Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 27

Okay team, I was kissed.  It was gross.  He was a 40 year old womanizer.  (maybe dad shouldn't read this one....).  So our first week here we meet this man named Jim in the library.  He sees our Book of Mormons and comes to talk to us--he was "scared for our salvation."  But we get talking and he is so, so thirsty to learn more.  He had a very rough past, but turned to Christianity a couple years ago.  We offered him the BoM, but he refused, but he DID accept out card... then we saw him a couple days later.  He had checked out the website; he loved it, and he wants to learn more!  Sweet!  So we give him a Book of Mormon now with our testimony in it, and we had a lesson!  So far so good.  But then it just started feeling weird... woman's intuition?  No se... pero weird.  But we teach people on the Niagara Falls River... pretty sweet place, if you ask me haha.  We teach a lot of single men and we can't go into their houses, so we just meet at parks/wherever in public.  (There aren’t really any members who live in our area, so it's next to impossible to get a "member present" lesson).  So we're at the park, and we have a super powerful, amazing lesson, and we're saying our goodbyes and he goes in for the hug... which everyone always tries to hug, but I'm really good at sliding away before they can get us, and explaining that it isn’t the most professional, missionary conduct.  But he got me this time and it has potential of winning the most awkward side hug ever.  Well I'm disappointed in myself, because usually I'm so good at dodging the hugs of creepy men, and all of a sudden he's going in for the kiss.  ewwwww.   So gross.  Luckily I moved my head as quickly as I possibly could (almost to whip-lash point) and it was the fastest little peck ever... even that was gross... oh also, he had buffalo chicken wings for dinner (SIDENOTE:  did you know they originated from Buffalo?  I didn’t, until a few days ago.... cool.  haha  minus the fact that I hate buffalo wings and everyone and their mother tries to give them to us here).  And so the nasty wing sauce was still on his lips.  oh my gosh.  Gross.  and we're friends on facebook so he calls me "Addison" rather than Hermana/Sister Davis and it really irritates me.  The elders are now taking him for us cause we don’t like teaching him!  Thanks elders!  

Anywyas, on a happier note:  our area has been declared safe!!!!!  President came to our apartment a couple days ago and went all around the area because he was worried about sisters being in this area... half of it is pretty sketch (kinda like Hemet) and the other half is pretty nice!  But he drove around and we talked and declared it as safe... so that’s good! and he said our safety is of the up-most importance!  So I don’t even feel guilty about carrying around weapons!  (Daddy, I always have my pepper spray and my million volt tazer!!  ... none of the elders believed its one million volts and want me to try it on them... we may have a demonstration just so I can prove it is :)  ) MORAL OF THE STORY:  I'm safe!  And we don’t do anything that seems sketch.  Pinky promise!  And we have permission to come back before 9 so we aren’t out with the scary people!  yay!

We have lots of interesting investigators... one's name is Brain.... he is so sweet; kinda slow, but super awesome... well we thought.  He has a baptismal date for the end of this month set... everything was going really well, but we had a lesson the other day, and all of a sudden he pops out that he thinks all churches are true--especially Jehovah's Witness!  And about 2 minutes later, the JW missionaries show up to teach... that was kinda awkward.  We promptly got up quickly to leave, because they have been fairly physically abusive and very verbally abusive to the sisters around here, and they taught him a lesson as he held the book of moron.  cool.  i guess?  But he hasn’t called us back/answered the door ever since then, so hopefully we still get a chance!

so thuoght of the day:
D&C 121: 7-9.. Revelation to Jospeh when he was in Liberty jail:
  My son, apeace be unto thy soul; thine badversity and thine afflictions shall be but a csmall moment;
 8 And then, if thou aendure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy bfoes.
 9 Thy afriends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee again with warm hearts and friendly hands.
We've been working with a less-active/investigator who has the whole world coming against her; she has every health issue in the book and I just feel so bad for her.  She finally let down her wall when we were talking to her a couple days ago, and filled us in on everything.  She has pain, but through the help of the Lord, she can overcome all of the challenges she has.  Same goes for us.  Our thoughts of loneliness, inadequacy, sadness, etc. should only for a brief moment; we all struggle, we all have hard things... but we have the help of the Lord in everything we do.  We have to stay strong and always turn to the Lord.
He wants us to be happy and successful!

I love you all so much!  Hope all is well!  It sounds like the house remodeling is going good!  and I loved Harry's wisdom teeth video! (Nicole, your video didn’t work :(  )  I needed a good laugh at Harrison moment; its been too long :)   
oh hey!  If you ever send a package in the near future, will you put in CD's!  EFY ones... good ones (not the YWs ones that are super old)... but I have some good ones in my car.. I think... we can only listen to LDS artists, but cds would be cool.... and what would be even cooler would be SPANISH MUSIC!!!!   If you see any Spanish church music, that would be legit!  gracias!!  

have a wonderful week!

love addi!

saying goodbye to tammie!  one of our amazing investigators in Palmyra that I love so much!
 2. old cathedral in downtown buff...

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