Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 18

LEGIT week!  so much good stuff... I don’t even know where to start....
Well at the beginning I guess.  So even though the unfortunate situation, I loved talking to you!  My prayers are with all of you even more since Grandma passed away.  President asked me to go to the mission office the day after I found out and he gave me a blessing and just talked to me for a while.  I know I say this all the time, but he is seriously the greatest man on the planet.  I know everyone loves their mission presidents, but really Pres. Christianson is the best.  He is the most inspired, spiritually in-tune, loving person on the planet.  He'll be a general authority within a year of getting home.... not one doubt in my mind.  So that really helped talking to him and Sister Christianson.  They are so wonderful.

Also, this week I witnessed true, true charity.  We were visiting with some recent converts.  They are very poor and live in a tiny, bug-infested trailer.  Like SUPER poor.... like welfare, food stamps, disability checks, like every form of receiving money as possible (I don’t think that made sense... oh well...) Yet they wanted to feed us and give us flowers.  They literally have nothing, and yet were so willing to give to us.  At first I felt really bad; I didn't want to take from them when they have so little--all I could think is if they give to us, then the government will have to give them more money...., but then I realized that allowing them to serve was what was really important.  I learned such an important lesson that day and truly witnessed the pure love of Christ through them.  There are so many miracles we witness everyday.  I am so thankful to be here serving these children of God!  (I know this sounds super mish cliché and cheesy, but its true! Make fun, I don’t care haha)

Also, we had Zone conference this week!  This was my first one and it was in the gathering place in the sacred Grove!  nbd... just kidding... so cool.  Well, it was supposed to be in the gathering place in the grove- as soon as we all sat down it started pouring.  Like intense thunderstorm.  Everyone was drenched and completely soaked within seconds.  We very swiftly began our march out of the grove to head to the stake center (super close by... right on Temple road) but then I decided to just enjoy the rain!  Cause how many times will I walk in the grove in this crazy thunderstorm in my life?  So I actually enjoyed this wet walk as I walked through huge puddles of mud!  So we get to the stake center, and then they direct us back to the JSF (Joseph Smith farm) to go to the basement of the Welcome Center.  So all of us squeeze down there, dripping head to toe, smelling like wet dog.  yum.  But then President, cause he is so amazing, turned this into an amazing lesson/talk and we talked about making the best of every situation.  He discussed how David O. McKay would never say "Why me?", but rather "Why not me?"  It ended up being incredible, and the spirit was just as strong in that tiny room as it would have been in the Grove.   The whole day was so neat.  

That night we were teaching one of our investigators's the Restoration lesson at the Smith Farm.  We ended in the Grove (it had stopped raining by this time).  We were sitting on a bench reading some scriptures with her when this sweet Japanese couple walks past us.  They said hello, but I didn’t think much of them cause we were in the middle of this lesson (okay, actually I was thinking.." I really hope the wife doesn’t slip and eat it."  She was wearing these cute wedges and walking ridiculously slow because she kept slipping in all of the muddy puddles and her husband was just trecking though it all in front haha)  anyways, they turned around and passed us again, and the man stopped and asked us if we were missionaries.  So we started talking to him, and they (the couple) were both just so sweet and we had a nice little conversation.  And so we ask his name and he says Kazuhiko Yamashita and Sister Jones recognizes him and says
"are you an elder?... like of the 70?"  and what do ya know, he is!  He spoke in Gen conf Oct 2011 about missionary work... super good talk you should all read it!  (link: )
But it was so neat!  We just talked to this General Authority out in the sacred grove for a little bit and he talked to our investigator and we taught her all about the 70 and the consistency of the church and stuff.  Really cool.  And as they were leaving the wife came up to us and told us she loved us and it was the sweetest, most tender thing ever!

Oh ps, I killed a baby tarantula last night... why is our house infested with spiders?  I was actually terrified... probably cause there were 5 girls screaming around me, but still.  I sprayed spider killer on it for legitimately 2 minutes  (the can says it kills instantly... LIES)  but the spider just kept going... finally i smashed it with a shoe.  I don’t think you care about this... oh well haha

Pageant is almost here!  they are starting to construct the light towers and stage!!!!  We're so excited! Cast gets here 3 weeks from tomorrow!  woohooo!!!  We are really starting to hard-core practice for the workshops we give that first week... I'll be presenting to 800+ people every day!  We're making the powerpoints for it and stuff!  Its going to be super cool!  All of my business school classes and competitions have definitely prepared me!  I am so excited!!!  

Everything is good and I'm loving life!  Yesterday we did our comp study on top of the Hill Cumorah and it just hit me again... I am SO lucky to be here. Seriously the best mission ever.  People are out washing their clothes on rocks and sleeping on the dirt, and I'm sitting on the Hill Cumorah where tons of angels have stood before.  

Anyways, love you all! Hope your vacation is going wonderful! Enjoy boating!  

Love you!

PS,  Kim Smith sent this to me.... its the stuff from her fireside.  super good.  check out her stuff and stories

Hello all,
Thank you for coming to our fireside and also thanks to those of you who came to our concert. I am so sorry it took me this long to get these emails out but we have had quite a hectic schedule. We have enjoyed so much the company of genuine hearts and spirits we have come across on this tour. Please find below the items I promised to send you; the videos, article by Dallin Oaks, our website link, Facebook info, and a book list that gives several titles you can trust for more information about the Smith family.

On our website you can order our book and CD, sample the music, see our schedule and read articles. There is also a donation link. We do not charge money for what we do and are always appreciative of any help that is given to help cover travel expenses.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you would like us to do a fireside in your area you can always reach me at this email. Aside from stake or wards, we also speak at in home family home evenings, empty nesters, Relief Society, Single Adult conferences, and family reunions.

Once again thank you, and feel free to keep in touch :) Always nice to have new friends.

Link to Elder Oaks article (go to the right mid section of the page and click to is free.)

Link to our website:

 You can request me on Facebook under Kimberly Jo Smith and our music site on Facebook under Smith Family

Books list:

Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys by Kimberly Jo Smith 
(this is my story, everything you heard but more in depth, especially the history in Nauvoo after Joseph's death.)

From Mission to Madness by Valeen Tippets Avery (about David Hyrum Smith, Joseph and Emma's last born son)

United by Faith by several authors, edited by Kyle Walker   (about Joseph's siblings)

Joseph Smith the III Memoirs (Can be purchased online through Community of Christ book store)

Emma and Joseph, Their Divine Mission by Gracia Jones

My contact number is 417-849-8493

Thank you!

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