Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 28- Tenemos Amigos!

We are starting to make friends!  woohoo!  Cause not gonna lie-we received a very lukewarm welcome to the ward the first week and we were slightly nervous that we wouldn’t make friends.  But people are starting to like us!  Yay!!  And we're winning for meals from members!  (Not that its a competition, but kinda it is).  There are 10 young missionaries in the ward.  And for this little baby ward to feed us is definitely asking something... they are all young (most are students at U of B), poor, and have little babies.... but we are definitely winning for the most meals!  yay!!  (We'll see how long it lasts... it could just be cause we're new haha)  but we're the only sisters (the rest are elders) so hopefully that can win us some points too!

So we've been meeting a ton of people and they all like to inform us about buffalo.... did you know buffalo is known for super cold winters?  cool.  And that they haven’t had a really harsh one in a couple years, so its due time for one this year?  It's August, and I have to wear a sweater!!  AHHHH!  I may die.   I inherited a huge coat from sister Jones, who inherited it from her trainer... Its the biggest coat known to mankind... hopefully it will keep me warm?  no se.   Anyways, pray that I don’t get hypothermia and die.  And lose all my fingers/toes to frostbite.  Oh also, there are a lot of ppl dying from mosquito bites.  One of our potential investigators just passed away from a mosquito bite!  We met him at the River, and he was totally fine.  He got bit that night, and then we try to call him the next two days, no answer... finally "he" calls us back... actually his girlfriend... he's in the hospital because of the bite... two days later, he died.  SCARY.  SO SAD.  oh my goodness.  I live in bug spray; you don’t even know.  And there is stuff all over everywhere warning us against the bugs!  scary!!!! 

what else?  I chopped my hair!!!!!   Hna. Tulande Vasquez is a hair dresser... and I asked for a trim... but then I decided "I’m on a mission- I don’t care what I look like!"  and told her she could do whatever she wanted.  I haven had it this short since like freshman year of high school... super weird.  but I think its really helping with my migraines and headaches!  I haven’t had near as many and I think its cause I don’t have 12 pounds of hair attached to my head! She thinned it out a ton too and my head feels so light!  Maybe I'll just shave it?

ooo fun story.  So last week Hermana Carrero (super old lady in the ward... like really old... like I don’t know how she functions at all) invites us over for lunch.  sweet.  We love food. Especially since we are out of money for the month haha.  so we go over and she actually turned it into a service project.  Okay.. Totally fine... we like to serve.  HOWEVER... Hrn Carrero is scary.  REALLY scary.  first off, she has birds.  Who has birds for pets?  gross.  Especially when you are old and crippled and cant take care of them.  They are messy and gross and loud, and I can’t think of one positive thing from having a bird as a pet... so my job was to clean up after the birds.  Fun.  And then next was to enter Hells Kitchen.  Oh my gosh; that was the most intense cooking of my life.  She is very strict, and everything needs to be done her way (including carving a chicken by cutting through all of the bones)  After lots of yelling, an elder setting the kitchen on fire (real talk... he set the kitchen on fire... we had to use the fire extinguisher), and escaped birds, I finally got kicked out to go clean the bathroom... fine by me; I was scared in the cocina.  So she tells me to mop and to use the bucket in the corner... I go get the bucket, and it is FULL of poop.  Not just a little at the bottom... like years worth of poop.  I have NO clue where it came from, cause it was pretty fresh... so I decide to dump it into the toilet; cause that’s the only idea I have... so I go to the toilet... and there was another explosion. So then I plunge and scrub that for a while... then get back to the poop bucket... dump out as much as I can, and then go to the shower to rinse out the rest.  Well the shower head is broken, so I end up getting completely soaked, head to toe.  And then an elder comes in to get the bucket (I took too long, so he got put on mopping duty) and for some reason he puts his head in the bucket to see if its the right one(no clue why... I ask why the elders do a lot of the things they do)... well there was still lots of poop residue... and he got it all over his face.  So gross.  So here I am standing completely soaked, and here he is with crap on his face... and she calls us in for lunch.  And when she calls; you run.  No "ifs" "ands" or "buts")  he wants to wash his face, but she starts yelling... which is scary (as mentioned a lot of times already) so he runs in and wipes his face with a napkin... and it was still smeared everywhere..... so gross, but really funny.  The whole thing was quite the adventure.  And now we're coming back to "eat lunch" every week!  yayyy!!!!  so stoked! haha

well, I need to go!  Love you all!!  Keep enjoying the beach and have fun at school!  All the U of B students are getting ready to go back and I'm kinda sad I'm not too... I love my mission.. duh... but I really love school a lot.  Next fall I guess!  


So the pictures:
 1. Its us in our room... the entire bedroom!  (aka we live in the tiniest little apt ever!  So cute and fun!  (The camera is in the hall).  With 3 beds, there is no space for any other furniture.... so we keep all of our stuff in the kitchen (good thing we don’t have much food, cause I need that space for my socks. pjs/everything else haha)  nothing like grabbing a frying pan next to my sweats haha)

2.  I taught Sister TV how to make brownies!  In Spain they don’t do boxed baked goods... silly people.... so I'm teaching her our fat America ways!  I'm also teaching her lots of slang.  and she teaches me useful things.  good trade-offs.  go team.

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