Thursday, June 27, 2013

Week 20: "I'm becoming Beyonce"

Okay, maybe not Beyonce, but I am singing all the time.... weird. I know.  It all started with Brandon Flowers (ya know, main guy from the killers??)  He came here about a month ago--did I forget to tell you that??  I meet lots of famous people!  Kinda... him, CECIL (BYU President), General Authorities, etc.   Anywas I took Brandon Flowers on tour and sang for him... what the what??  Most intimidating song I’ve ever sang... (It was a church song... thank goodness--Spirit is def necessary when singing for celebrities)  Anyways, I’ve learned that the Spirit is 100% necessary when teaching, and at least for me, some of the times I have felt the spirit strongest in my life is when I hear music.  I am in no way a powerful teacher/scriptorian/eloquent with words, and so I need the spirit's help with everything when teaching... I guess I'm really needy-oops!  But what we've realized is that singing always invites the Spirit.   On Monday night we were with Dick and Irma.  They are pretty much the cutest couple in the entire planet.  They are in their mid-80s and they are scared to join the church because they will have to leave their own church... and if they leave theirs, the whole thing will fall apart... but they know everything is true and they read the BoM everyday together, subscribe to the Ensign, etc....  Dick was in stationed in Germany for the Air Force and that’s where he met Irma, and so they are just so cute and live here now and they are planning on vacationing in Hemet next year at our house... FYI... anyways.. They fed us a delicious dinner, and then we went to HCVC (Hill Cumorah) for our lesson.  We were sitting in the Christus room and Dick said that he could really feel his Savior's love... Well of course Sis Jones and I look at each other and want to sing the Primary's song... "I feel my Saviors love”... but we've wanted to sing this one before and legitimately, neither of can remember the words.... well we still felt prompted to sing it, so we just started... and of course the Holy ghost helped us and we were able to sing the whole thing and knew all the lyrics!  Super strong spirit, and they said that they are super close to getting baptized (which is HUGE cause they NEVER ever mention that!  ) moral of the story... I love singing!  It will probably end before I get home... but as of now I'm Beyonce.

So this past week has been insane.... Pageant is so close and so we are running around like crazy getting ready for that, and then Salt Lake is here training us for Visitor Center stuff, and then one of our investigator's baby passed away this week.  It was so sad.  SIDS.... Poor little Levi was only 89 days old (he was born the day I got to New York).   The funeral was really nice, but the whole time all I could think of was how grateful I am for the Plan of Salvation and that families can be together forever. It was also kinda a way for me to say goodbye to Grandma Bolin as well.. 

I'm running on no sleep... we had to leave our house at 5 in the morning for training from these Salt Lake peeps (so we woke up at 4... ).  We had it yesterday as well.... yesterday I went straight from that training, to a shift at the Jo Smith farm, to the temple, to cast training meeting, to site meeting (where we said our goodbyes to Pres and Sis Christainson.... so sad.... but we're really excited for Pres Francis too!)  Got home at 11:30... nothing like a 18ish hour day!!  oh ps, my p-day is Saturday next week.... and then that may be my last pday for July??  Not sure yet... 

But this morning after training, we decided to do our personal study on top of the Hill Cumorah... (we were already at the hill)  it was super appropriate because I am reading in Mormon right now and of the great battles at Cumorah... I sat at the top of the hill just overlooking the area, and thought of Moroni... he says that everyone had died... his family, kinsfolk, friends-- everyone he knew and loved.  I just felt bad because he had to be so lonely, but then realized that he still had the Lord.  Our Savior is always here for us... when we feel completely alone and like we can go no further, He is there for us- lifting us up, wiping our tears, and giving us strength.  The Atonement literally enables us to overcome the hardest trials and face our deepest fears.  I am so grateful for the Savior and His love for all of us.

I love you all so much!  Have a wonderful week!  

Love Addi

Pic 1:  Sis Jones and I last p-day... it was our FIRST p-day that it hasn’t poured rain!!  yayyy!!!!  
2.  Dick and Irma :)  My favorite little Germans.  They are so adorable.  oh my gosh.
3.... mini vans at the sites... are we Mormon or something?  .... there were actually 9 all together in the row, I just couldn’t fit them all in my camera.... all the vans always crack me up haha
4.  It was Andy's birthday!!!!  We made him a cake!!  Super fun... we all look awkward in the pic cause it was a timer and we were laughing, but whatever haha

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Week 19 ~ When a Scary, Fat Old Lady Yells at you for Cleaning Up her Cat Vomit

Greetings!!!!   Life's good... what's new? haha Actually, I should write with more eloquence to you all because I'm really trying to work on sounding more sophisticated.... something along the liens of "guests won't take me seriously if I call them dude...."  its a mission goal right now... talk like we aren’t teenagers.  I've pretty much mastered taking out all of my "likes" and "umm's", but I still have work to do.  HOWEVER- a huge bus tour was here from Virginia (a youth conference) and I was taking a huge group of them on tour last Friday (it was actually insane... I took 6 bus tours in a row.... which doesn’t mean a ton to you, but bus tours are way different than normal tours... super intense.... doing 6 in a straight row is the new record for any missionary here!  yay!!) Anyways,  I took them on tour (oh ps again, one of the leaders.. possibly the stake pres.. I don’t remember... but he was uncle Spencer's brother!  Such a small world... we make crazy connections here all the time) Anyways again--  I finish taking them around the farm, and then one of the leaders comes up to me after, and thanks me for really being sincere and good with the kids... he says they have gone to tons of visitor centers and historic places, and he feels like the sisters typically just give the same memorized discourse, but that I really got onto their level, and hit home with all of these youth (he was just really nice...) and I'm not sitting here trying to toot my horn... moral of the story is:   so he told me when I called some of them dude and made fun of the boys for not being able to open a door (the door was stuck... it takes strong muscles to open.... none of the boys could get it, and then I got it my first time... pretty funny) is when he realized that I was really doing this for these youth.   It was a really cool experience actually.  Anyways, I love taking all of these youth around!  

Guess what?   One of our investigators we've been teaching online (on the phone and skype) is getting baptized in a couple weeks!  We're so stoked for him!!  It is seriously the most amazing thing watching people change their lives and receive the fullness of the Gospel.  It makes all of our hard work, our time, and everything all worth it!

so about my subject line....
We go to some of our investigators this week.  We are really close to them and their 2 kids.  They called us to see if we could come over on Monday, so we set up the appointment and go over.  We knock on the door and Zoe (the older daughter... she's 7) opens up and invites us in... Well we go in and her and her little brother invite us to the kitchen table to show us the aliens they are making out of goo... (Their parents were in their bedroom)  all of a sudden their grandma comes out hardcore yelling at us.... (like this is definitely my first real experience with ppl getting mad at us... actually my first experience in life where somebody has been so mean... it was kinda fun actually... okay not really... we felt super bad because I actually thought we were going to give her a heart attack.  She is super old and has oxygen tanks with tubes coming out of her nose and mouth... (don’t worry-the tubes didn’t prevent her from yelling at us!)  Anyways, she didn’t understand that we had been invited in, and we were declared the rudest people she has ever met because we just walked into their trailer.  She kicks us out, so just sat outside (in the pouring rain) until Zoe could find her parents... finally we go back inside, get it settled out (kinda) and they offer me the awkward back seat that I have to hurdle over the cats castle (cat castle = this huge castle for their cats....) so I awkwardly climb over the castle in my pencil skirt and make it to my chair... I’m about to sit down when I notice something on the chair... oh, it's cat vomit.  Vomit in general would be bad... but when it comes from a cat (and you know how much I despise cats) its even worse.  They kindly handed me a dirty paper towel to clean it up.  So I smeared it around the chair and I pretty much finished cleaning it with my skirt as I sat down.  yum.  Oh and grandma yelled at me because I was cleaning their house (aka picking up puke so I could sit).  Missionary work is fun!!!!  But really it is.  

We had a mission wide transfer mtg on Tuesday!  so good! Pres. C's last time talking to all of us!  Seriously amazing!  Sister Aiello and Madsen (two of my roomies) went home, so now we have two new ones!  I don’t really know them yet, but I’m sure they're awesome too!

Well have a wonderful week!  Glad you survived your lovely vacation!  Loved the postcards haha you wrote such kind things haha

Good luck at the funeral!  Give everyone hugs for me!

Les quiero,
Hermana Davis

All us missionaries :)
 Play "I spy" to find me?? haha
Or I'll just tell you...2nd row, middle
so my OCD cleaning skillz came to good use!!  we won the gold plates!!  it goes out to the cleanest car in the zone!!  yay!!!!!  so we get this awesome thing for our car and subway gift cards!!!  now we can have food!!!!  we were really proud of our car... hence our modeling of it...
me and siter aiello.. she's heading back to italia :)
Us in front of our lovely white house :) 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Week 18

LEGIT week!  so much good stuff... I don’t even know where to start....
Well at the beginning I guess.  So even though the unfortunate situation, I loved talking to you!  My prayers are with all of you even more since Grandma passed away.  President asked me to go to the mission office the day after I found out and he gave me a blessing and just talked to me for a while.  I know I say this all the time, but he is seriously the greatest man on the planet.  I know everyone loves their mission presidents, but really Pres. Christianson is the best.  He is the most inspired, spiritually in-tune, loving person on the planet.  He'll be a general authority within a year of getting home.... not one doubt in my mind.  So that really helped talking to him and Sister Christianson.  They are so wonderful.

Also, this week I witnessed true, true charity.  We were visiting with some recent converts.  They are very poor and live in a tiny, bug-infested trailer.  Like SUPER poor.... like welfare, food stamps, disability checks, like every form of receiving money as possible (I don’t think that made sense... oh well...) Yet they wanted to feed us and give us flowers.  They literally have nothing, and yet were so willing to give to us.  At first I felt really bad; I didn't want to take from them when they have so little--all I could think is if they give to us, then the government will have to give them more money...., but then I realized that allowing them to serve was what was really important.  I learned such an important lesson that day and truly witnessed the pure love of Christ through them.  There are so many miracles we witness everyday.  I am so thankful to be here serving these children of God!  (I know this sounds super mish cliché and cheesy, but its true! Make fun, I don’t care haha)

Also, we had Zone conference this week!  This was my first one and it was in the gathering place in the sacred Grove!  nbd... just kidding... so cool.  Well, it was supposed to be in the gathering place in the grove- as soon as we all sat down it started pouring.  Like intense thunderstorm.  Everyone was drenched and completely soaked within seconds.  We very swiftly began our march out of the grove to head to the stake center (super close by... right on Temple road) but then I decided to just enjoy the rain!  Cause how many times will I walk in the grove in this crazy thunderstorm in my life?  So I actually enjoyed this wet walk as I walked through huge puddles of mud!  So we get to the stake center, and then they direct us back to the JSF (Joseph Smith farm) to go to the basement of the Welcome Center.  So all of us squeeze down there, dripping head to toe, smelling like wet dog.  yum.  But then President, cause he is so amazing, turned this into an amazing lesson/talk and we talked about making the best of every situation.  He discussed how David O. McKay would never say "Why me?", but rather "Why not me?"  It ended up being incredible, and the spirit was just as strong in that tiny room as it would have been in the Grove.   The whole day was so neat.  

That night we were teaching one of our investigators's the Restoration lesson at the Smith Farm.  We ended in the Grove (it had stopped raining by this time).  We were sitting on a bench reading some scriptures with her when this sweet Japanese couple walks past us.  They said hello, but I didn’t think much of them cause we were in the middle of this lesson (okay, actually I was thinking.." I really hope the wife doesn’t slip and eat it."  She was wearing these cute wedges and walking ridiculously slow because she kept slipping in all of the muddy puddles and her husband was just trecking though it all in front haha)  anyways, they turned around and passed us again, and the man stopped and asked us if we were missionaries.  So we started talking to him, and they (the couple) were both just so sweet and we had a nice little conversation.  And so we ask his name and he says Kazuhiko Yamashita and Sister Jones recognizes him and says
"are you an elder?... like of the 70?"  and what do ya know, he is!  He spoke in Gen conf Oct 2011 about missionary work... super good talk you should all read it!  (link: )
But it was so neat!  We just talked to this General Authority out in the sacred grove for a little bit and he talked to our investigator and we taught her all about the 70 and the consistency of the church and stuff.  Really cool.  And as they were leaving the wife came up to us and told us she loved us and it was the sweetest, most tender thing ever!

Oh ps, I killed a baby tarantula last night... why is our house infested with spiders?  I was actually terrified... probably cause there were 5 girls screaming around me, but still.  I sprayed spider killer on it for legitimately 2 minutes  (the can says it kills instantly... LIES)  but the spider just kept going... finally i smashed it with a shoe.  I don’t think you care about this... oh well haha

Pageant is almost here!  they are starting to construct the light towers and stage!!!!  We're so excited! Cast gets here 3 weeks from tomorrow!  woohooo!!!  We are really starting to hard-core practice for the workshops we give that first week... I'll be presenting to 800+ people every day!  We're making the powerpoints for it and stuff!  Its going to be super cool!  All of my business school classes and competitions have definitely prepared me!  I am so excited!!!  

Everything is good and I'm loving life!  Yesterday we did our comp study on top of the Hill Cumorah and it just hit me again... I am SO lucky to be here. Seriously the best mission ever.  People are out washing their clothes on rocks and sleeping on the dirt, and I'm sitting on the Hill Cumorah where tons of angels have stood before.  

Anyways, love you all! Hope your vacation is going wonderful! Enjoy boating!  

Love you!

PS,  Kim Smith sent this to me.... its the stuff from her fireside.  super good.  check out her stuff and stories

Hello all,
Thank you for coming to our fireside and also thanks to those of you who came to our concert. I am so sorry it took me this long to get these emails out but we have had quite a hectic schedule. We have enjoyed so much the company of genuine hearts and spirits we have come across on this tour. Please find below the items I promised to send you; the videos, article by Dallin Oaks, our website link, Facebook info, and a book list that gives several titles you can trust for more information about the Smith family.

On our website you can order our book and CD, sample the music, see our schedule and read articles. There is also a donation link. We do not charge money for what we do and are always appreciative of any help that is given to help cover travel expenses.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you would like us to do a fireside in your area you can always reach me at this email. Aside from stake or wards, we also speak at in home family home evenings, empty nesters, Relief Society, Single Adult conferences, and family reunions.

Once again thank you, and feel free to keep in touch :) Always nice to have new friends.

Link to Elder Oaks article (go to the right mid section of the page and click to is free.)

Link to our website:

 You can request me on Facebook under Kimberly Jo Smith and our music site on Facebook under Smith Family

Books list:

Rising Hills and Sinking Valleys by Kimberly Jo Smith 
(this is my story, everything you heard but more in depth, especially the history in Nauvoo after Joseph's death.)

From Mission to Madness by Valeen Tippets Avery (about David Hyrum Smith, Joseph and Emma's last born son)

United by Faith by several authors, edited by Kyle Walker   (about Joseph's siblings)

Joseph Smith the III Memoirs (Can be purchased online through Community of Christ book store)

Emma and Joseph, Their Divine Mission by Gracia Jones

My contact number is 417-849-8493

Thank you!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Week 17

So you're probably asking why this may be a shortie.... well maybe I'm typing without a pointer finger because possibly I split it open.... apparently being a missionary really makes me accident prone.  (don't worry, my ankle's all better and my legs aren't covered with as many band-aids now!!  .... only one more left on my knee!)  so Sunday at church I was pulling in my chair to the table (the huge conference chairs at the high council table) and there was a nail sticking out the bottom of it... well it split me open... I don’t think you really get stitches on your finger like this... but it was pretty deep. but its all good!  Now I just have an awkward gauze wrap and more band-aids!  nbd.

So this is MIRACLE WEEK!  We were listening to the Prince of Egypt song (thanks Sam for the cd :) ) and we decided this was our week of miracles... and it helps that it was fast Sunday and we could fast and whatnot.  We just have barely ANY time in our area to meet with all of our people because of the sites and cast training.... so we have just been fervently praying that we would have success in the very little time that we do have... and the greatest miracle happened.....
So... we go to meet a former investigator and she wasn’t home, so we 3x3 and the first door: no answer.  2nd door: slams the door in our face before we even get the chance to say hello... 3rd door: SUCCESS!!  We knock on the door and this sweet lady answers and I introduce ourselves and whatnot and ask if she's ever heard of us and she says "actually yeah... I was just wondering about you!"  so we have a nice chat at the door and then she says, "why don’t you just come in?"  THEY NEVER INVITE US IN!!!  ... miracle....  so we have a lesson for about 45 minutes and she's super stoked to learn more and we have a lesson lined up with her (the Restoration lesson) at the Joseph Smith Farm.... how amazing is that.... we get to teach her about Joseph Smith at his home and in the sacred Grove.    It is still surreal to me that I am here and get to teach people at these sacred places!  
Anyways, .lots of other miracles as well!  We got to do baptisms for the dead with some recent converts, I found someone who speaks Spanish to teach so I can finally practice/learn some Spanish, our house is no longer flooding, one of our investigator's started coming back to church again.... all is well....

There can be miracles, when you believe.   Cheesy?  Whatever.  Its true.  Go team.

well love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Les quiero,
Hermana Davis

so pics:  this is our investigator Andy.... we've been helping him paint/stain his two decks.... it was a looooong project... but really fun actually.  i love painting!!!  and now its done!  (he wanted to take pics so you could see all of our hard work!)  ignore my ugly shorts.... but its 100 degrees and 1903898593 % humid.  gross.  hot.  so i wear ugly shorts.  oh well haha

1.  this guy makes us pillows (all the sista missionaries here)... so sweet of him!  (please ignore my hair... I didn’t touch it after we did baptisms....)

2.  This is my friend Katlin from BYU!!!!  super blurry pic but its the only one I have... she’s serving in Brazil, but is in NYRM until she gets her VISA!!!!  yayyyy!!!!  so fun seeing her!!