Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 16

So it finally got warm... like in the high 90's.... but now it’s raining again.... I'm learning to love the rain? Kinda.. except at 5:00 am this morning when I am woken up by our house leaking EVERYWHERE!  Really... I thought the roof was going to cave in.  I'm not exaggerating at all.  FM came over really fast and we're now getting a new roof.  There is nasty water spilling all over EVERYTHING!  yum.  And also, I hate humidity.  but it's all good!

So last week for P-day we went to Sodus Point... it's a little coast town on Ontario Lake... people here think that these lakes are beaches... definitely not... but hey- I love lakes too... and I miss the beach, so I'll take it!  The Ellsworth's took us... they are this family in our ward that we absolutely love!  Just young with two little boys and they are always doing stuff for/with us!  They're the best :)  We went on a really fun hike to chimney bluffs and then walked in the water up to our ankles because we are missionaries... aka scared of water haha just kidding... not really scared just trying to stay obedient... I must admit though that I was the one willing to run in after a shoe. (Asher... their little boy.. threw his shoe in the lake... so I offered to go get it haha)

But it was super fun, really pretty and a nice little break!  

We've also been painting like CRAZY!  One of our investigator's won't come to church until he finishes painting his deck... and it's huge... so we have been trying to get it done asap haha.  Maybe I’ll become an official "Deck Stainer" when I get home??  

So we do online proselyting as well... We get a lot of referrals at the sites and so we teach people online/over the phone as well.  We encourage the people to meet with missionaries in their area obviously, and for the most part they do, but some really like us just teaching them over the phone and stuff... one of our investigators is progressing super well and is getting baptized soon!  yay!!!  He wants to come to New York to come to the sites/meet us in person... not sure if that's creepy or not... but he probably won't come, so it's all good.

ummm... I cant really think of other stuff.... SITES are SOOOOO BUSY!!  I am so exhausted by the end of each day just from running around everywhere!  Life is good... sorry, this is short and sweet... I just am having a blank of everything right now.

love you tons!  Hope all is well!  I'm so glad Grandma got to go home!  Give her a hug for me :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!!!!!  I love you so much!!  Eat some cake for me??  just kidding... I definitely don’t need more dessert...
Ooo speaking of cake... there is this sweet little couple taking us out to this super nice Italian place tonight... I'm really excited!  And they said we may stop at cheesecake factory after for dessert... even though there is probs delicious dessert at this restaurant... but whatever... I'm never opposed to cheesecake (unfortunately)

okay love you all!!!

love me

oh ps-- this pic is with Kim Smith.  Joseph Smith's great great granddaughter.... I totally took her on tour!!!  So fun!  Then she gave us a fireside/presentation thing at Site meeting last week.  She told us her conversion story and just different stories that people don’t really know about the Smiths.  It was so neat.  She is an incredible lady! I signed up to get her email with cool stuff/some of the songs she sings (she writes songs and performs them about the Smiths... she kinda has a country voice... dolly Parton's cousin actually haha)  I'll forward it to you when I get it!

okay love you bye!

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