  (aka "I kicked the cat")  oh man we laughed for a solid thirty minutes.  She was so proud of herself and it was so funny.  Its become a little game now to try to kick the cats.  evil?  oh well.. they are cats.  

Okay love you tons!!!  Have the best week ever!

Love, Hermana Davis

Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 37: A door literally got slammed in my face...

Okay, so we are tracting, yes, and this sweet lady (so I thought) invites us in. Cool. Well I was in front and I get about 1/4 a step through the door when suddenly she yells, "WAIT! I don’t want more Jehovah Witnesses in my house!!!" And before I have the chance to even open my mouth (let alone tell her that we aren’t Jehovah Witness), she slams the door shut. Well lucky me was still part way in the door... and it hit my head and I got an intense goose egg. After about 8 seconds of standing there in shock, we laughed really really hard.... Somebody just shut a door on my face. Literally. sheesh.  So then we keep walking, and about an hour later (once the lump on my head has grown to it's greatest capacity), a little boy passes us, and tells me "you have the biggest zit I have ever seen in my life on your forehead!" Excuse me little boy, it is not a zit. Anyways. That was a fun day! Also, I wore out a pair of shoes! They've actually had little holes for a while, but you couldn’t see them and they are my favorite pair... so I kept wearing them... but now that there is rain again everyday, I had to toss them because they were getting my feet super wet. Bummer. But I feel like such a missionary!!! Doors slamming in my face and my shoes giving up on me! Woohoo!

Other news! I got GLASSES!!!!! So my little Wal Mart reading glasses purchase just wasn’t doing anything. Shocker. So one night I had a headache and reading just kills my head, and Hna TV tells me that it's time. The eye doctor is calling. But I didn’t want to go to the eye doctor and pay for an appointment.... but she was threatening me in Spanish (and that gets scary cause I don’t always know what she is saying) BUT MIRACLE!!!! Literally 3 seconds later, the phone rings and it's Michael (our amazing investigator). He is an optometrist and he asked if any of us want a free eye exam!  Umm yes. So I had an eye exam a couple weeks ago and my glasses are here! I forgot to take a picture in them, but I will.... looks like my days of blindness have returned. (Actually I only wear them to read with bad lighting or when I'm tired... so I’m not completely blind... but nonetheless, glasses have returned!)  

Also... kinda sad, but kinda exciting.... I hit a deer. Poor little Bambi was just crossing the road and I may have hit him. (As in I did...oops) It was raining really hard and he just ran out and all I could hear/think about is one of road trips to Colorado when we were visiting Jordan's dad and our instruction was to "HIT THE DEER." So I had about .8 seconds to decide... swerve, or slaughter poor Bambi. Well, I hit him. I felt really bad. But luckily there was a police officer close by and he helped us, and I wasn’t going fast cause of the rain, so Bambi lives! (well I think he's still alive... the policeman said he thinks he'll be fine) But it was sad cause he was just laying there helpless on the ground. Poor guy!! But the officer took him to the animal hospital down the street and we're hoping he is having a speedy recovery. And the officer commended me on my decision to not swerve... so I don’t feel quite as bad... kinda? anyways... moving on to happier things...

SO MANY MIRACLES this week!! Oh my goodness. The Lord is so cool. He is just always looking out for us and I am so grateful! Theme of the week (for some reason... not really sure, but it seems to have come up like a million times): the famous liner from the BoM... "Keep the commandments, and you shall prosper." SO SIMPLE!  its like 2+2=4. CTR and we are blessed. Sounds like a good choice to me! And it’s so amazing how this works for EVERYONE! Here we are promising it to the people we are working with, but then it happens to us too! Heavenly Father is just SO aware of all of us, and He is doing everything He can to help us out. We had so many experiences this week where everything was just so perfectly timed and the Lord's hand was in all of it! Lots of cool new investigators, less actives coming back to church, and people finally being happy! So great!

TRANSFERS!! Last night was the awful evening of anticipation waiting for transfer calls.... Sundays get really intense every 6 weeks. But we found out by 10 pm! New record! (we never find out that early) Anyways, I'm staying! So happy, cause I am definitely not ready to leave Buffalo yet... I have a lot of work to do here still! And I'm staying with Sister TV! Party! So excited!  Hna Norr is off to Argentina on Thursday, so we will take her to the airport and then be empty nesters. Our little baby is all grown up and heading down south. We're going to miss her! But I'm so glad we had those two transfers together! And now another one with Hna Tulande!  

Have a wonderful week!  Love you all!!  

Les quiero,

Hermana Davis


1. People give us weird gifts.... this week: pieces of fabric so we could look like Nephite warriors... okay cool.
2. Thanks for the package Nicole!!! Love you!!!! And I have proudly displayed my hand spiders around our apartment! (actually all of Payten's and Livi's art is all over the apt. haha)

3.  Our Asian friends!!! Saying goodbye to them at church (well Hna Norr was saying bye anyways).  The best recent convert/investigators ever. (okay, I say that about all of them... but they are all great).

Also, I don’t know if you can tell... but we love our church bldg.... it used to be a bank and the church bought it, and now it’s a church! Its pink. And doesn’t really look like a church! It's so great. 

 4.  Sister Wills. The sweetest lady in the world.  

      5. Us and our investigator Michael Hallmark! at Wegmans! AKA the greatest grocery store in the world. Oh my goodness. I will be so sad to go back to the West Coast and not have Wegmans.  

and Halloween pics

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Week 36- SNOW!!

There was snow this week. Enough said.

Umm, honestly, I really can't remember what happened this week. Big blur. The Santiago family got baptized! It was the most incredible baptism I have ever been to! I am so happy for them! The ward was all there and so supportive and Angel and Amy were just glowing and everything was perfect!

I spoke a lot this week... HARRISON! I spoke about patience too at church! I also spoke at a Zone conference about being Happy and Positive all the time and how it affects the work! And I gave a training on the area book (kinda boring) and another talk on General Conference and receiving personal revelation! Pretty sure everybody is really sick of my voice now...But I learned a lot and it was really good!

Lots of little miracles this week! So incredible watching the Lord guide us in ways that we aren't expecting! One of those is through a referral named Miya. The Buff Spanish elders met her in Downtown about a month ago... we've been trying to meet her FOREVER, and haven't had much luck. (as in any luck). We met her mom once and tried to see if she was interested, but she wasn't really.... Well, last night we go back and.... Miya is incarcerated... dang it.  HOWEVER.  Now her mom is super interested and we've started teaching her and she is so excited about everything!  Also... we have another guy we started teaching who looks like the Dr. in Grey's anatomy.... Jackson Avery?  I forget his name. Anyways.. that's cool. haha  moving on.  

We went to Palmyra yesterday with a recent convert to the temple for the first time!  So fun going back and getting to experience that with her!  

I don't have much time today, but I love you all!  Sounds like everybody had fun in California!  I'll be there for Oak Glen picnic next fall! haha  And MACKENZIE is married!  I definitely wore your wedding colors on Friday as absentee bridesmaid!  You look so beautiful!!

Hermana Davis

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 35 Pan Comido

Pan comido... my new favorite phrase.  I learned it in language study this week and we laughed for a long time; so now it's my new favorite.  It literally translates to "bread eaten," but is an expression that means something along the lines of it's a "piece of cake."  So naturally I use it all the time now, and we laugh really hard.  Possibly it was so funny the first time because it was really late and we were all really delirious, but it still makes us laugh, so it has become the theme of the week!  Everything we do is pan comido.

Really good week.  (of course... when is it not good?)  But SUPER GOOD because of General Conference!!!!!!  Seriously, Conference is like Christmas here.  I get so so stoked.  Wasn't it incredible?  It flooded back lots of memories to last October... Happy one year anniversary to President Monson's announcement that COMPLETELY changed my life.  We all know I didn’t have the easiest time deciding to serve, but deep down when watching the rest of the conference sessions last year, I knew I'd be watching in some foreign place this year (yes, NY is totally foreign to me).  One year later, and I've been on a mission for 8 months, and made the best decision of my life.  I am so grateful for a living prophet and modern revelation.

We got to watch conference both at the church and at Sister Will's home!  We were so well fed!  (both spiritually and physically....)  Our ward actually had a really cool activity on Sunday morning.  They had a cinnamon breakfast (well actually it was kinda a lunch haha) and then we all watched conference together.  SO great, because most ppl choose to just watch it in their homes... so it's slightly awkward when your investigators attend and there is an empty chapel.... "welcome to our un-populated church..."  so a bunch of the ward members came and they got to spend time with the ppl we are teaching and it was really successful!  And then we all got slapped in the face with the Spirit at conference!  I'd call it a win.  Also in between sessions we had dinner with our Canadian friends and the Santiago family!  The Santiago family is the GREATEST!  (don’t let their name mislead you; no hablan espanol... haha)  they are getting baptized on Saturday!  oh my gosh; I love them so much!  Technically they aren’t our investigators, but they like us a lot, so we teach them a lot (ppl just like sisters... sorry boys...).  Anyways, they are FANTASTIC!  I'm so happy for them!  A few weeks ago I made the mistake of telling them how our family did "Nature" activities on Sunday.... like "Nature walk,"  "Nature games,"  "nature jump on the trampoline...."  Well now they are trying to convince me that they can "Nature shop" haha.. oops.  But we did play some "nature basketball"  (oops... probably I shouldn’t be writing this...) and by some very strange lucky happening, I WON pig!!  It was really intense and there were about 20 of us (and a bunch of elders who are really good actually) and I won.  Now I’ve been named "queen pig" by the ward... Wow, I love being referred to as a swine... but I'll take my fame.  It was totally luck (I'm clearly no basketball star) but in my defense, I did make some of their crazy shots.... including a full court and one from outside the door on the backside of the gym.  NO CLUE how.  But it has definitely become a moment I will never forget (cause there is no way I will ever make a shot from outside the door again.)

HERMANA NORR got her VISA!!!!  ahhhhh.  We were freaking out.  We saw President Francis calling, and we all just knew it... And then he told her she's leaving on October 22!  So excited for her!  But I feel like I'm losing my child... like a mom sending her daughter off to college or something... I have a thing for killing missionaries.... all of my companions leave me.  Sister Jones went home; hna Norr is off to South America...   Anyways, sad to see her leave, but so excited for her to bring Argentina the Gospel too!

PICS:  (please don’t mind my hair... I have a very strict "don’t do it policy" so it will grow.  And I've only used heat on it ONCE since I got it cut!  woohoo!!!  Not that you care... moving on.)
1.  last P-day we went to the Buffalo Botanical Gardens... pretty... kinda lame, but still fun!
2.  us and Murr (Mary... but she hates the name Mary... hence "Murr") decorating for Halloween... we take our decorations really seriously.  She is this sweet Recent convert who we get to visit all the time!
3.  Zelda's BIRTHDAY!  (Naturally we celebrated with cheesecake)
    4. These are at Peace Bridge... one of the bridges to Canada.... it's our favorite one!  There is this cool river walk under it that we like to walk on (okay, we've done it once... but we still liked it and want to do it more)  but Peace Bridge gets really pretty at night and lights up and we get really excited.  (and I don’t know why the coloring is so weird...) 
Also, I made a video for you on the island next to Canada... it's as close to Canada as we can go... but you all know me with a video camera... AWKWARD.  I can’t bring myself to send it to you.  It's too embarrassing.  So I’ll just show you the pics and you can imagine me telling you that I love and miss you and here is Canada and peace bridge!

Have a wonderful week!!!!!  Love you tons!  I think my next p-day is on Tuesday... still TONS of rain... We were on our way to Niagara Falls this morning, but turned around because it was raining so hard.... (scary roads and we didn’t feel like showering again).
Hna, Davis

thought of the week:
In Alma 37:44 it reads, "For behold, it is as easy to give heed to the word of Christ, which will point to you a straight course to eternal bliss..." Not only will we begin to be healed by Christ as we follow His "straight course" by turning our life over to Him, but we will also begin to feel the "eternal bliss" spoken of by Alma. Let us "give heed to the word of Christ" and be healed by Him. Let us let Christ take us by the hand and bring us back.