Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 19 ~ When a Scary, Fat Old Lady Yells at you for Cleaning Up her Cat Vomit

Greetings!!!!   Life's good... what's new? haha Actually, I should write with more eloquence to you all because I'm really trying to work on sounding more sophisticated.... something along the liens of "guests won't take me seriously if I call them dude...."  its a mission goal right now... talk like we aren’t teenagers.  I've pretty much mastered taking out all of my "likes" and "umm's", but I still have work to do.  HOWEVER- a huge bus tour was here from Virginia (a youth conference) and I was taking a huge group of them on tour last Friday (it was actually insane... I took 6 bus tours in a row.... which doesn’t mean a ton to you, but bus tours are way different than normal tours... super intense.... doing 6 in a straight row is the new record for any missionary here!  yay!!) Anyways,  I took them on tour (oh ps again, one of the leaders.. possibly the stake pres.. I don’t remember... but he was uncle Spencer's brother!  Such a small world... we make crazy connections here all the time) Anyways again--  I finish taking them around the farm, and then one of the leaders comes up to me after, and thanks me for really being sincere and good with the kids... he says they have gone to tons of visitor centers and historic places, and he feels like the sisters typically just give the same memorized discourse, but that I really got onto their level, and hit home with all of these youth (he was just really nice...) and I'm not sitting here trying to toot my horn... moral of the story is:   so he told me when I called some of them dude and made fun of the boys for not being able to open a door (the door was stuck... it takes strong muscles to open.... none of the boys could get it, and then I got it my first time... pretty funny) is when he realized that I was really doing this for these youth.   It was a really cool experience actually.  Anyways, I love taking all of these youth around!  

Guess what?   One of our investigators we've been teaching online (on the phone and skype) is getting baptized in a couple weeks!  We're so stoked for him!!  It is seriously the most amazing thing watching people change their lives and receive the fullness of the Gospel.  It makes all of our hard work, our time, and everything all worth it!

so about my subject line....
We go to some of our investigators this week.  We are really close to them and their 2 kids.  They called us to see if we could come over on Monday, so we set up the appointment and go over.  We knock on the door and Zoe (the older daughter... she's 7) opens up and invites us in... Well we go in and her and her little brother invite us to the kitchen table to show us the aliens they are making out of goo... (Their parents were in their bedroom)  all of a sudden their grandma comes out hardcore yelling at us.... (like this is definitely my first real experience with ppl getting mad at us... actually my first experience in life where somebody has been so mean... it was kinda fun actually... okay not really... we felt super bad because I actually thought we were going to give her a heart attack.  She is super old and has oxygen tanks with tubes coming out of her nose and mouth... (don’t worry-the tubes didn’t prevent her from yelling at us!)  Anyways, she didn’t understand that we had been invited in, and we were declared the rudest people she has ever met because we just walked into their trailer.  She kicks us out, so just sat outside (in the pouring rain) until Zoe could find her parents... finally we go back inside, get it settled out (kinda) and they offer me the awkward back seat that I have to hurdle over the cats castle (cat castle = this huge castle for their cats....) so I awkwardly climb over the castle in my pencil skirt and make it to my chair... I’m about to sit down when I notice something on the chair... oh, it's cat vomit.  Vomit in general would be bad... but when it comes from a cat (and you know how much I despise cats) its even worse.  They kindly handed me a dirty paper towel to clean it up.  So I smeared it around the chair and I pretty much finished cleaning it with my skirt as I sat down.  yum.  Oh and grandma yelled at me because I was cleaning their house (aka picking up puke so I could sit).  Missionary work is fun!!!!  But really it is.  

We had a mission wide transfer mtg on Tuesday!  so good! Pres. C's last time talking to all of us!  Seriously amazing!  Sister Aiello and Madsen (two of my roomies) went home, so now we have two new ones!  I don’t really know them yet, but I’m sure they're awesome too!

Well have a wonderful week!  Glad you survived your lovely vacation!  Loved the postcards haha you wrote such kind things haha

Good luck at the funeral!  Give everyone hugs for me!

Les quiero,
Hermana Davis

All us missionaries :)
 Play "I spy" to find me?? haha
Or I'll just tell you...2nd row, middle
so my OCD cleaning skillz came to good use!!  we won the gold plates!!  it goes out to the cleanest car in the zone!!  yay!!!!!  so we get this awesome thing for our car and subway gift cards!!!  now we can have food!!!!  we were really proud of our car... hence our modeling of it...
me and siter aiello.. she's heading back to italia :)
Us in front of our lovely white house :) 

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