Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 17

So you're probably asking why this may be a shortie.... well maybe I'm typing without a pointer finger because possibly I split it open.... apparently being a missionary really makes me accident prone.  (don't worry, my ankle's all better and my legs aren't covered with as many band-aids now!!  .... only one more left on my knee!)  so Sunday at church I was pulling in my chair to the table (the huge conference chairs at the high council table) and there was a nail sticking out the bottom of it... well it split me open... I don’t think you really get stitches on your finger like this... but it was pretty deep. but its all good!  Now I just have an awkward gauze wrap and more band-aids!  nbd.

So this is MIRACLE WEEK!  We were listening to the Prince of Egypt song (thanks Sam for the cd :) ) and we decided this was our week of miracles... and it helps that it was fast Sunday and we could fast and whatnot.  We just have barely ANY time in our area to meet with all of our people because of the sites and cast training.... so we have just been fervently praying that we would have success in the very little time that we do have... and the greatest miracle happened.....
So... we go to meet a former investigator and she wasn’t home, so we 3x3 and the first door: no answer.  2nd door: slams the door in our face before we even get the chance to say hello... 3rd door: SUCCESS!!  We knock on the door and this sweet lady answers and I introduce ourselves and whatnot and ask if she's ever heard of us and she says "actually yeah... I was just wondering about you!"  so we have a nice chat at the door and then she says, "why don’t you just come in?"  THEY NEVER INVITE US IN!!!  ... miracle....  so we have a lesson for about 45 minutes and she's super stoked to learn more and we have a lesson lined up with her (the Restoration lesson) at the Joseph Smith Farm.... how amazing is that.... we get to teach her about Joseph Smith at his home and in the sacred Grove.    It is still surreal to me that I am here and get to teach people at these sacred places!  
Anyways, .lots of other miracles as well!  We got to do baptisms for the dead with some recent converts, I found someone who speaks Spanish to teach so I can finally practice/learn some Spanish, our house is no longer flooding, one of our investigator's started coming back to church again.... all is well....

There can be miracles, when you believe.   Cheesy?  Whatever.  Its true.  Go team.

well love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Les quiero,
Hermana Davis

so pics:  this is our investigator Andy.... we've been helping him paint/stain his two decks.... it was a looooong project... but really fun actually.  i love painting!!!  and now its done!  (he wanted to take pics so you could see all of our hard work!)  ignore my ugly shorts.... but its 100 degrees and 1903898593 % humid.  gross.  hot.  so i wear ugly shorts.  oh well haha

1.  this guy makes us pillows (all the sista missionaries here)... so sweet of him!  (please ignore my hair... I didn’t touch it after we did baptisms....)

2.  This is my friend Katlin from BYU!!!!  super blurry pic but its the only one I have... she’s serving in Brazil, but is in NYRM until she gets her VISA!!!!  yayyyy!!!!  so fun seeing her!!

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