Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 32

My dearest family and friends and everyone!

Happy Fall!!!!!  (it gets a million exclamation points because I am trying to cinvince myself that I am excited.... okay, not gonna lie... I am a little excited.  but just a little)  But I really do love autumn... the leaves changing colors, soups, walking on the ground and hearing the leaves crunch... its the best.  Oh and I have a new love... a couple members have fed us Pumpkin Pie ice cream. At first I was really scared because I hate pumpkin pie... but I am def a fan of this.  I highly recommend it!  the problem is, it is offically cold.  I know I complain about the weather all the time... this is my last time.  Pinky promise.  but I made a vow to myself last General Conferecnce, that I wouldnt wear tights until the next general conference... but I just don't think I can do it... I'm already wearing my winter coats... Bring it on Buffalo... I'm ready for the cold!

So this week we got food poisoning!  We had dinner at a Recent convert's on Wednesday....  who we is a legit drug dealer!  I feel like I'm in an epsiode of Gossip girl or something here all the time because there is DRAMA RAMA!  and we get to be shrinks and hear all about it/ solve all the problems!  this week we finally have put most of the pieces of the puzzle together... its full of secret love affairs, drugs, and there's even a murder tangled in this.  Seriously.... this is real intense stuff.... but we're teaching about moving on and fully embracing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the atonement.... It's actually going really well!  Anyways.... we're at this lady's house (the drug dealer)  (oh, you dont need to worry dad, she loves us its 100% safe....  except one time when Hna. TV was super sick she offered her drugs--as in pain meds-- and we all kinda just stood their and awkwardly smiled... super funny... anyways)  So she made this soup that somehow didn't go well with my stomach... I'll spare you the details, cause nobody wants to hear about it, but we've been a sick little companionship for the past 4 days.... and then the next night (still super sick) we had dinner with Doug and Sandy!  Okay pause in the story to tell you about Doug and Sandy... they are the funniest peopel in the world.  I always get a really bad stomach ache after leaving their house because we are laughing so hard.  So Doug has been inactive for 20 something years.... so we went to visit him a couple weeks ago and long story short/Readers digest version, his wife was taking the lessons last year, but then there were some problems with the elders and they got sent home and she was just left.. nobody ever called her and she loved them and so she was really offended and decided to hate the church.... also she died.  She was dead for 23 minutes, but then came back to life.  HUGE MIRACLE!  It's an incredible story.  She can vividly see heaven and she met her deceased mother there and her mom told her that they still needed her on earth and so she had to come back.  Anywyas, Doug tells us the whole story and tells us to try Sandy again... so we go back to meet Sandy and yikes.... she was NOT happy.  we were a little bit scared.  (luckily she was mad at her husband for invitng us back and not us.... )  after a lot of little fights and lots of laughs, they agreed on letting us come back every week to do an FHE with them!  (FHE's are the best thing ever, btw).  she lets us come becasue she thinks Doug needs help, and Doug lets us come because he thinks she needs help.... Win for us, cause we get to help both pf them! Anyways, they are doing awesome.... back to me being sick... she made us blue-cheese chicken meatballs.... and those just dont go well with an upset tummy.  so then we all got extra sick!   and then the next day we got fed veggie chili.... also not good for the sickness... which just made everything EXTRA bad..... but we are doing better now!  posion is gone and we are all up and at it!  Kinda funny though, cause we rearely get fed, and the three times we get meals were all right in a row when we didn't want to eat haha.

So I had a pretty neat experience this week.  We were visiting a potential, and reading the BoM Title page with her.  She finishes the last paragraph and looks up at me and says "so basically you are telling me that this is the ONLY true church in all the world... and that nobody else has it but you... that's a pretty bold claim."  Suddenly the Spirit was SO strong, just overwhelming, and I was able to bear my testimony to her of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.  I told her "yes" it is the only church with the complete truth, and the Book of Mormon is evidence of this.  Yes it is a bold statement, but I know it is true with all of my heart.  I know the Book of Mromon is the word of God and is literally a roadmap for our lives.  I find personal application to my life on every single page and I know it can help us with anything and everything.  I love the book of Mormon and it is the reaosn I am on a mission-so I can share it with others!  I know this is God's church restored on the Earth and that we have a living prophet to lead and guide us.  We are so blessed to hear his words in just a few short weeks!

I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week and go share this good news!!!!  
Love, Hna Davis

ps... special shoutout to my Breennnie!!!!!!   oh my gosh!!!!!   congrats!  I love you so much!!!!!!  you'll be the most beautiful bride ever!!!  

and ps, thanks for the lengthy letters this week Nicole and Sam, and the packages Mom and Grandma.... they were really nice when we were all laying in bed trying not to die!!  

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

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