Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 30

Hola!!   Super good week!  Well every week is good... hey, it's all in your attitude, right?  So I'm feeling pretty distracted from typing right now... because I'm surrounded by "Downawanda Abbey."  I live in the town of Tonawanda... and it REALLY likes the tv show Downton Abbey apparently; I've only seen like 2 episodes ever (and that was when Mom and Nicole were watching and I was there so I could join in on eating cookies... so I really don’t know what it all means)  But right now the whole library is dressed up and there are decorations everywhere for the lovely celebration of "Downawanda Abbey."  Nobody really celebrated Labor Day, but no worries; Downawanda abbey day is a big success.  

But speaking of holidays, Sunday we decided to celebrate Accion De Gracias!  (Thanksgiving) :)  We had a lesson with some of our investigators about gratitude... and we decided we should be grateful all the time... therefore, a Thanksgiving dinner was necessary.  We had a big celebration and it was extra good cause it was Fast Sunday and now I'm all about celebrating thanksgiving monthly.  I highly recommend it to you all!

Umm I cant really think of anything... and I'm on a laptop from the 1700s right now that is rather slow and is missing a lot of keys, so typing is hard.  umm oh I found the only Jamba Juice in Western New York!  My achievement for the week? haha  We were on exchanges, and we'd been walking in the rain/shine for hours.... and we really wanted a smoothie for dinner.  Well I get this inspired idea that University of Buffalo probably has a food court (we were right by it) and we could find a smoothie there.... So we took on UofB.  And it made me really excited being on a college campus... especially cause you're all starting BYU today/ other schools already started... I felt like I’m part of the club!  And I just love school!  I felt sad that I didn’t have a backpack on, but I had my Book of Mormon to carry!  And somebody asked if they could buy one in the bookstore (I gladly gave them mine for free and it "made his day" yay!  Glad I could help!)  but anyways, we find the food court, and there is a jamba juice.  The only one in our mission.  I legit heard angelic music when we saw it and it was glowing.  We enjoyed a yummy smoothie and all was well.

Okay, this is kind of a boring letter... sorry... I keep watching the girls dancing in old fashioned dresses in front of us... This is really weird, not gonna lie.  But we keep seeing lots of Miracles in our area!  Lots of people want to learn and lots of the people we're teaching are progressing!  so exciting!  OH MY GOSH... a guy just ran in with a musket and declared war on all of us.... I am so confused.  and nobody really cares about what the guy is doing, cause everyones reading/on the computer/ doing library things....   he just left.   

This week I taught the Young Womens lesson and I just loved it all so much, I had to share it with you!  I came across this talk while I was getting it ready and I LOVE IT.  Take 10 minutes and read it; I promise it's good (it's Elder Bednar... of course it is :) )
....And a Mormon message cause I just love them so much.....
It is so important that we are always showing our love for everyone!  "Never let a problem to solved become more important than a person to be loved" --Thomas S. Monson

okay, I love you all!  Hope you had a wonderful week! And keep enjoying school!!!

Niagara Falls....  we went last Monday!  Lots of fun... then we got to go play sports after!  (we never go play because... well long story... but we got to last week!  yayyy!!) It poured rain, but that’s okay cause you get drenched by the waterfalls anyways!  Its pretty much the closest thing we get to swimming for 18 months....  super fun day!!
and Hermana TV had a birthday!!  yayy!!! 

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