Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 22 Pageant! Pageant! Pageant! Pageant!

Pretty much we eat, sleep, and live Pageant lately...  BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!  Oh my gosh.  I don't even know where to begin.  This week we gave our workshops and have done all of our training!  The cast members are so great!  Really.  I have about 7 14-16 year olds who have proposed and ask if they can write me.  Awkward.  I don't really know how to handle awkward little boy flirting.  Yesterday somebody proposed.  I turned the darkest shade of red possible and walked away without saying anything.  Little chicos need to back off... I'm  a missionary... and they're like 12.  Super weird.  But all the other people are really great!!   We've made some really good friends!!  We have so much fun spending so much time with them.... I kinda feel like I'm on summer vacation right now-just because we're in the forests of Hill Cumorah with all these people who are camping and stuff and with them 24/7 and it's different than our normal stuff.  Seriously so so great.  I have NO idea how I got so lucky. 

So Thursday night was the media dress rehearsal.... so basically it was opening night of the show.  Oh my gosh.  INCREDIBLE.  The whole thing is one huge miracle after another.  I wish I had hours and hours to share all of them with you.  Everybody has a neat story and watching everyone come together to put this together in less than a week is one of the neatest things I have ever seen.  Yesterday we talked to my man PeeWee.  aka Abinadi (he plays Abinadi in Pageant).  aka fighter pilot, aka retired BYU football player, aka spiritual giant.  He just shared story after story of so many miracles.  Last October conference he and his wife were watching the little shows in between sessions and they had the special on the Hill Cumorah pageant.  He told his wife that he was going to be in it..... she just laughed because he was severely injured 10 years previously in a flight simulation.  There was no way he could possibly participate.... but he was determined.  The next day his son called him who works at some big hospital and told him to meet this surgeon who specializes in brain/spine/other body parts....  (I don't remember all the medical terms he used)... well he got surgery in February, got accepted into Pageant, and is now here feeling great.  He shared his story 10000 times better than I just put it, but anyway, it was seriously remarkable!  And I get to meet cool people like that all the time!!  Also I got a job offer in Thailand!!  There's this sweet man in HR and he said I can go help out with a branch from his company in Thailand when I get home!!  Not like I'll go.... but hey... I like job offers in Thailand haha  but yeah... tons of really neat ppl!!

So before the show every night we get to go on splits with cast members and share messages with the audience!!  Last night I got to do it in Spanish with a family from Columbia (the son was cracking up because my Spanish was so bad... oops haha)  but it was such a powerful experience.  The spirit was so strong and she wants to learn more.  I told her that missionaries can visit her in Columbia....  and she was just overwhelmed and began to cry.  Then I told her that maybe my cousin Taylor could teach her down there..... And she started sobbing she got so happy.  I mean, what are the odds that this referral will get sent to Taylor? Pretty slim.. But how amazing would that be?!  Its just so incredible watching the true Gospel change lives and seeing people realize it.    There have been a lot of neat experiences going out before the show!!  It's the best!

Yesterday birthday was so fun!!  Everybody was so kind and I've had 3 different parties thrown for me now!  Thanks to all of you for sending packages and letters and stuff.   You're all way too good to me and I love you all!! 

Maybe I'll email next Saturday?  No se....  but hopefully soon.... hopefully this makes sense... last night we finally got to bed around 1 and woke up at 530 again... three weeks till p-day and I get a nap!!!! 

love you all tons!!  miss you!!  hope all is well!!

Love Addi

Cast trainers watching them practice the dissension scene.... when Christ appears..... Seriously the most powerful moment ever....:
1st birthday party :)  Sister Anderson and I share a birthday... but she's staying in Fayette for the first week of Pageant, so we celebrated early!!
More surprise birthday parties!!!!:

 Cast trainers:
Opening our packages :)

 A family we're working with who came to Pageant with us :)
 Awkward picture where I don't have a neck... but I had to send it cause this is Braelyn!!  Our awesome Pageant friend!!!  She's the best.:
 Scene from Pageant when Christ comes and visits the children.  so so great :)

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