Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 33- I Aged 50 Years This Week!...

okay, maybe not 50 years... but I'd say at least 20.  So over the past few months, it has been getting harder and harder to read my baby Preach my gospel. ... (granted it is like 5 pt. font... its the spanish photocopy super baby one), but still.  I can't see the words really.  So I decided its time to get some glasses.  The eye doctor told me way back when, that I would probs need reading glasses before the average old person, but I was expecting that would mean like 35... 30 maybe?  not 21.  So I bought some really cool Walmart glasses!  The 80 year old trying them on next to me says they look "hip", so obviously I picked some really good ones... but I just cant believe I bought old person glasses/I need them.  But they are helping with headaches and things, so that's good!

So this week was SO SO good.  oh my goodness... I feel like i have 23985732089 things to tell you and my fingers just cant go fast enough (especailly cause I'm back on the laptop at the library from 1950 and it's missing the letter "t" and "a".... these are both very common letters... and I have to hold them down for a super long time for them to work...  which I realize I just wasted 20 minutes telling you this... moving on.)

We went to the temple!!!! FINALLY!   We get to go every transfer, but out here since it's so far away, we can only go if members take us... well last transfer we didnt really know anybody, and the few ppl we knew weren't going because they wanted to go with the ward for the ward temple trip (the one yesterday).  So we went with the ward and it was SO GOOD.  oh my goodnes.  We had a lunch all together before at the Hill cumorah and as we pulled up and I totally felt back at home.  I didn't realize how much I miss all of these sacred sites, until we were back at them.  I got to see a lot of the sister missionaries and senior couples and it was so good!  And the temple.... oh my goondess.  I just love it so much!  And I totally appreciate it more when it's far away and more difficult to get there.  It's such a blessing having them close by!  Sister Hendry from our ward took us!  SO much fun.  She is literally Nicole.  (aka the reason it was so much fun).  She is from Canada though and says weird Canadian phrases and her favorite food is a really bad swear word in Spanish... we laughed for a long time.  I got to play Jake and the Netherland pirates with her 4 yr old and I spy with her 2 year old the whole drive.... and there was a terrible thunderstorm, so we had to drive extra slow... more time in the car!  I'm telling you Nicole... you are the same person with the same life.  Everybody in this ward is Super old, or super young.... like nobody in the 40-60 age group.... There are a million dental students here (they all go to UB) and so I'm becoming besties with all the students.  which = meals for us and a lot of friends post-mish haha.  They all keep saying to move to buffalo after my mission and when I'm married to live near them all.... even though they'll all be moved on with their life and out of buffalo in like a year when they finish school.... but it's the thought that counts I guess haha. I also got a job offer to join this girl and her partner and their intense blog for DIY... hahaha they think I'm crafty cause I've made a couple bows.  Good one.  But I can become crafty, yeah?  Maybe I'll be a profesh DIY blogger someday haha

Okay, we have the greatest investigator in the entire world.  Oh my gosh.  He is golden beyond golden.  So we get a call last week...  "Hi is this the Mormon missionaries?"  why yes it is!  He went to church on Sunday and somehow none of us noticed (all 700 of us missionaries in the ward... no clue how he slipped past us).  But he got our name/number in the program and so he called us!  He absolutely loved church and has had a lot of really neat interactions with it in the past.  He was so excited to meet with us and asked if he can get baptized in a month or so.  He has so many spiritual experiences associated with our church and he knows its all true.  A few months ago he decided he's sick of the roman Catholics and all of the politics and everything, and he thought about religion... he said every Mormon he knows is a great person, and he wants to be like that... so he checked out the official websites from the church, ordered himself a BoM, and did the little map things to find what meeting house is closest to him...   He feels bad because he cant read his BoM at work, because his boss will think he's not working, but he loves the book so much he doesnt want to put it down.  So he got all of the Mormon apps on his iphone and he just reads talks and watches mormon messages and does all of the cool online resources all the time.  He goes, "Sister Davis--there is this man with a strange name who I thihnk is the most inspired man ever.... I think it's eye-ring... henry or something....  like an eye-ball and then a ring you wear on your finger.... do you know who i'm talking about?"  why yes i do... good ole Henry B. Eyring.  He just found Elder Holland too...  A few years ago he was feeling really upset, and so he jsut got in his car and started driving.  He felt inspired to drive to Palmyra NY... he had never been there before, and it was far away. but he had heard about it and decided it would make him feel better.  He went to all of the sites, and knew without a doubt that those places were sacred and that the storeis/doctrine/everything the sister giving him the tour said were true.  He went to his buddies house after and long story short, ended up sitting in the living room there by himself while the husband was out helping his wife for about an hour.  The buddy tells him to turn on the TV... so he turns it on and goes to the Dish guide and the first channel he sees is BYUtv... the sister he who took him on a tour that day went to byu (he hadn't heard of it before that) so he decided to check it out. He ends up watching an hour movie/show thing all about Palymra NY and all the sites he just went to.  He said it was the biggest tender mercy of his life... that the buddy just had to leave really fast and he was gone the exact amount of time as the show and all sorts of things! Then a few weeks ago he had this mtg for work he had to go to and was a little bit early.  He was thinking all about how if he wants an answer from God concerning which church to join, he needs to sincerely pray and ask.  So right then he said a prayer and asked God to please give him a very loud answer becasue he was scared he would miss a subtle one.... So then he decided to get a donut in his free time before it started.... the line was pretty long, so he goes into the bathroom... he comes out, and there were 6 elders in line.  white shirts and ties and nametags.  The exact kind of sign he wanted.  THANK YOU elders for always following your stomachs!  He went to church for the 1st time a couple weeks later and he saw all those elders.  God always is answering our prayers!  There are a million other incredible things about him and his story.  HUGE HUGE miracle!!!   I'm so grateful we get to help him!!

Well I love you all mucho!!  We bought a snow scarper today!  I love snow so so much.  Nothing better than cold weather and tracting with hypothermia!  
Thought of the week by Sister Dalton in honor of General conference:
"I testify that as you draw close to the Savior, His infinite Atonement makes it possible for you to repent, to change, to be pure, and to receive His image in your countenance. His Atonement will enable you to be strong and courageous as you continue to raise your banner for virtue. You are golden." 

~ Elaine S. Dalton
I'm trying really hard to draw closer to the Savior this week and to prepare myslef for General Conf coming up.  (To say I am really excited would be an understatement).  It is a huge blessing to have a living prophet and to hear his instruction for us in this crazy world!!  It's the best!!!!

Have a wonderful week!  Mom- let dodger back in the house... yes Ive heard about what he's experiencing.  So sad.  

okay bye!!!!!!!!!!

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