Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 29- Dumpster Diving!

Okay I legit went dumpster diving this week.  In a skirt.  For nasty dog hair.  oh my gosh.  The things missionaries do.... So out here EVERYBODY has a dog (which is a thousand times better than Palmyra where everybody had a cat), but these are huge shedding dogs.  I constantly am covered in hair.  So gross.  My love for dogs is slowly decreasing everyday.  Anyways, this week we were visiting this lady who loves her dogs a lot. (She also loves the Beatles and Donny and Marie... I've never seen so much Donny/Marie paraphernalia in my life... )  So her favorite dog in the world died 5 years ago; so in order to stay close to him, she has his urn on the fireplace (think Meet the Parents).  I THOUGHT the urn was all... its not.  so we were doing service for her and cleaning her house... and I find this HUGE chunk of dog hair on the shelf.  I obviously think its disgusting, and use my paper towel to throw it away.  But the garbage was full... so I then take the garbage outside to the community dumpster (and of course right then the entire street decided to empty their garbage as well....)  So I get back into the house and she says, "Hey did you see Sophie's hair on the shelf?"  Who's Sophie?  Sophie is the dead dog.  She has been saving this hair since she died (she took him to get groomed the day before the dog died and so she had this nice chunk of hair to remember her).  I frantically scramble to the shelf and realize I just threw away her most prized possession. So that’s when I ran to the trash can.  That was real fun going through EVERYBODYS garbage.  Good part of the story:  I found the hair!!!!  And she didn’t even know it was ever gone!  Also a good part:  Buffalo is famous for Cheerios... there are the cheerio factories all around where they make billions of cheerios everyday... so it always smells like cereal   and I LOVE cereal!  So at least it didn’t smell as I was in the trash can!   Oh, but on a negative note, I had some sort of allergic reaction (I don’t know if it was all the dust from the house that hadn’t been dusted in 20 years, or the dog hair, or the trash, or what.... but all of a sudden my eyes started watering and swelling, and I looked like Will Smith in Hitch when he eats that weird thing at the seafood place or whatever... anyways, that was fun.  I should’ve taken a picture, but I was too preoccupied in trying to save my life.  An allergy pill and some advil brought me back, so no worries!

also HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DADDY AND MOMMY!!!!!!!   thanks for being the best parents in the entire world.  I honestly don't know how you manage to be so perfect at everything!  You are the best ever!  And I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Last week we went to the zoo!!  That was fun!  kinda... its kinda a weak zoo.. but that’s okay!  It was still cool!  And students get the reduced price, but I couldn’t find my BYU ID... so I used my MTC card and it totally worked.  Win for me!

This boy Zack got baptized yesterday!  I taught him a few times, but really he was the elders investigator... but Zack and I became SUPER good friends because he is Brandon's twin.  For reals.  He's 12 (his birthday is may 10), he plans on playing for the Yankees... if that doesn’t work out, the NETs... if that doesn’t work out he's going to be a lawyer.  We discuss paint balling and air soft wars a lot and he is going to call President Francis to see if we can go paintballing together.  He's so legit.  And he bore his testimony after his baptism, and it just made me so happy because I just kept picturing Brandon!  I miss you brandO!!!!!

Well, time to go... we're hitting up NIAGARA FALLS!!!  woohooo!!  Gonna go hiking and finally we can tell ppl we've been... its only like 20 minutes away, and everybody we meet freaks out when they find out that we haven’t gone yet.  

I love you all mucho!  Have a wonderful week!

Love Hermana D

Quote for the week:
"Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to do great and good things. Believe that no mountain is so high that you cannot climb it. Believe that no storm is so great that you cannot weather it. You are not destined to be a scrub. You are a child of God, of infinite capacity. 
Believe that you can do it- whatever it is that you set your heart on. Opportunities will unfold and open before you. The skies will clear when they have been dark with portent."
 -President Gordon B. Hinckley
This week is a new week.  We got this. 

love you all!

Pics are from the zooooo

The lamb's name is Harrison.. So obviously I had to take a pic of it... he has some mental issues and just runs after this ball all day.. he hits his head on it and then goes after it again.  so cute.  I love my harry :)

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