Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 26

Wow... so so much to tell you- where do I even begin?  So I'm in Buffalo... as you already have found out haha  I am in a trio! (which is kinda tricky, but we're figuring it out).  Sister Tulande Vasques, and Hermana Norr!  I'm training Hermana Norr!  She is from Washington (Tri-Cities area) and is actually a Visa waiter going to Argentina!  And Sister Tulande Vasques es de Spain!  HUGE answer to my prayers... I've been praying for a Native Spanish speaker since day 1 at the MTC so I can actually have somebody to speak Spanish with, and now I'm in a trio of Spanish speakers!  Its pretty intimidating, but I'm definitely improving, so it's really good!  Nobody in our area speaks Spanish though, but that’s okay!  (Actually everybody speaks French... like half of our ward is French Canadian and all of the stuff is translated in French... maybe I'll come home speaking French?) haha

So we got here with absolutely nothing!  We opened the area (so there hasn’t been missionaries here before)  Well kinda, there have been missionaries, but we split the areas cause they were super big... so they gave us the address and we drove up to nothingl (sister Jones is the greatest and gave me her GPS, thank goodness).  Speaking of cars... I finally get to drive!! Yay!  I missed driving!  The mission just bought 2 new Ford F 150s and 2 new Nissan trucks... they told us we got the new Ford F150.  We were super stoked for about an hour, and then they gave it to elders instead (apparently they help ppl move more than we do.. rude)  but we still got a brand new Ford Fusion... I'll take it :)  But yeah we got to our apt.... (which is an old Elders apt.. enough said.  you can imagine the smell and cleanliness and interesting things we found. )  but we got there and we had no map, no area book, a brand new phone with no numbers, pretty much nothing.  Which gave us a good laugh for a while.. Cause I don’t know how to be a normal missionary/open a new area/train/ speak Spanish... but hey-whom the Lord calls, he qualifies?  Let's hope so haha  But the next day we went to the gas station and bought a map and met the elders and split the area!  So I am a little bit north of Buffalo... they gave us 5 Less-actives from a list they had in 2006.  Cool.  And so we've just been working off of that!  And its incredible because we have seen SO MANY MIRACLES already!!!!!!   I am just amazed because just one thing after another keeps happening!  The Lord is definitely blessing us and I know without a doubt that we were supposed to open up Kenmore (official name of our area... even though we aren’t in Kenmore) right now!

The church is about 40 minutes away... (the southern tip of Downtown Buffalo) which is kinda difficult because we don’t get very many miles each month, and getting people to church is hard when its so far and nobody has cars (and most ward members aren’t in our area either, so they cant really give rides), but we'll make it work!  Actually really neat tender mercy:  so the elders call us on Friday and ask if we can help them do service.. umm YEAH... we don’t have any other plans.  So we go and cut down a "bush" (it gets quotes, because this is no normal bush... I called it a tree for the first hour... it was taller than the house and had a million limbs... but they swear its a bush.. so whatever)  so we go to help, and this old couple is there as well (the Munro's) and so we talk to them and get to know them while we were working and they brought our new investigator Tim to church on Sunday (it was so perfect doing service and meeting them, so they could help us!!)  Oh also a significant part about the service... I fainted... what the weird?  My first time ever fainting!!!!  So embarrassing.  I shouldn’t even be writing this for ppl to know.. whatever haha  so the elder cuts down a limb from the "bush" and its huge and it falls on Bro Munro's head... (and he is really old... I was worried he had died... literally, I was really scared for his life)  well, he ends up being okay, but his entire head of white locks is stained red... I go up to him to use my PhD Lifeguard first-aid skills (cause obviously I remember everything and am super certified) and I look at the slash in his skull and with my knowledge, I declare he needs stitches... but then I start to get really dizzy and things start getting black... so I walk to the "bush" to hold on to something, and the next thing I know I'm having this super legit drea... and then a cup of water lands on my face... apparently I fell flat on my back and had fainted.  My hands were twitching and my eyes were rolling... super embarrassing.  And little sister Tulande Vasques is holding my legs up.... I guess I don’t do well with blood?  Good thing I never wanted to be a doctor...  I was out for about 15 seconds!  and now everybody is calling me Marie Osmond (I don’t really know why.. apparently she fainted on dancing with the stars or something?  no clue)  but I'm totally fine!  other than my pride.  whatever. 

oh and Tim.... we found him when we were trying to find the Less-actives!  SO LEGIT!  We handed him a BoM and he just glew.  It was amazing.  he asked if he could come to church with us... duhh.  and I'm sure he'll get baptized within a month!   The Lord has so many people prepared to hear the Gospel!  We just have to find them!!!!

Well, I love you all!  I hope everything is going great!  Any prayers in the Buffalo direction would be appreciated... cause we're kinda clueless on stuff haha.... I miss the sites and everybody, but I'm really excited to be out here!  It's pretty rare in our mission to go "full-proselyting" because there are only 3 areas (well now 4, since we just opened one) for sisters in all of Western NY that aren’t at/close to the sites.  Huge opportunity and blessing!

Love you!
Hna D :)

pic: new companeras!!!!

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