Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 21

Okay, pretty much July is going to be the best month of my mission life.... July's always good... but seriously this is the best ever.

Reasons why July is the best ever:
1.  4th of July!  aka my favorite holiday!  It was pretty much just a normal day... we spent our morning practicing for cast training and then had a shift at the BOMPS and then had ward choir.... nothing too special.... but then we get a text from the Zone leaders saying that Pres Francis thinks its important that we celebrate America so we got to go watch Fireworks!!!! OH MY GOSH!  I cant tell you how excited that made me because I am obsessed with 4th of July!  So the Ward's ( legit family in our Ward) and Bro. Ellsworth took us to Brighton to watch a firework show.  So much fun!  President Francis is quickly winning over my heart.  PS, he's awesome... I’ve only talked to him for .8 seconds, but so far, so good!  We have interviews today and are going up to meet him, so that should be fun!  But anyways, the 4th was so much fun and it was so nice of Pres. to let us go celebrate!  And thanks so much for the 4th of July package!  Everyone said you're the cutest mom ever... especially since you color coordinated all of the candy.  You're the best :)  and I love the clothes!!

And birthday!!  Having a birthday on a mission is a really great resource!  Sister Jones has been telling all of our investigators/less-actives/everyone that my birthday is on the 12th...  so everyone asks what I want... and I want them to come to church!!!!  And so they have been!!!  We've been trying FOREVER to get ppl to come to church and most of them always deny us... all it took was a birthday to get them here!!  Hopefully they'll keep coming!  But for the past two weeks we've had tons more church attendees in honor of my b-day!!!  So sweet!   Oh, and I opened Nicolie/Preston's package.... sorry... I just couldn’t help it cause it got here like 5 days ago and there was NO way I could just have it sitting there teasing me... and I LOVE it!!!  Thanks so much!!!  You all are way too sweet and good to me!   And boys!  Thanks for the water bottle!!  I had a super cool one, and then I lost it like the 2nd week I was here....  and I've been meaning to buy another one, but I always forget... so that was PERFECT :)   Anyways, thanks everyone1  you're all so great!

PAGEANT is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I can't even explain how neat it is.  Yesterday the cast met for the 1st time and we get to eat all our meals with them and get to know them really well!  We had our first fireside last night and then they all (850 of them) got casted into their roles in just a few hours.  It was incredible watching!  They started practicing today and opening night is Friday!!  It is amazing!  I can't tell you how blessed and humbled I am to be a part of this.  Only 6 of us in the mission get to be part of it and I am so grateful.  It is going to be the best three weeks ever.

Momma!!!!  I've been studying prayer a lot too!!!  And I've been praying a lot for more Spanish opportunities, and Heavenly father has definitely been answering these prayers!  There have been TONS of South American families coming to the sites needing tours in Spanish!  And so I’ve got to take them all around!  A few days ago I had 4 in a row.... Columbia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Mexico!!  It is so much fun getting to practice with them!  The family from Argentina... one of their sons is a famous pianist down there... so I took them into the theater and he saw the piano (there's a piano in there) and got super excited!  We had a little recital (luckily it wasn’t crowded and there was time) and we sang and he performed and it was so fun.  And then I found out that the dad is a pro Salsa dancer!  And so he taught me how to Argentine salsa and the son played cool Latin music and we Salsa danced!  (for like 2 minutes tops, but whatever!  it was still way fun!  )  Anyways, my Spanish is really starting to pick up!  And I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!  It was my goal to finish it in Spanish before the cast got here for Pageant.... so I read the whole thing in about 70 days!   And I understood it!!!!  I am so grateful it's starting to come along more lately!!  And so grateful I was called Spanish-speaking :)

Well I love you all!!  We don’t have any more p-days, but I think we'll squeeze in a chance to email next Friday or Saturday!!  Happy summer!!  Glad you all had a good 4th!

Hermana Davis

1.  had to wear red white and blue... for obvious reasons and take a pic in front of the white house for  the 4th
2.  we spent the 4th morning in the Study Shelter practicing for the cast!!!  and we love America.
3.  Watching fireworks :
4.  Early birthday party/ early 4th of July party/ we find lots of reasons to have a party
5. Opening presents :)
6. Watching the cast get put into their roles!  (us 6 are the cast trainers!!)
7. The stage!!!!!!   And notice how green it is!!!  That’s cause it has legitimately rained EVERY single day I have been in New York....  I’m not kidding.  there has not been ONE day it hasn’t rained at one point.... we average about a foot a week.... I miss the desert... except things are pretty when its green.... but it ALWAYS rains.

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