Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 20: "I'm becoming Beyonce"

Okay, maybe not Beyonce, but I am singing all the time.... weird. I know.  It all started with Brandon Flowers (ya know, main guy from the killers??)  He came here about a month ago--did I forget to tell you that??  I meet lots of famous people!  Kinda... him, CECIL (BYU President), General Authorities, etc.   Anywas I took Brandon Flowers on tour and sang for him... what the what??  Most intimidating song I’ve ever sang... (It was a church song... thank goodness--Spirit is def necessary when singing for celebrities)  Anyways, I’ve learned that the Spirit is 100% necessary when teaching, and at least for me, some of the times I have felt the spirit strongest in my life is when I hear music.  I am in no way a powerful teacher/scriptorian/eloquent with words, and so I need the spirit's help with everything when teaching... I guess I'm really needy-oops!  But what we've realized is that singing always invites the Spirit.   On Monday night we were with Dick and Irma.  They are pretty much the cutest couple in the entire planet.  They are in their mid-80s and they are scared to join the church because they will have to leave their own church... and if they leave theirs, the whole thing will fall apart... but they know everything is true and they read the BoM everyday together, subscribe to the Ensign, etc....  Dick was in stationed in Germany for the Air Force and that’s where he met Irma, and so they are just so cute and live here now and they are planning on vacationing in Hemet next year at our house... FYI... anyways.. They fed us a delicious dinner, and then we went to HCVC (Hill Cumorah) for our lesson.  We were sitting in the Christus room and Dick said that he could really feel his Savior's love... Well of course Sis Jones and I look at each other and want to sing the Primary's song... "I feel my Saviors love”... but we've wanted to sing this one before and legitimately, neither of can remember the words.... well we still felt prompted to sing it, so we just started... and of course the Holy ghost helped us and we were able to sing the whole thing and knew all the lyrics!  Super strong spirit, and they said that they are super close to getting baptized (which is HUGE cause they NEVER ever mention that!  ) moral of the story... I love singing!  It will probably end before I get home... but as of now I'm Beyonce.

So this past week has been insane.... Pageant is so close and so we are running around like crazy getting ready for that, and then Salt Lake is here training us for Visitor Center stuff, and then one of our investigator's baby passed away this week.  It was so sad.  SIDS.... Poor little Levi was only 89 days old (he was born the day I got to New York).   The funeral was really nice, but the whole time all I could think of was how grateful I am for the Plan of Salvation and that families can be together forever. It was also kinda a way for me to say goodbye to Grandma Bolin as well.. 

I'm running on no sleep... we had to leave our house at 5 in the morning for training from these Salt Lake peeps (so we woke up at 4... ).  We had it yesterday as well.... yesterday I went straight from that training, to a shift at the Jo Smith farm, to the temple, to cast training meeting, to site meeting (where we said our goodbyes to Pres and Sis Christainson.... so sad.... but we're really excited for Pres Francis too!)  Got home at 11:30... nothing like a 18ish hour day!!  oh ps, my p-day is Saturday next week.... and then that may be my last pday for July??  Not sure yet... 

But this morning after training, we decided to do our personal study on top of the Hill Cumorah... (we were already at the hill)  it was super appropriate because I am reading in Mormon right now and of the great battles at Cumorah... I sat at the top of the hill just overlooking the area, and thought of Moroni... he says that everyone had died... his family, kinsfolk, friends-- everyone he knew and loved.  I just felt bad because he had to be so lonely, but then realized that he still had the Lord.  Our Savior is always here for us... when we feel completely alone and like we can go no further, He is there for us- lifting us up, wiping our tears, and giving us strength.  The Atonement literally enables us to overcome the hardest trials and face our deepest fears.  I am so grateful for the Savior and His love for all of us.

I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week!  

Love Addi

Pic 1:  Sis Jones and I last p-day... it was our FIRST p-day that it hasn’t poured rain!!  yayyy!!!!  
2.  Dick and Irma :)  My favorite little Germans.  They are so adorable.  oh my gosh.
3.... mini vans at the sites... are we Mormon or something?  .... there were actually 9 all together in the row, I just couldn’t fit them all in my camera.... all the vans always crack me up haha
4.  It was Andy's birthday!!!!  We made him a cake!!  Super fun... we all look awkward in the pic cause it was a timer and we were laughing, but whatever haha

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