Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 24

Hi!!!!!!  I feel like a normal missionary again cause I'm typing you on a P-day!  July has been a long month.  I now fully understand why we get a P-day once a week because not having one for a month has drained us.  The greatest month ever--but so long.  It is really nice to be getting back into the swing of things!  Even though I'm already counting down the days until next summer.  But not gonna lie--the past few days we have been so exhausted.  We nightly plan as quickly as possible and jump into bed.  Today we plan on sleeping all day. haha

So the last few days of Pageant went really well!  Friday night it rained out :(  So sad.  They keep it going until there is lightening close by... and unfortunately it was nearby.  So they canceled it.  I felt so bad for all of the people who came and didn’t get to watch!  Especially this group from Pueblo Mexico.  I took them around all day for Spanish tours and they were SO EXCITED.  They had been saving up for this trip for 15 years, and were leaving Saturday morning.... Friday was their only opportunity to watch and they didn’t get to because of the rain.  It just broke my heart.  But everything happens for a reason, right?

So sis Jones had this investigator in her last area who moved here from Cambodia!  I met him at Pageant and told him about Grandpa and Grandma serving their missions there and he got so excited he invited us over for dinner!  And one of the members from the cast served in Cambodia as well so we all went over and they made us authentic Cambodian food!  Most of it was pretty good... some of it I prayed for about 10 times because it was really scary (scariest was the crab/shrimp egg role... it had legs coming out.  they told us to eat the whole thing, so I had to cause I didn’t want to offend them.  But the first crunch of shrimp tail, and I just couldn’t finish it.) Moral of the story, I’m turning so brave with my food!  You'd be so proud!  I'm no longer you're picky little eater!

So transfers are this week.... it kills us trying to figure them out.  This is Sister Jones' last one, and so we have a million different scenarios of what could happen (you'd think she’s staying, because there’s only one more... but she has only had __areas her entire mission... she's been here since November)... so who knows.  but I laugh really hard whenever we try to figure out what will happen because I think of Nicole in this situation...  and how it kills you to not know what’s going on... I legitimately start laughing to myself every time I think of it haha

I love you all!!!!  thought of the day:

"You . . . can indeed be pioneers in courage, in faith, in charity, in
determination. You can strengthen one another; you have the capacity
to notice the unnoticed. When you have eyes to see, ears to hear, and
hearts to feel, you can reach out and rescue others."—Thomas S. Monson

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 23

Hola!!!!!   Como Estan?  Nothing too much new to report on.... other than more amazing Pageant miracles!   I know I say it every 5 seconds, but this is the most amazing experience ever!  I am so humbled and blessed to be a part of it!

I keep seeing a bunch of people I know and meeting everybody's mutual friends.  Random people keep coming up that I get to meet and talk to because someone sent them here to look for me... its been so much fun getting to know and talk to all of them!! 

I have seen so many remarkable experiences and miracles.... I wish I had 15 hours to type them all out for you!  All I can say, is that this Gospel is true.  It is God's only true church here on the Earth and it brings more joy, peace, and happiness than anything else in the world.  I am so grateful to have it in my life.  I have known this my whole life, but everything is a million times more solidified.  Getting to hear everyone's stories and experiences and testimonies has been life-changing.  There is no question about it--the Gospel is the BEST EVER!!!  woohooo!!!!

So typical day.... get up at the crack of dawn, and go to our morning shift at the site (1st week we were at the Book of Mormon publication site... now we are at the Joseph Smith farm).  We are at our shift until 2 and then we go to the Hill to meet with the Cast Teams.  We are with them helping out with all sorts of things... lots of role-playing, practicing, etc.  Then we eat dinner with the cast and have a devotional/fireside with them.  Then at 7 we go into the bowl and go on team-ups with cast members and share messages with audience members until the show starts at 9:30... then we watch and then we get home around midnight!  And then I crash!  yay!!!  The devotionals are so neat.... last night a general authority spoke.... speaking of which--they visit a lot.... and Sister Searl (the Site Director) asked me to take some on tour!  So I got to show them around and bear testimony to them and their families!  Pretty incredible!  And intimidating sometimes... but so neat getting to share my testimony with them!  Also, each of us 6 cast trainers speak at the devotionals/fireside things....  I spoke a couple nights ago and shared the story of Grandma great great something coming over from Denmark and then black cloak and her getting into America.  It was really neat cause I kinda had something else planned and then when I stood up to talk to the 900+ people (also super intimidating) I felt really prompted to share that story.  tons of people came up to me after and asked if I could share more information and just very sincerely thanked me for sharing that with them.  It was just what so many of them needed to hear and we were able to reflect on how miracles are still happening everyday around us. The spirit always knows what we all need to hear!  I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost always helping me out!  But momma, want to send me that whole story.... I don’t remember all of the dates and details from it and I'd love to have it with me!  thanks!!

Entonces, I love you all so much!  Thanks for everything.  I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate you all!  Have a wonderful week!  Have fun in Utah and at the cabin!  I feel like I haven’t been there in forever!  Video Harrison and his wisdom teeth and email it to me!!  I could use a good "make fun of harry" laugh :)


Hermana Davis

Sweet Emily!!  Another Pageant miracle!  We met her and got to sit with her and are keeping in contact!  She just came over from China and is going to Med School in Buffalo... She was driving past the Hill Cumora and decided to stop in for Pageant... she loved it and wants to meet missionaries now!  They're already beginning to teach her!  yay!!!
I had 5 seconds of free time in the BOMPS when no tours were coming... so I decided to type out my name.... get a feel for the typing business haha
 My ash at Pageant!!!!!!   So excited to see her!!!
Hna. Jones caught me sleeping in the car-- 4 minute drive and I managed to completely pass out.... some things never change. Haha
We had a s'more party!!!  Brealyn Jacobson (our bestest pageant friend) invited us over to make smores in her trailer!!!  we have the healthiest lunches!!  oops...
More smores!!!!!
I held a toad!  And I was so scared but thought you would be so proud so I had to take a picture!  the kids caught snakes and toads and I was so so scared, but I knew if I acted scared then they would scare me even more.... so I acted really brave and even held the toad!!  yayy!!!!  Maybe I wont be terrified of all reptiles by the time I get home!!!

Caught these amazing cast members saying a prayer before they went out into the bowl to teach!  I felt like a proud mom!!  It was so sweet! They listened to our workshops!  yay!!
 Joell!!  One of my cast splits for a night :)
Dick and Irma at Pageant!!!!   It’s been so great!  We have different Investigators/Less-actives/recent converts coming every night!!!
Pageant scene!!  Christ's birth!  So powerful.  love it all!
Deer :)  I am bffs with bambi all day, e'ry day.  its the best.  

ps its SO HUMID i am going to die.  so disgusting.  really.  we just learned the levels of humidity.... 1st:  humid. 2: muggy  3: severely muggy  4: oppressive......    and all the weather ppl have declared it as oppressive.   I am one walking sweat pit (I don’t even know what that means.. I just typed it and don’t feel like erasing it)  anyways.... SO HOT!  95 degrees and 98 % humidity.... I miss the desert!  oh well!!

okay love you bye!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Week 22 Pageant! Pageant! Pageant! Pageant!

Pretty much we eat, sleep, and live Pageant lately...  BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!  Oh my gosh.  I don't even know where to begin.  This week we gave our workshops and have done all of our training!  The cast members are so great!  Really.  I have about 7 14-16 year olds who have proposed and ask if they can write me.  Awkward.  I don't really know how to handle awkward little boy flirting.  Yesterday somebody proposed.  I turned the darkest shade of red possible and walked away without saying anything.  Little chicos need to back off... I'm  a missionary... and they're like 12.  Super weird.  But all the other people are really great!!   We've made some really good friends!!  We have so much fun spending so much time with them.... I kinda feel like I'm on summer vacation right now-just because we're in the forests of Hill Cumorah with all these people who are camping and stuff and with them 24/7 and it's different than our normal stuff.  Seriously so so great.  I have NO idea how I got so lucky. 

So Thursday night was the media dress rehearsal.... so basically it was opening night of the show.  Oh my gosh.  INCREDIBLE.  The whole thing is one huge miracle after another.  I wish I had hours and hours to share all of them with you.  Everybody has a neat story and watching everyone come together to put this together in less than a week is one of the neatest things I have ever seen.  Yesterday we talked to my man PeeWee.  aka Abinadi (he plays Abinadi in Pageant).  aka fighter pilot, aka retired BYU football player, aka spiritual giant.  He just shared story after story of so many miracles.  Last October conference he and his wife were watching the little shows in between sessions and they had the special on the Hill Cumorah pageant.  He told his wife that he was going to be in it..... she just laughed because he was severely injured 10 years previously in a flight simulation.  There was no way he could possibly participate.... but he was determined.  The next day his son called him who works at some big hospital and told him to meet this surgeon who specializes in brain/spine/other body parts....  (I don't remember all the medical terms he used)... well he got surgery in February, got accepted into Pageant, and is now here feeling great.  He shared his story 10000 times better than I just put it, but anyway, it was seriously remarkable!  And I get to meet cool people like that all the time!!  Also I got a job offer in Thailand!!  There's this sweet man in HR and he said I can go help out with a branch from his company in Thailand when I get home!!  Not like I'll go.... but hey... I like job offers in Thailand haha  but yeah... tons of really neat ppl!!

So before the show every night we get to go on splits with cast members and share messages with the audience!!  Last night I got to do it in Spanish with a family from Columbia (the son was cracking up because my Spanish was so bad... oops haha)  but it was such a powerful experience.  The spirit was so strong and she wants to learn more.  I told her that missionaries can visit her in Columbia....  and she was just overwhelmed and began to cry.  Then I told her that maybe my cousin Taylor could teach her down there..... And she started sobbing she got so happy.  I mean, what are the odds that this referral will get sent to Taylor? Pretty slim.. But how amazing would that be?!  Its just so incredible watching the true Gospel change lives and seeing people realize it.    There have been a lot of neat experiences going out before the show!!  It's the best!

Yesterday birthday was so fun!!  Everybody was so kind and I've had 3 different parties thrown for me now!  Thanks to all of you for sending packages and letters and stuff.   You're all way too good to me and I love you all!! 

Maybe I'll email next Saturday?  No se....  but hopefully soon.... hopefully this makes sense... last night we finally got to bed around 1 and woke up at 530 again... three weeks till p-day and I get a nap!!!! 

love you all tons!!  miss you!!  hope all is well!!

Love Addi

Cast trainers watching them practice the dissension scene.... when Christ appears..... Seriously the most powerful moment ever....:
1st birthday party :)  Sister Anderson and I share a birthday... but she's staying in Fayette for the first week of Pageant, so we celebrated early!!
More surprise birthday parties!!!!:

 Cast trainers:
Opening our packages :)

 A family we're working with who came to Pageant with us :)
 Awkward picture where I don't have a neck... but I had to send it cause this is Braelyn!!  Our awesome Pageant friend!!!  She's the best.:
 Scene from Pageant when Christ comes and visits the children.  so so great :)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Week 21

Okay, pretty much July is going to be the best month of my mission life.... July's always good... but seriously this is the best ever.

Reasons why July is the best ever:
1.  4th of July!  aka my favorite holiday!  It was pretty much just a normal day... we spent our morning practicing for cast training and then had a shift at the BOMPS and then had ward choir.... nothing too special.... but then we get a text from the Zone leaders saying that Pres Francis thinks its important that we celebrate America so we got to go watch Fireworks!!!! OH MY GOSH!  I cant tell you how excited that made me because I am obsessed with 4th of July!  So the Ward's ( legit family in our Ward) and Bro. Ellsworth took us to Brighton to watch a firework show.  So much fun!  President Francis is quickly winning over my heart.  PS, he's awesome... I’ve only talked to him for .8 seconds, but so far, so good!  We have interviews today and are going up to meet him, so that should be fun!  But anyways, the 4th was so much fun and it was so nice of Pres. to let us go celebrate!  And thanks so much for the 4th of July package!  Everyone said you're the cutest mom ever... especially since you color coordinated all of the candy.  You're the best :)  and I love the clothes!!

And birthday!!  Having a birthday on a mission is a really great resource!  Sister Jones has been telling all of our investigators/less-actives/everyone that my birthday is on the 12th...  so everyone asks what I want... and I want them to come to church!!!!  And so they have been!!!  We've been trying FOREVER to get ppl to come to church and most of them always deny us... all it took was a birthday to get them here!!  Hopefully they'll keep coming!  But for the past two weeks we've had tons more church attendees in honor of my b-day!!!  So sweet!   Oh, and I opened Nicolie/Preston's package.... sorry... I just couldn’t help it cause it got here like 5 days ago and there was NO way I could just have it sitting there teasing me... and I LOVE it!!!  Thanks so much!!!  You all are way too sweet and good to me!   And boys!  Thanks for the water bottle!!  I had a super cool one, and then I lost it like the 2nd week I was here....  and I've been meaning to buy another one, but I always forget... so that was PERFECT :)   Anyways, thanks everyone1  you're all so great!

PAGEANT is hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... I can't even explain how neat it is.  Yesterday the cast met for the 1st time and we get to eat all our meals with them and get to know them really well!  We had our first fireside last night and then they all (850 of them) got casted into their roles in just a few hours.  It was incredible watching!  They started practicing today and opening night is Friday!!  It is amazing!  I can't tell you how blessed and humbled I am to be a part of this.  Only 6 of us in the mission get to be part of it and I am so grateful.  It is going to be the best three weeks ever.

Momma!!!!  I've been studying prayer a lot too!!!  And I've been praying a lot for more Spanish opportunities, and Heavenly father has definitely been answering these prayers!  There have been TONS of South American families coming to the sites needing tours in Spanish!  And so I’ve got to take them all around!  A few days ago I had 4 in a row.... Columbia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Mexico!!  It is so much fun getting to practice with them!  The family from Argentina... one of their sons is a famous pianist down there... so I took them into the theater and he saw the piano (there's a piano in there) and got super excited!  We had a little recital (luckily it wasn’t crowded and there was time) and we sang and he performed and it was so fun.  And then I found out that the dad is a pro Salsa dancer!  And so he taught me how to Argentine salsa and the son played cool Latin music and we Salsa danced!  (for like 2 minutes tops, but whatever!  it was still way fun!  )  Anyways, my Spanish is really starting to pick up!  And I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish!  It was my goal to finish it in Spanish before the cast got here for Pageant.... so I read the whole thing in about 70 days!   And I understood it!!!!  I am so grateful it's starting to come along more lately!!  And so grateful I was called Spanish-speaking :)

Well I love you all!!  We don’t have any more p-days, but I think we'll squeeze in a chance to email next Friday or Saturday!!  Happy summer!!  Glad you all had a good 4th!

Hermana Davis

1.  had to wear red white and blue... for obvious reasons and take a pic in front of the white house for  the 4th
2.  we spent the 4th morning in the Study Shelter practicing for the cast!!!  and we love America.
3.  Watching fireworks :
4.  Early birthday party/ early 4th of July party/ we find lots of reasons to have a party
5. Opening presents :)
6. Watching the cast get put into their roles!  (us 6 are the cast trainers!!)
7. The stage!!!!!!   And notice how green it is!!!  That’s cause it has legitimately rained EVERY single day I have been in New York....  I’m not kidding.  there has not been ONE day it hasn’t rained at one point.... we average about a foot a week.... I miss the desert... except things are pretty when its green.... but it ALWAYS rains.