Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 31

okay, so yesterday:  we get a call at exactly 6:31 am from Pres Francis.  I do my best to sound very awake (I promise i was actually awake at 6:25... but I dont like to talk to anyone for a solid half hour until I'm more awake).  So I do my best voice, and he is super bright and cheery as always, and he says he's driving to buffalo right now and he has a special visitor he wants us to meet.  Elder Gordon Smith of the 70. No big deal.  He was going out to meet the Zone leaders before church, but requested that my companionship go to the meeting too!  (I dont really know how he knew of us, but hey, I wont complain).  So he asks us to meet him at 7:20 at the Buffalo chapel... well it's at least a 30 minute drive (and thats on a good day)... so we frantically get ready super fast and leave at 645 to meet them!  We had a super good meeting and he just talked to us and gave us ideas and all sorts of amazing stories and direction!  So so neat.  I am so thankful for that amazing opportunity!

So lesson of the week:  happiness is a choice.  I've always believed this 100%, but it was definitely reaffirmed 100 times this week.  This week we met with a lot of people we have been trying to see since we got here but haven't been able to yet (never home, don't answer the phone, bail on appointments, etc.)  but this week we managed to somehow see a lot of them... HUGE MIRACLE!  well unfortuanltely, these people have the saddest, and most depressing stories and experiences I have ever heard.  Honestly, it is just so sad and heartbreaking hearing what people go through.  Well 99% of them have chosen to victimize themselves, and be offended, and just whither away because they choose to be unhappy.  Granted, they are facing more trails than I thought imaginable, but still, they are choosing to be depressed, sad, and are just giving up on life altogether.  But then there is Hna Carrero on the other hand.  (Hna Carrero is the lady we help every other week with the birds that Im really scared of).  Despite my fear, she is the most amazing example in the world.  She can barely walk, she has a zillion health problems, and just a plethora of difficulties... yet she is the happiest person I know (except when Elder Helstern lights her kitchen on fire).  she chooses to be happy and she chooses to keep trying everyday.  It is so imporatnt that we keep that attitude in mind!  WWHCD?  (what would hermana carrero do?)  We cant lose faith, even when it is hard.... Heavenly Father is here for us in everything that we do and we just have to keep putting one step forward everyday.  It's like Jesus says in Mark 5:36.... "Be not afraid, only believe."   Just believe!

Well we have now been here for 6 weeks.  How the heck?  No clue how that happened, because I feel like we just got here yesterday.  CRAZY!  time is always flying!   But we have definitly seen so many miracles and amazing things in the time that we have been here.  There are people just waiting to learn and hear about the gospel... we just have to find them!  Kelsey is getting baptized in a couple weeks!   so excited for her!!!!   and one of our investigators Brian is close too!  (he's adorable and has this very speical place in my heart... he is extremely overweight, and is terrified to get baptized because he doesnt think he can "be dunked."   but no worries, Brian, we can do it!!!

okay love you all!  have the best week ever!!!!!!  Happy autumn!  I now can't go outside without a coat!  yayy!!!  I LOVE SNOW and COLD WEATHER!!

Les quiero,
Hermana Davis

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