Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 23

Hola!!!!!   Como Estan?  Nothing too much new to report on.... other than more amazing Pageant miracles!   I know I say it every 5 seconds, but this is the most amazing experience ever!  I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of it!

I keep seeing a bunch of people I know and meeting everybody's mutual friends.  Random people keep coming up that I get to meet and talk to because someone sent them here to look for me... its been so much fun getting to know and talk to all of them!! 

I have seen so many remarkable experiences and miracles.... I wish I had 15 hours to type them all out for you!  All I can say, is that this Gospel is true.  It is God's only true church here on the Earth and it brings more joy, peace, and happiness than anything else in the world.  I am so grateful to have it in my life.  I have known this my whole life, but everything is a million times more solidified.  Getting to hear everyone's stories and experiences and testimonies has been life-changing.  There is no question about it--the Gospel is the BEST EVER!!!  woohooo!!!!

So typical day.... get up at the crack of dawn, and go to our morning shift at the site (1st week we were at the Book of Mormon publication site... now we are at the Joseph Smith farm).  We are at our shift until 2 and then we go to the Hill to meet with the Cast Teams.  We are with them helping out with all sorts of things... lots of role-playing, practicing, etc.  Then we eat dinner with the cast and have a devotional/fireside with them.  Then at 7 we go into the bowl and go on team-ups with cast members and share messages with audience members until the show starts at 9:30... then we watch and then we get home around midnight!  And then I crash!  yay!!!  The devotionals are so neat.... last night a general authority spoke.... speaking of which--they visit a lot.... and Sister Searl (the Site Director) asked me to take some on tour!  So I got to show them around and bear testimony to them and their families!  Pretty incredible!  And intimidating sometimes... but so neat getting to share my testimony with them!  Also, each of us 6 cast trainers speak at the devotionals/fireside things....  I spoke a couple nights ago and shared the story of Grandma great great something coming over from Denmark and then black cloak and her getting into America.  It was really neat cause I kinda had something else planned and then when I stood up to talk to the 900+ people (also super intimidating) I felt really prompted to share that story.  tons of people came up to me after and asked if I could share more information and just very sincerely thanked me for sharing that with them.  It was just what so many of them needed to hear and we were able to reflect on how miracles are still happening everyday around us. The spirit always knows what we all need to hear!  I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost always helping me out!  But momma, want to send me that whole story.... I don’t remember all of the dates and details from it and I'd love to have it with me!  thanks!!

Entonces, I love you all so much!  Thanks for everything.  I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate you all!  Have a wonderful week!  Have fun in Utah and at the cabin!  I feel like I haven’t been there in forever!  Video Harrison and his wisdom teeth and email it to me!!  I could use a good "make fun of harry" laugh :)


Hermana Davis

Sweet Emily!!  Another Pageant miracle!  We met her and got to sit with her and are keeping in contact!  She just came over from China and is going to Med School in Buffalo... She was driving past the Hill Cumora and decided to stop in for Pageant... she loved it and wants to meet missionaries now!  They're already beginning to teach her!  yay!!!
I had 5 seconds of free time in the BOMPS when no tours were coming... so I decided to type out my name.... get a feel for the typing business haha
 My ash at Pageant!!!!!!   So excited to see her!!!
Hna. Jones caught me sleeping in the car-- 4 minute drive and I managed to completely pass out.... some things never change. Haha
We had a s'more party!!!  Brealyn Jacobson (our bestest pageant friend) invited us over to make smores in her trailer!!!  we have the healthiest lunches!!  oops...
More smores!!!!!
I held a toad!  And I was so scared but thought you would be so proud so I had to take a picture!  the kids caught snakes and toads and I was so so scared, but I knew if I acted scared then they would scare me even more.... so I acted really brave and even held the toad!!  yayy!!!!  Maybe I wont be terrified of all reptiles by the time I get home!!!

Caught these amazing cast members saying a prayer before they went out into the bowl to teach!  I felt like a proud mom!!  It was so sweet! They listened to our workshops!  yay!!
 Joell!!  One of my cast splits for a night :)
Dick and Irma at Pageant!!!!   It’s been so great!  We have different Investigators/Less-actives/recent converts coming every night!!!
Pageant scene!!  Christ's birth!  So powerful.  love it all!
Deer :)  I am bffs with bambi all day, e'ry day.  its the best.  

ps its SO HUMID i am going to die.  so disgusting.  really.  we just learned the levels of humidity.... 1st:  humid. 2: muggy  3: severely muggy  4: oppressive......    and all the weather ppl have declared it as oppressive.   I am one walking sweat pit (I don’t even know what that means.. I just typed it and don’t feel like erasing it)  anyways.... SO HOT!  95 degrees and 98 % humidity.... I miss the desert!  oh well!!

okay love you bye!

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